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Current Equipment: Canon 7D, Canon 40D, 24-105 F4L, 70-200 F2.8 L IS, 300mm
F4L IS, 400 F5.6L, Canon 10-22, Canon 1.4 extender, 420 EX, 580 EX II, MacBook Pro
2.5 Ghz Core 2 Duo

Previous equipment: Canon D60, Sigma 15-30 EX,Sigma 50-500, Sigma 20 1.8, Canon 70-200 F4L, Canon 50 1.8, Canon 28-105 f3.5-4.5.

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  • Me too. Although in fairness I don't have experience with any other (except for Spyder3Pro, which I have since upgraded from).
  • I'm going to play devils advocate here. There's a lot that you say in that statement that leads me to believe you are nowhere near ready to be a professional photographer. As others have said, if ...
  • My wife's camera has a flip-out LCD and it is more of a PITA than anything. I would have it if the 7D2 had one.
  • You are making gross assumptions about my needs and shooting style Considering many cameras already have ISO 25,600 or higher, it's not unreasonable, it is only 3 stops more than the usable 3200 ...
  • (1) Full metal body (EOS-1 build quality) Couldn't care less - very happy with the build of the 7D (1) EOS-1 style top plate Since I don't ...
  • Commented on Cold morning in the High Quality: Landscapes challenge

    Nice shot. I like this better than the winner.

  • Why is everybody assuming that the replacement will be so lacking that it will require the need to switch?
  • I tried to do an apples to Apples comparison between that 27" model and the 27" iMac I just bought. That same 27" HP can not  be configured to match the iMac I just bought as the options on the HP ...
  • I will give you credit. You do prove me wrong with each post. Each time I click on one of your posts I think that you can't possibly say something more ridiculous than you've already said, and ...
  • That is as relevant as saying Big Macs will outsell Apple Macs by a huge margin.
  • I shoot full manual about 80% of the time.
  • Really? I can't remember the last time I used my optical drive on my iMac. I guess it really isn't 'essential'.
  • Doesn't matter, that is not what's on the customized ordering website. I can do a lot of stuff to Macs cheaper than I can through Apple after the fact too. The Mac comes with a full office ...
  • The link you provide offers a choice of a 1TB drive OR a .25TB flash drive - I don't see any option for both. Nor do I see mention of four drive bays. You still fail to include Microsoft Office, ...
  • I don't know what online backup you use, but I use Crashplan ~ $50 a year. Storage space is unlimited and it works seamlessly in the background.  I keep all my photos on an external drive that ...
  • Uh, the whole point of your troll is that Mac's don't come with Blu-Ray, so you offer up an example of a computer that doesn't have blu-ray. ROTFLMAO!!!
  • It's not arguing when you have facts on your side. It IS arguing when you continue to claim the opposite of what the facts show. I''ve showed my apples to Apples comparison. Where is yours? I ...
  • Exactly. My comment wasn't meant to dismiss the concerns that are aired, only to point out that the bad gets aired more than the good in numbers disproportionate to the number of satisfied consumers.
  • Agreed. But a lot of the people believe the Macs are more expensive myth. It's good to sometimes show people the real truth that when you do an apples to Apples comparison that Macs are priced ...
  • Lovely attempt, but I've already debunked the "Macs are overpriced myth." I'm sure you will see it soon if you already haven't.
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