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Current Equipment: Canon 7D, Canon 40D, 24-105 F4L, 70-200 F2.8 L IS, 300mm
F4L IS, 400 F5.6L, Canon 10-22, Canon 1.4 extender, 420 EX, 580 EX II, MacBook Pro
2.5 Ghz Core 2 Duo

Previous equipment: Canon D60, Sigma 15-30 EX,Sigma 50-500, Sigma 20 1.8, Canon 70-200 F4L, Canon 50 1.8, Canon 28-105 f3.5-4.5.

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  • Nice thing is, once it's uploaded the updates are incremental and run seamlessly in the background. And last summer I replaced my computer and it was very easy to get the new computer recognized ...
  • Apple system software will not effect the ability of Photoshop to open a Raw file - Adobe uses it's own Raw converter - and according to your original post, you seem to have the most current ...
  • I don't even see where you are getting that from. 1TB = 1TB. If they are providing unlimited storage, then they are idiots for calling it 1TB.
  • 2TB in 37 days isn't that bad.
  • $6.99 a month is a deal if you need Office 365, but if not, it doesn't come close to Crashplan which starts at $5.99/month and goes down depending on how long you sign up for - a year is $5.00 a ...
  • Crashplan has already saved my butt twice. As noted restoration can be slow, but a good cloud service such as Crashplan will overnight a physical hard drive to you (for a fee of course). Crashplan ...
  • I've been noticing similar behavior from Image Capture, with iPhone and cards using a card reader. Even though settings are to "Open Lightroom" after time IC seems to 'forget'.
  • I would STRONGLY recommend against getting a SIX year old computer for Photoshop and Lightroom use. Will it work: yes. But it's also on the verge of obsolescence. Apple has three statuses for it's ...
  • No problems here, but I don't have a gazillion apps and don't keep my full music library on it.
  • I've bought new and I've bought refurb and my experiences with both have been good. But if there's not much financial incentive to go refurb, might as well go new.
  • Another vote for Crashplan here
  • As noted, the battery depletion was expected because that is what batteries do when they age. How many cycles did it have, how old was it? Was it properly taken care of during long periods of non-use?
  • I backup to an external. It failed. Fortunately I also back up online using Crashplan. Has saved my butt a couple of times.
  • Pockets are the dumbest place to keep a cell phone. Personally I carry mine on a lanyard - you have easy access, you don't have to think about where you left it and the chances of dropping it are ...
  • The free version works great. There really is no distinction between the two other than with the free you can't upload to Crashplan's servers.
  • - I use it for both local and cloud backup. About $50 a year for the cloud based service, and no limit to the amount you can backup. I backup files to both a local drive and the ...
  • I'm curious as to what you went with? I just ordered the 900EXR myself (haven't received it yet). I find it interesting that it can be had for less than its predecessor, the 800EXR. I have a Canon ...
  • Replied in Hackintosh
    That would be a Mac No I don't really understand. Stuff happens with all products. Apple is VERY reliable and I don't think it's fair to take issue when having problems with a five year old ...
  • I think your lab guy is full of "it". I've had no problem getting prints to match what I see on screen and they calibrate just fine (I use Spyder 4). The VERY few times I've gotten dramatically ...
  • My answer is that the fact that I just bought a new iMac in July is why I'm not buying a retina iMac. My question: Instead of using the iMac as an external monitor, why not just work on the iMac? ...
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