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Preternatural Stuff: What is it with writers nowadays. Its not the shutter sound that needs muffling!

Its the mirror slap - a dinosaur legacy of hte film era!

Even during the film era, we used rangefinder cameras for theatre productions that demanded it.

Today, if you want silent, any of the gazillion mirrorless or Sony SLT cameras are already inherently so.


nahhh, shutters also make annoying sounds. Leica M are famous for their quiet shutters

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Zhaark: Thanks Epix. I tried very hard to get only one reflection, but just cannot get it right. The lollies were placed on a thin piece of glas. I then shined a light from under the glas to light up the lollies. Because of the glass, there are more than one reflection. :-)

I don't think you can get only 1 reflection, because the glass has 2 surfaces (top and bottom)
have you tried clear plexyglass ?

anyway, great image and execution, a well deserved win !!

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AbrasiveReducer: My plumber has a Nikon but that didn't influence my decision to get one.

and your point is ?
unless your plumber is a champion plumber who wins a world record in plumbing competition, he might influence other plumber

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On Canon issues product advisory for PowerShot S100 article (49 comments in total)
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photo perzon: Canon is so considerate. Fuji x100 does not even respect warranty past the first owner not even inside the 12 months!!! Canon should learn from fuji!!! And many Fujis get the sticky syndrome where the camera is stuck at f2.0!!!

"Canon should learn from fuji!!!"
you mean the other way around, right ?

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Ruy Penalva: Zeiss is priced 2 to 3 times over any brand in any product from lens to microscope till lens cleaning microfiber. Zeiss utilize kriptonite cristals to make its lens.

i remembered decades ago, when Nikon and Canon starts using FLOURITE elements in their ED and L lenses, somebody asked LEITZ, why they don't follow suite. An d LEITZ answered that they do use FLOURITE in their lenses for a long time even before Nikon/Canon, only they thought it's not something to boast around as FL elements is a must in certain lenses

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On Macro photography: Understanding magnification article (115 comments in total)
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NJani: Dear Author,
Sorry to say but your article in some points is not correct. To put things into perspective let's talk about what the magnification ratio means.
The magnification ratio is not depends on sensor/film size. It depends only on how the lens magnifies the subject. The ratio stands between the subjects real size (lifesize) and between the subjects projected size what you will get on sensor/film. The magnification ratio 1:1 (AKA lifesize) means that the subject will occupy the same physical size on the sensor/film as it's on size. If the subject is 1cm x 1cm size, it will occupy on sensor/film 1cm x 1cm territory if the magnification ratio of the lens is 1:1. No matter how big is the sensor/film. If you use smaller sensors/films and will make prints with the same size (for eg. A3), of course you will get virtually bigger enlargements of the same subject but it is only because the smaller sensor/film does cropping. But the subject on all sensors/films will occupy the same size.

Dear NJani,
which part of the article makes you think that Erez didn't say exactly what you're stating ?

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