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On IMGP0352 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (4 comments in total)

Hmmm , 2.8 from a lens that goes 3.5 at best . so why should we believe any of the other settings .

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ConanFuji: My apologies for canning this Challenge on 1st of August. I didn't know then that many people look forward to this a Ducks challenge, and I apologize for my rash decision. This challenge will open on the 8th of August.

if you intend to stick to your original requirements "One Pair of Ducks in the Water ~ (Full Colours Only+ Border + Title Watermark" through a process of elimination there should only be a handful of qualifying entries , ie. some are "not ducks" several are "same sex" and as such not a "pair" some are not "in the water" and a couple of "mother/chick" shots, again not a pair .that narrows your choices down conciderably .

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On The Myths and spirit of Nikon D7100 article (10 comments in total)

yeah, I reckon wearing rose tinted fanboy sunglasses can do that to you .
In my oppinion , the D7100 is a pretty ordinary DSLR compared to its competition ,but with an excellent sensor up to ISO 1600 , 99% of the samples I have seen above that have all had dissapointingly unaccepteble noise .

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On Hawker Hurricane in the Battle of Britain challenge (5 comments in total)

nice capture.
Hurricane XIIb – "Z5140" - "HA-C" - G-HURI – (airworthy) Aircraft Restoration Company (ARCo), Duxford Aerodrome on behalf of the Historic Aircraft Collection Ltd.
Jan 2004 - Being re-skinned with a new colour scheme.
Previously "Z7381" "XR-T" in the colours of 71 Eagle Sqn.
The aircraft was built in 1942 in Canada by the Canadian Car and Foundry Company as part of their sixth production batch and in 1943 became Royal Canadian Air Force 5711. Retired from the RCAF in 1947, it was purchased by a group in Saskatchewan, Canada. It was later purchased by the Fighter Collection, restoration by Paul Mercer started in 1985 and flew again in 1989. Acquired in 2002 by the Historic Aircraft Collection.

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an experament in what ? how not to run a competition. first of all not enough time for entries, due to the fact it was limited to a relatively small number of entries.
then some anonymous group have to decide which 5 entries are the best ,and only then can others vote .
completely undemocratic . i have no doubt , that some of the best shots were not even posted .
the most unfair challenge yet . barmy!!!!

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On mY rOyAL rIDe in the Your favorite Ride challenge (8 comments in total)

nicely done shot ,shame about the choice of bike though, a blot on the name of Royal Enfield

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On 757 SuperMoon in the I Can See 500 Miles challenge (4 comments in total)

I fail to see what is special about a plane flying " in front of the moon" i have seen it many times so (once in a lifetime does not ring true) it has more to do with where we are on the ground , I am sure it occurs regularly , most people cannot be bothered . nicely exposed though .but special or once in a lifetime ,I dont think so.

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On It's all about the details article (51 comments in total)
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thenickdude: The two Fly Geyser images were taken at different times (and the after has some quite curious cloning), which makes a before-and-after comparison a bit trickier.

I beg to differ ,these are from the same original ,it wont be the first time exif data has been altered or corrupted using 3rd party softwares , I took both images ,and manipulated the untouched one until it looks exactly as the other pic ,I find no difference in clouds once processed and the water spouts are identical ,I have overlayed them to prove this point .
its clear the unprocessed image appears to be missing some bits here and there ,but this changes radically with processing .
I have had exif data alter many times ,luckily I allways copy originals twice and never touch the back up eccept if I need to copy it .

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Nelson Tan: What's the sensor size?

I am going to keep my mouth sut until we see what it can do , it my well turn out to be a superb performer , so these static pictures of the bodies /lenses and uninspiring specs may mask something special .so I will reserve judgement until then.

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On Mr Green Frog in the Colours - Green challenge (4 comments in total)

what really stands out is the reflection in his eye of the corner of a biulding ,and on the floor below is you laying on the grass taking his picture .

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