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I'm impressed! I truly like the idea of the "retro" style, yes its going to be a "niche" camera, no I doubt you will see a 600 f4 hooked up to it, even a 70 200 2.8, I don't think that is what Nikon had in mind for the potential buyer or user.
For me, it is out of my budget-- for now? right now I'd have to part with my D700, and no! not yet.
I agree with some posters that the split screen focus screen would have been a nice addition to aid in MF use.
I see me using my 28 1.8 G lens or my 50 1.4 G lens and just enjoy the "pure photography" I started out with over 25 years ago.


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I'm mainly using prime lenses on my D700, but I have my 70 300Vr, for its longer focal length, however, I'd like to wait on true tests to deter man if I can use it and discard the 70 300.
I'm very happy to see a F4, lens in the line up besides existing versions.

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Why didn't they ask point blank, what about a 80 400 and 300 f4 replacement!!
Whats Nikon waiting on, a third party to show them how?

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I just purchased my first Think Tank bag, a Retrospective 10, to fit my D700 and 3 prime lenses 28 1.8G 50 1.4G and 85 1.8G, and I think after 20 plus years I have found a bag that the camera bag company R&D actually fit cameras into, my rig fits so good, I'm looking at another Think Tank for my zoo camera and lenses.
Great going to Think Tank.


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I like what I'm reading, although right now I'm not of a mind to purchase one, but I'd be more interested in this than a new DX body, as a matter of fact it would be a great companion to my D700, and sell both the D200 and D90, besides I only have two DX lenses and thats not a problem.
I'll wait awhile and see how the D600 pans out in IQ and any issues like focus.

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Griffo59: Great but I want something with a similar build quality to the D300(s) and this isn't it. And no! I don't want the D800 - too many pixels.

Man you said it all!! Great going, this is the holy grail of whiners.

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I think thats a neat idea! I'd like to see a firmware update to my D200, I just enjoy using it and not ready to move up to a more expensive camera, and also to my D700, those are my two most used cameras. I had a friend who shot a 7D and I thought it was a great camera, and now its better without having to spend a "ton" of money to upgrade, nice going Canon.


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