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  • Am unable to be of any assistance for a resolve to your camera symptoms. My apologies. However I will post my recent experience as a log in your thread. I dropped my bag from about 2 feet (which ...
  • IIRC, there was an i postion on the PASM dial (nx200), you may try that and see if you have some luck.....you could always ask one of the scantily clad ladies sunbathing for assistance too. Enjoy ...
  • glad you've found what you're looking for. Someone posed this question several years ago (threads are still around Im sure). And was intrigued by someones efforts forming their own grip using sugru ...
  • I can confirm this by personal experience. I had the 18-200mm on the nx200 for well over a year (gave it quite a flogging too, from much use including tripod work, so all that glass relied on the ...
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    other way around, half press shutter button, let AF do its thing then you may pursue MF with the focus ring to make adjustments (still holding half press shutter button), then follow through full ...
  • kinda got me feeling like flogging off the 18-200mm to subsidise a 50-150S purchase.
  • another great moon shot with stacking showing much detail. I googled the Celestron C8 and saw some images of other heavenly bodies (no not that kind Adrian), do you have any to share?
  • yes you are, you know you want one, all you have to do is simply tick that checkbox 'purchase' ! hehe
  • all good shots Simon, as others signify, that last one is special. The bow wow's posture is admirable, pity about the background.
  • second shot is quite surreal. great capture.
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    nice capture, very curious foreground cloud alignment.
  • all good shots, great vantage point for shot #3.
  • adorable and cute to say the least, especially the first one. Am sure they will see these photo's many times before their 21st, but can always be used as leverage to keep their rooms clean/perform ...
  • lovely calm waters, and something about construction cranes in the background of any cityscape adds interesting value to the composition. Personally I feel keeping the water and the reflections in ...
  • congratulations on your recent purchase, am sure you will have plenty of fun with it. Very envious, I am not jealous, just wish to repeat, I am not jealous. Who am I kidding, alright, maybe a ...
  • not sure if the nx300 battery is the same profile as the nx200 batteries I have, however, keep in mind while the 3rd party batteries are generally cheaper and the 3rd party charger is way cheaper ...
  • good that you got it out without further difficulty. guess you wont be popping that one back in. of the two aftermarket BP1030 batteries that swelled on me, I pried one open with a stanley knife. P ...
  • please dont try drilling into a lithium ion battery, even if the battery is 'discharged' (and they never really are cos the micro circuit inside keeps the chemistry happy so as to never discharge ...
  • and 7 months later....... lol.... im not laughing at you, im laughing with you. Very impressive demo of patience. Hope the purchase goes well. And after you get it, remember to post a shot. Hey, ...
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    thanks for the links on the use of photo stacking, will read them with interest, time permitting.
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