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On Enthusiast compact camera roundup (2014) article (185 comments in total)

"Enthusiast" seems like an unnecessary term around here at this point. How many reviews do we see here for $100 point and shoots? The dedicated camera market is heavily skewing to the enthusiast now, and so we see more "enthusiast" models to choose from. That's why this list looks disjointed, like it tries to cover too much ground (even without the rx100, g7x, et al).

I think it would be best to break it down, as has been done before, by feature set- best super zooms (stylus 1, fz1000, rx10), best large sensor cams (g1x, lx100, GR, X100), best compacts (rx100, g7x, s120) and so on. There is so much choice for the enthusiast today that it is difficult even just to summarize it all in one article.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review preview (827 comments in total)
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Jogger: Another con would be the lack of a built in lens cap/shutter, which is pretty much standard for compact cameras. One more thing to carry/lose.

In the years I worked in a camera shop, bent/stuck/missing lens cover blades were not uncommon. they were usually a result of the camera taking a physical beating of some kind, but it happens.

That said, I would definitely prefer a built in lens cover/flash/ND filter in a camera meant to be an all in one solution. If I don't want to worry about switching lenses, why would I want to worry about all the various bits and pieces?

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FBoneOne: That's the difference between a luxury brand and a consumer brand. Leica takes out the bling and charges you $1000 more for the privilege of knowing you have a leica but not show it while Nikon adds bling and charges you the same... I wish they had resisted the temptation, just for their own sake.

I honestly think it looks MUCH better. The regular DF looked bloated, forced, but just didn't quite pull off the look. This looks good to me.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X Review preview (411 comments in total)
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ianp5a: Shame no EVF like recent cameras Sony, Panasonic, Nikon and Olympus.

That's the point, there are already models with EVFs from other manufacturers. If this had an EVF, it would be even more similar to an rx100.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X Review preview (411 comments in total)
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Lassoni: The camera looks soft..? http://tinyurl.com/o5hs6rf , even compared to LX100 http://tinyurl.com/ps9rwgh .

lowlight is not so good either
http://tinyurl.com/orujzr9 , http://tinyurl.com/n44poxa

The LX100 SHOULD be capable of better IQ. It has a bigger sensor, and a bigger, less compromised lens. No surprises there. The g7x is more of a compromise in the interest of compactness.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X Review preview (411 comments in total)
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kadardr: Nikon 1 J4 double lens kit is $546 right now. It is better than this and has a 28-295mm reach.

The g7x and Nikon 1 dual lens kit are just too different to compare. One is about compact size, the other is about range and flexibility. The choice between the two would be subjective, no objective.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X Review preview (411 comments in total)
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NWT: "Based on sensor size differences alone, one might expect the G1X II’s twice-as-large sensor to show 1 EV better ISO performance compared to the G7 X; in reality, ISO 6400 on the G1X II is noticeably noisier than ISO 3200 on the G7 X."

What a strange way of comparing. Base on the reviewer's theroy, because RX100's sensor is about three times larger than S120, one would expect its RAW at 3200 iso would have less noise than S120's at 800.

Makes sense to me... I always like to use the studio scene or IR's comparometer to see what the equivalent ISOs are as far as image quality. Essentially he's saying, "I thought the G1x iso 6400 would be as good as the g7x iso 3200, but it's not."

But yes, I might expect the g7x at iso 3200 to be as good as the s120 at 800- and it basically is:


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Donnie G: Olympus makes great lenses. It's too bad that these lenses are being made for a dying system. Micro 4/3 will be laid to rest alongside 4/3 because both Olympus and Panasonic together can't generate enough sales volume to keep the standard alive, and 3rd party lens makers are swallowing up the few chances at profit that are left. R.I.P. M4/3.

M4/3 is a pretty reliable system. It has support not only from Olympus and Panasonic (much more from Panny than 4/3 ever had), but it also has support from the rebranded Kodak releasing both bodies and lenses, Blackmagic offering bodies, and a wide range of 3rd party lens makers like sigma, voightlander, etc. I had hoped Sigma and Fuji would both enter the system before they made their own, but it is still more than enough support to be stable. Certainly more predictable than, say, Nikon 1, Samsung, Pentax, etc.

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Weia: The old 7-14 is hard to beat, so hope it is equal.

My guess is the new lens will be at least as good stopped down to f4 as the old one was wide open (though I understand this isn't necessarily the case).

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RichRMA: Are any of these lenses likely to be as good as the old Olympus Super High Grade 4/3rds lenses? Or are they more akin to the High Grade in-terms of performance and build-quality?

The 12-60 was one of the best standard zooms available when released. Sure, it's impressive that it went to 60mm, but if the 12-40 holds its own while shrinking in size, its a real achievement.

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On Olympus Stylus 1s camera announced in Japan article (93 comments in total)
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ShatteredSky: XZ-3 please (as in LX100 competitor)! LX100 size, 1 inch sensor, Zuiko-quality lens (like XZ-2), 24-120mm (1.8-2.8), tilt- and touchscreen. Should be possible, no?

I've been waiting for a camera like that since the release of the first rx100. Sony did the RX10, but it was too big and pricey (and I don't need that much zoom). The fz1000 was again too big for too much zoom. The G1X was very close, but sensor performance was poor, though it was close.

The lx100 was a step back to me- I want a well specified, versatile all in one solution. I don't want accessory flashes, or short zooms, or non touch screens.

I picture something with specs like the g7x, with a slightly larger body for better handling and controls, like the lx100.

Give me a 1" sensor, 24-120 1.8-2.8 lens, decent grip and controls, and everything built in (flash, vf, nd filter, lens cover etc.) so it is truly all I need to take, and you've got a deal.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 First Impressions Review preview (1864 comments in total)
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ealvarez: i wish this was apsc for better low light capability

Why should you assume that a non ILC camera should be cheaper? Certainly the lens needs to cost something.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X First Impressions Review preview (949 comments in total)
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lacikuss: So what are the expectations for a mini camera like this? To perform like a FF pro camera? lol...

What we are talking about is a little "gold mine" market segment that Sony discovered to which it sells convenient cameras for $800 and Canon now for $700. These cameras don't offer high IQ but because their size and no competition people would pay those prices. I'm happy with the competition, I hope the price will come down to around $450 which is what it is worth to me.

They do offer better IQ than your best smarthphone though

Probably two models from now, you will see it for that price. You can pick up an s100 or s110 for around $200 easily now.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X First Impressions Review preview (949 comments in total)
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daddyo: Holy cow!
Has anyone looked carefully and the bottom area of the studio comparison scene (Look at the bottle labels)? I hope the lens on the test camera was defective and not standard issue. The image is so blurry it started to give me a headache looking at it.

I compared the overall image quality with the Panasonic LX-100 and it's not a contest. I know the Pany is more expensive, but geez, if the studio shot is representative of the lens on the G7 X, I wouldn't want one at any price.

And no, I'm not a Panasonic fanboy -- don't own one.

No way. Where did you compare? On the imaging resource comparometer, the g7x at 125 easily beats the 6d at 6400.

I would say it is a close race at 1600, with the g7x 125 getting a slight nod. At 800, the 6d pulls ahead. That means I'd give the 6D a 3-4 stop advantage, which makes sense given the difference in sensor size.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X First Impressions Review preview (949 comments in total)
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munro harrap: THe Image Quality is excellent, but to get the sensor from Sony did Canon have to promise not to add a viewfinder? NO viewfinder? NO viewfinder. It has not got a viewfinder. WHY???????

I would imagine they left out the viewfinder on the G7x for the same reason they left one out on the S95,100,110 and 120. They felt that space and price were more important in a pocket camera than VF for the majority of people.

Besides, where would be the fun in building an rx100iii clone? :P

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On Tune in to DPReview Live this Thursday and Friday article (238 comments in total)
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lukulele: You might ask all of these reps if they will support Ali Baba in their future forays against Amazon, DPReview, Woot, etc?

Why? Maybe I missed something.

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On Tune in to DPReview Live this Thursday and Friday article (238 comments in total)
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SKPhoto12: I am astounded by all the requests for " a small, portable, mirrorless, rangefinder style" medium format camera!! It is an oxymoron. Why not ask about the continued trend to smaller, simpler, high quality, mirrorless bodies that produce IQ more and more like the big DSLR's? Fuji, Olympus, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic have been trendsetters and it would be so nice if Nikon and Canon would follow.

@princewolf- "MF" is the future? I'll believe it when I see it.

The trend has overwhelmingly been the opposite- toward smaller and smaller gear as quality became good enough. When 35mm was good enough, most switched to that in favor of full frame. When smaller format digital became good enough for casual users, they switched to that. Now, for most, smartphones are good enough. Technology will only continue to get better, and smaller sensors will produce better results than they already do.

The moral of the story is that people will use the smallest/lightest/cheapest gear that will give them the results they want. I can't for the life of me see why "MF" would be the future.

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On Tune in to DPReview Live this Thursday and Friday article (238 comments in total)
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samhain: @dpreview- could you please ask (particularly Fuji) about medium format, and why it hasn't been persued more? (Please refer to zack arias's post on dedpxl, pleading for a compact MF camera).

Some other juicy questions:
-to sony: what is your adversion to optical viewfinders and why have you completely abandoned them? And why not an a-mount A7/future FF?

To olympus, fuji: Kidnap their represenitives and hold them for ransom until both companies bring out Full frame cameras :)
(But seriously- rattle fuji's cage about bringing out a FF x100- actually 2 x100's: one with a fixed 35/2 & one with a fixed 50/1.4)!

Also for Fuji: The lack of full support of xtrans is rediculious at this point- What's the deal, seriously. It's the number 1 issue (only issue?) With current fuji cameras. Why hasn't this been resolved yet?

These topics are the most talked about/heated subjects in the forums. Would be nice for someone to really hold their feet to the fire and press them on it.

@Samuel Dilworth - Spot on, as you usually are.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X real-world samples gallery posted article (242 comments in total)
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onlooker: Pity there is no EVF.

I think there is still room for something like you propose- a G16 with a 1" sensor, built in vf, and say a 24-200mm lens would be quite interesting. I thought Nikon was going to get there first with a p8000, but it never materialized and there is still an opening for such a cam.

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locke_fc: Why buy either?

You're on a photo gear website, what type of content do you expect? :P

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