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On Nikon D7200 First Impressions Review preview (1113 comments in total)

"It finds itself in the same class as the Canon EOS 7D Mark II"

Maybe in the marketing it is the same 'class' as the 7DII, but from the spec sheet, it matches the 70D more closely imho.

Sensor aside, and all the Nikon DX cameras have better sensors than Canon, otherwise the 7DII wipes the floor as a performance/enthusiast/Pro, whatever you want to call it, camera.

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Clear as Crystal: Can't believe people are trying to turn this into a negative story about Nikon build quality. Was there ever a camera that received absolutely no negative comments and absolutely no reported issues? Nothing is perfect, Nikon seem to be really trying to change the image that they don't respond to build quality issues.

Also this is about Nikon addressing concerns, why the hell is anyone even mentioning Canon, Pentax or Sony? If you really need to justify your choice of system you desperately need:
a, a life
b, to actually take some photos
c, more confidence in your own ability to choose or
d, less of a Napoleon complex

Incidentally this is coming from and admittedly amateur Canon and Fuji user.

If there was no problem, Nikon would just have said that they had looked into the situation and found things to be within expected tolerances or something, that they are doing this shows that there is indeed a problem. And how can Nikon having another problem with a DSLR not be a negative story?

This time it is good that they have admitted to the problem quickly, and have put things in motion to fix peoples cameras in a timely fashion once they have the infrastructure in place to deal with the numbers they are expecting, ut whatever way you look at it a fault on another Nikon DSLR is not positive news.

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On Panasonic releases trio of compact superzooms article (102 comments in total)
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redhed17: Can't see the point of any camera without 1080 video. I don't use video, but I'd want 1080 if I did. And with 4k now popping up on cameras, 1080 should not that big a feature imho.

Maybe, but a lot of people now have full HD (1080) TVs, so if they do video, they want it to look as good as possible on their TVs.

1080 should be the minimum, and then higher frame rates being the extra value items to distinguish cameras from the lower range. Especially with lots of cameras soon being 4k to try and create content to sell 4k TVs.

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On Panasonic releases trio of compact superzooms article (102 comments in total)

Can't see the point of any camera without 1080 video. I don't use video, but I'd want 1080 if I did. And with 4k now popping up on cameras, 1080 should not that big a feature imho.

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On DPReview on CreativeLIVE article (142 comments in total)

Just finished catching up to the point I started watching after getting in from work, and I have to say I enjoyed it. The studio lighting section in the middle felt a bit out of place, but I found so much of the focus (no pun intended) on CSCs and other cameras like the Sony Q series disappointing, but unsurprising. It was said during the broadcast CSCs don't match up to DSLRs in terms of sales, but the variety and push from manufacturers and reviewers in camera mags and sites like DPReview, to some extent, see CSC cameras as a means to boost flagging camera sales, which is in every seller and reviewers best interest. The market seems to be saying that those who were interested in in the concept have pretty much got it, and the sales falling faster than DSLRs seem to back that up, even with all the various CSC options.

Hopefully there will be more similar types of event from DPReview. I thought the staff did a great job, and displayed a v good level of knowledge in a relaxed style.

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"To be clear, $9.99 is not an introductory price. It is the price for those of you who sign up by December 31, 2013."

So a time limited price, aimed at those who already own a previous version Photoshop (but not Lightroom), but not an introductory price. And with no mention I can see of what the price will be after 31/12/13.

And also no mention of a price for those who don't already own Photoshop.

Adobe's PR machine up to its usual standards. ;-) lol

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Watch the suckers line up to pay over the odds for a Sony camera. ;-)

The same type of person who paid over the odds for a 'Leica' Panasonic. lol

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40daystogo: After reading many posts on this DPR and, it strikes me that most people haven't grasped the long term implications. Here are some common dis-illusions:

-- People who think they can use CS6 for 10 years, since it meets their needs. Well, not if you buy the next model DSLR that's not supported by CS6.

-- Each time Apple upgrades their OS every year, it breaks many previous versions of software, so if OSX 10.9 breaks CS6, then everyone is stuffed, or can't get new Macs.

-- It also hasn't struck most people that they're going to be paying this monthly fee till they die, that is, if they want to access their Photoshop files, created with the newest software, even after retirement.

CS6 will be updated to ACR 8 when released, but without the ACR 8's new features. But for how long will the updates last?

If you buy a new camera that isn't compatible at some point though, you can always convert your brand new RAW files to DNGs, but hold on, that's an Adobe format! Who knows how they'll mess about with that in the future.

I wouldn't trust them with anything from now on.

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Looks like CS6 will be my final version of Photoshop. :-( I've enjoyed the ride, but I think I'll stay where I am.

Ah well, it will save me some money in the future.

No way will I ever pay a subscription for any software.

Hope they don't come up with anything too mind blowing in the future, because I don't want to be too envious. ;-) lol

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On 500px redesigns online photo portfolios post (42 comments in total)
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monkeybrain: Not sure why this news is on Connect and not the main site. 500px has mobile apps, sure, but they seem to be actively discouraging the uploading of photos from them. This is in keeping with their premise that you should only upload your best work; they are no doubt fearful that allowing mobile uploading would encourage the uploading of snapshots etc. So what's the connection with Connect?

I was considering getting an Awesome account after Christmas to try out for a year, but some unexpected bills came up. I won't be doing it now, not with a 50% increase. Yes, I could buy it now and beat the rise, but I'd still be stung for the 50% increase if I then renewed. And for what they offer, I don't think a 50% increase is in any way justified. :-(

I've already seen a dilution of the number of great images as it has got more popular, and uploads from mobile phones will tend not to make the quality better overall imho.

Still some nice images to see there. ATM. ;-)

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Should they still have 'Pocket' in the title when they are that big? You'll need very large pockets. ;-) lol

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I can't see the ACR v7.2 on the Adobe UK site yet. :-/ The DNG Converter, yes.

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chlamchowder: The highest shutter speeds not being available at wide apertures is a little disappointing, because one major use of high shutter speeds is to let you shoot the lens wide open in bright sunlight without overexposure.

Is it possible to easily attach a ND filter?

A lens with a very wide aperture like this should have a fast shutter speed, and/or a built in ND filter imho. :-/

Dropping continuous AF seems a bit poor too. It may not have been a good implementation, but it's better than not having it.

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On Nikon D600 Hands-on Preview preview (712 comments in total)

Why is it being compared to a D7000, is it just because it is a current Nikon camera? It should be being compared to a D700, as that is still available and at a much cheaper price in the UK at least.

A D700 is, and has been for awhile, the affordable way to get full frame that this release is supposed to be.

I know there are more improvements in the D600, but marketing it as affordable full frame is a bit hollow when there has been one there cheaper for awhile.

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On Sony Alpha SLT-A99 preview (326 comments in total)

Interesting the haven't put an XQD slot on it. Looks like it could be a dead format already if the people who make the cards are not embracing it in their top of the range models. :-/

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Looks like Sony really like the design of the Canon s90/95/100. ;-) lol

A bigger sensor in something a similar size can only be good if the sensor is anywhere near the Canon sensor in terms of ISO performance, and the optics are capable, which you would imagine it would be, and hopefully be better.

The price could be a problem though.

It will be interesting to see a comparison between the Canon and Sony in a full review. :-)

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