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On Pentax K-01 preview (383 comments in total)
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Nightwings: The fact that Pentax decided to not employ its abysmal PD focusing system found in its DSLRs is an acknowledgement that AF is not Pentax's strong suit. Admitting to a problem is the first step to recovery. :)

The only way to employ PD autofocus on a non-slr camera is to use translucent mirror technology like in the Sony SLT line.

That has it drawbacks too. But you probably know that already being the armchair expert that you are.

The use of contrast detect autofocus in a mirrrorless camera says nothing about their phase detect abilities at all. It simply means is that Pentax is using the most popular (and quickly improving) autofocus tech for the segment.

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mujana: 1. Can I do a regular (Lightroom)upgrade on a teachers edition? Although about 10 euro's cheaper, I do not want to go through the hassles of bying the teachers edition again (proof of elegibility/waiting/waiting/etc.)
2. What's your opinion....the download version...or the boxed version?

I believe you can, though I cannot say 100%.

When I bought an academic version in the US last time it was just a retail copy at a reduced price. I fully expect to be able to buy the upgrade.

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That's hilarious. I haven't thought about this guy in years. Then a few days ago he popped into my head for some random reason.

This is almost strange to see him. What a dork! His infomercials made me want to scream!!

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Mtsuoka: wondering if Panasonic and Olympus' next move will be re-introducing the "push-pull zooms" to the market and make them look cool...once again...

That's a funny comment, but there are advantages to having power zoom for video whereas in still photography it was more of a gimmick.

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