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We have now been waiting over a year for this lens, with nar a peep from Tamron. I and others have contacted them, but are only told it is unavailable and that they don't know when it will be available. I mean, tell us something we don't know!

Tamron is doing themselves a huge disservice by being totally silent on the release of this lens. I think most people have stopped waiting for it and have instead bought either the Pan or Oly lenses which are similar. I already have the Oly version (which is quite good even without VR) and may consider the Pan lens at some point.

I fully expect that the next announcement from Tamron is that they have discontinued production so no lens will be available.

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I have been looking for light-weight device I can travel with, and use it to view, and maybe edit and store the images I've take (with my camera, not with the tablet).

This means a device I can plug my memory card into (and not a microSD card), maybe transfer files between the device and my card, and possibly hook up another storage device (a flash driver or hard drive) and transfer my image files to it.

I agree with many others here: this article largely misses the point--and the features--needed by photographers when they are out in the field.

Many of the devices mentioned here don't do any of this, or only in a very limited way. So far, I've only found a few tablets (like the older Iconia versions with a USB port), and the iPads that I can do what I want with. The iPad also has the limitations that you can only save images to a specific place on, and can't download off of, the device.

Clearly, this article was not written by a photographer.

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On CP+ 2013 - Micro Four Thirds lenses from Tamron and Olympus news story (113 comments in total)

We are all generating dozens, if not hundreds, of emails about a lens we've never seen or used. I think it will all come down to price and performance: does it work well and is it offered at a reasonable price?

I have the Oly 14-150mm, using it with my Lumix G3. I'm generally pleased with this setup, but want to check out the Tamron version since it includes vibration control. I'll have to wait and see however if it ends up being something I want and can use.

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On Panasonic DMC G5 preview (93 comments in total)

I have the G3 and love it. In fact I just bought a second c3 as a backup and replacement. The g5 may be a nice camera but I just don't think the improvements over the g3 justify it being twice the price-- seems like a scam by Panasonic to make more profit.

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