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Lives in Papua New Guinea Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
Works as a Website provider, advertising consultant, writer
Has a website at http://www.bushtrackpng.com
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15-08-26 P1750553 Coffee15-08-26 P1750726 Blind date book15-08-26 P1750704 Red lights15-08-26 P1750728 lunch, greedy15-08-26 P1750692 King of the birds15-08-26 P1750653 When chips fly15-08-26 P1750646 Red dot sight15-08-26 P1750633 Red dot sight usual15-08-26 P1750601 Ferry n tourists15-08-26 P1750592 Ferry and Opera15-08-26 P1750573 History lesson15-08-26 P1750565 Bikes in the Rocks15-08-26 P1750511 Vic bldg 415-08-26 P1750504 Vic bldg 315-08-26 P1750500 Vic Building 215-08-26 P1750496 Inside Victoria Building15-08-21 P1740357 Not quite sharp, mec shutter15-08-21 P1740367 Dead sharp, 32, e-shutter15-07-19 P1750602 Youngest singer15-07-19 P1750670 Focusing error15-07-19 P1750700 Fill in flash15-07-19 P1750712 Smiling with headdresses15-07-19 P1750812 Tourists enjoy the show15-07-19 P1750913 Women's headdresses15-07-19 P1760121 Leaf n feathers headdress15-07-19 P1760639 Tolai rock veterans15-07-19 P1760958 Islands dancing15-07-19 P1760408 Maroons15-07-19 P1760479 Veteran15-07-19 P1760276 Levitation15-07-17 P1740179_2 Tubuan head 16-715-07-17 P1740394 Bainings mask 16-715-07-17 P1740417 Pomio tubuan 16-715-07-17 P1740445 Bird figure 16-715-07-17 P1740518 Masked stalkers15-07-17 P1740904 Cassowary heads 16-715-07-17 P1740933 Cassowary dance 16-715-07-17 P1750012 headdress, 16-715-07-17 P1750025 Photo, video interests 16-715-07-17 P1750043 Gilnata, DOY15-07-17 P1750231 old string band15-07-17 P1750240 Cousin sisters stringband15-07-17 P1740180 Mask 16-7Self-assured! P625550615-08-09 E-shutter, left; Mech shutter, right15-08-09 P1770116 Rabaul beans15-08-15 P1750446 Stella the tourist15-08-17 P1750446 Stella 215-08-21 P1090224 Sharp as