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On article Zeiss introduces Distagon T* 35mm F1.4 ZM lens (59 comments in total)

Yeah yeah, the predictable anti-anything-nice bunch are out again. Believe it or not, SOME of us LIKE metal-bodied, wide-aperture prime lenses with full time mechanical manual focus. And this looks a BEAUTIFUL example.

Only issue for me, is WHY does Zeiss put a CHROMED filter thread at the end? Surely a potential source for flare?

Oh, and the Leica M mount is no use for my 4/3rds and micro-4/3rds cameras ...


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On Connect post Olympus shows camera module concept (65 comments in total)

Now THIS will be coming home if it lives up to my hopes and expectations! :-)


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On article Hasselblad unveils pixel-shifting 200MP H5D-200c MS (231 comments in total)

Given that each so-called (and mis-named) "pixel", on a regular digital camera, only records 1/3 of the available information, by filtering out two of the three RGB colours, SURELY the obvious way to get better imagery (forgetting Sigma's Foveon experiment for a moment) is to LOSE the BAYER MASK, expose all the CCD/CMOS cells to RAW light, and use some kind of rotating physical filter (as used in many projectors) to exposures of different light wavelengths as separate exposures, for subsequent amalgamation? Sensor SHIFTING, while still using a Bayer Mask and interpolating, sounds to me like a lot of unnecessary math.


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On article LensRentals looks into the Canon EF 16-35 f/4 IS (62 comments in total)

What is a "soft rubber water weal"? Not sure I want one of those near my camera!


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On article Rare Canon EF 1200mm f/5.6L USM goes on sale in UK (218 comments in total)

Lovely bucket of glass, horrible bucket of non-English ...

"A copy of one of the largest interchangeable lenses for SLRs ever produced has emerged for at a UK retailer."

Surely this is not a COPY of the lens, but an EXAMPLE of the ORIGINAL?

And what does "... has emerged FOR AT ..." mean?


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Kudos to the ESA - grabbing all the interesting space headlines this summer!


Direct link | Posted on Aug 15, 2014 at 10:22 UTC as 7th comment | 4 replies

oh YUCK. While the city-scape bike rides looked smooth enough, the mountain climbing/hiking sequences seemed totally artificial. The way entire blocks of landscape morphed, or appeared suddenly in piecemeal fashion, reminded of all that is wrong with Microsoft Flight Simulator, when whole weather systems appear or vanish in a twinkling, completely destroying the immersive experience.

In short, there is still only one way to create decent time-lapse, and that involves tracks, servos, tripods and more, in a carefully planned fashion. Please keep this pseudo-realism away from me.


[Edited for a typo]

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On Connect post Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro combines 16MP camera, OIS and QHD screen (75 comments in total)
In reply to:

Valiant Thor: As I observe people and society I am 100% convinced that the smartphone is the worst invention in the history of the world, bar NONE. It has turned a once observant and interactive society into pathetic, electronic addicted, anti-social zombies who walk around with their glazed empty eyes affixed to those crappy little LCD boxes glued to their hand, their thumb frantically pushing stupid little chicklets around the screen with the look of a meth addict on their face and mortal fear in their mind that they would accidently miss one non-essential, meaningless message from an emotionless fellow zombie doing the same thing. They roam the malls dressed in jackass attire of distasteful, offensive, or sports related t-shirts, baggy silk exercise pants, bright Nike clown shoes, tattoos, and all the while radiating themselves with dangerous levels of packet-data microwave energy. The corporate illuminati puppet-masters must be laughing their billionaire butts off. Other than that, nice phone!

Hahaha! That is a BRILLIANT piece of grumpiness, and I LOVE it - you should get that published in the national papers!

Made my morning!


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Photoshop CS6 is the ONLY version I will use hereinafter, apart from my beloved PS 7 which still runs on everything from Windows 98SE to Windows 8.1


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On article Quick Review: That Steady Thing (70 comments in total)
In reply to:

grasscatcher: I'm waiting for an ultralight gyrostabilized gimbal mount that I can put on my monopod. THAT would be something!

Just check the quadcopter/"drone" forums - a 3-axis gyro handheld gimble has just been released. Meant for Gopro, it could probably be adapted to any camera.

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On article Quick Review: That Steady Thing (70 comments in total)

Carbon Fibre Manfrotto or Leitz Table Tripod - I have both, one lives IN my camera bag. The former is so light, I can take it anywhere - except where SPACE is an issue, in which case I have the latter.

Don't need a heath-robinson monopod adapter ...


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On article Getting off the ground: Cheap drones for photography (150 comments in total)

C'mon guys - this is a PHOTOGRAPHY website, NOT one for TOYS. All three quads you have tested are just that - TOYS. The MINIMUM for aerial video of any vaguely acceptable standard has to be something which can carry at least a GoPro 3, with a stabilising gimble - for example, the DJI Phantom II you mentioned in the prelude. This, versus other similarly priced quads, including perhaps the 550 hexacopter - WOULD have been an interesting article. This one is pointless.


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On article A GoPro Hero's journey into a dishwasher (167 comments in total)

Well that's ONE way to get the seawater off your GoPro after a day's surfing or diving! :-)


Direct link | Posted on Jun 5, 2014 at 22:54 UTC as 25th comment

Apart from the niggling ongoing fees, the problem with CLOUD computing of ANY kind (not just Adobe, but let's include Facebook as an example) is that YOU, the USER, lose control of your environment.

For example, FB routinely "updates" its user experience. YOU, the USER have no say whether you want to take the update, or stick with what workds for you.

Again, Cloud services can go "down", whether for maintenance or system failure: not much help if YOU, the USER, is on a tight deadline and need cloud access to locate your work or re-authorise your software.

Then, as in the case of Adobe recently, a cloud service might suffer a successful hacking attempt, severely compromising YOUR, the USER'S security, IP and possibly financial details.

The WHOLE reason I (the USER) want the DESKTOP model is that I (...) can control my versions, I (...) can make sure I am secure.


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I'm sticking to my two fave versions of Photoshop: 7 (which runs on my legacy computers) and CS6. Not going ANYWHERE near CC.


Direct link | Posted on May 29, 2014 at 09:05 UTC as 16th comment | 10 replies

Bleugh! Someone is being paid too much to do nothing useful.

Weird, though, how my PC monitor looked like it was rotating clockwise the moment the movie finished.

There were many scenes in which the cameras evidently did not fire simulateously, with a number of peoples' heads and hands jittering.

Time for Apple to do it properly, I think. Microsoft, that was rubbish.


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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 and E-M1 get firmware updates (53 comments in total)

Perfect Timing! Bought my E-M1 from Park Cameras in Burgess Hill just yesterday; today, I charged the battery and started playing, wondering about the 1.0 firmware in the system - and then here comes this! Serendipity, you are my love!


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On Connect post Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 3 tablet to replace laptops (270 comments in total)

Brilliant! Am I the only one looking forward to "iPad Pro" - now about 99% more likely this year than before!


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On Connect post Lenovo introduces 10-inch ThinkPad pro tablet (38 comments in total)

Why is there no mention of whether this uses the Canon or Nikon lens mount? ... ;-)


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On article Never lose your lens cap again with HACkxTACK (166 comments in total)

Nice thought - but this needs KICKSTARTER? You can buy strong tiny neodymium magnets by the hundred for a few quid, and use Araldite to fix them to most anything - including lens caps, pieces of wood, tie clips ...


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