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On CreativeLive kicks off Photoshop Week 2015 article (12 comments in total)

With Adobe TV having so many excellent video tutorials now, you'd need something very special before you'd pay $299. Certainly most of the basic tutorials would be covered on Adobe TV. So fir me, it would need to be specialist content like the Bert Monroy 'how I made the Times Square' illustration hosted on

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On CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor article (255 comments in total)
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InTheMist: They announced this four years ago!

21Mp was much more than four years ago. The 1DsMK3 dates all the way back to August 2007, so getting on for seven and a half years. Some of us are getting fed up waiting for a replacement :-(

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Richard from DPReview, you are way too intense. Please lighten up and smile now and again.

Canon, when will we see a replacement for the 1DsMK3? Mine was seven years old last November!!!

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On Starstruck: Adam Woodworth's nighttime photography article (60 comments in total)

Beautiful images. It really makes you want to go out and try yourself. Unfortunately, I doubt it's as easy as Adam makes it appear.

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MPA1: Not specific to the monkey shot here (as I have no idea of it's origins) but as a general comment, photography of captive animals in a zoo has to rate amongst the least inspiring uses of a camera I can imagine. Personally I wouldn't allow that in competition images.

The rules here regards captive animal shots usually say that the 'hand of man' should not be visible in the image, but that rule was test a few years back with Graeme Guys pictures of hummingbirds. Graeme uses multiple small strobes on minimum power to freeze the wings, but to avoid a black background, two strobes light an image on matte paper. The argument was that you could not see 'hand of man' because the BG was completely OOF, but that was considered to be pushing the rules to breaking point. I believe the rules were changed as a result of this. While this does not specifically answer your point, rules are the same for all entries, and it's the rules that count.

Rules do differ country to country though, with the RPS (I believe) not allowing images of baby birds in the nest.

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On High-end full frame roundup (2014) article (589 comments in total)

There is definitely something about full frame. My seven year old 1DsMK3 is still my go to camera, while my 1DMK4 only comes out for the occasional shot where high FPS and decent follow focus are required. The 1Ds3 is rubbish at follow focus.

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It's the white deer for me, although Andrew's orangutan is right up there. I'm guessing that the deer is in a location where hunting is not allowed, because by heck it would be an easy target.

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It's a step too far for me. I could see myself with a Canon 15mm fisheye in my bag, but where as the Canon makes distorted but beautiful images, this appears to just make life ugly.

A question: In this review of the Canon by KR, he shows an image taken with the Canon fisheye after 'rectification in DXO'. It has done an amazing job of straightening the horizon, and I'm wondering if similar can be done with Photoshop?

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Am I right in thinking that Yonguo strobes do not do e-TTL?

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Jogger: I wish they had done more work on colour e-ink.. would love to have a 300ppi 20x30 inch panel to display photographs and such. I have a 1080p 13 inch laptop and even that is too high res.

Nicely said. As someone mentioned back up this thread, very high dpi screens have caused a lot of upset for Adobe customers. We had far and away more posts on the subject on the Photoshop forum, that on any other subject. I use 30 inch 1920x1200 main screen, but 2560x1440 on a 30 inch screen is as high as I would go with Photoshop.

As for the micro-book owners who expected to use Photoshop with a 13 inch 3200x1800 display, what on earth were they thinking? Or did they even think about it at all?

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On Richard Franiec offers Canon PowerShot G7 X custom grip article (110 comments in total)

I own a G1X, which has a wee grip built in, and I have to say it is very effective. Using two hands, you can get a very firm hold of the camera indeed. So it's a shame that Canon went back to having flat front on the right side of the G7X, and I can definitely see how this accessory would make a difference.

Incidentally, I bought a G10, and replaced it with the G1X after my wife took a like to the G10, so I didn't have to travel with my 1D kit, so it's weight rather than bulk that makes the difference from my point of view.

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On Delkin introduces new 'Black' range of rugged SD cards article (54 comments in total)
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Bruce McL: Making the card black was a good start, but they didn't put an "X" in the name. No 'X" means there must be something wrong with the cards!

"Xtreme" would have been even better. :-)

Works for me

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On Delkin introduces new 'Black' range of rugged SD cards article (54 comments in total)
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spidercho: I use 5 SD cards A-Data for 9 years and I had 3 of them broken from nothing. Two lock/unlock broken buttons and one broken card from putting in and outside the camera.

Now I use SanDisk and they are better.

The only time I ever lost images was with an A-Data card. This was a long time ago with a 30D, and I worked out that if I erased individual images from the camera, there was a good chance I would lose the next image taken. I rather suspect the 30D firmware, because I tried the same card in other cameras without issues.

I've never had a single flash card problem since (1Ds3 and 1D4).

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On Delkin introduces new 'Black' range of rugged SD cards article (54 comments in total)

This puts me in mind of the remote controlled camera drones we've seen used with African wildlife. So if a lion eats your GoPro, you can follow it around, and recover your pictures from the lion's poo. If these cards are 'really' good, some one else could maybe still recover the images if a lion subsequently ate _you_. They could rate the cards by how many times they could be eaten by a lion, and still have the images intact.

Anyone want to volunteer for a test run? ;-)

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On Readers' Showcase: Astrophotography article (44 comments in total)

Search Google Images with 'Michael Shainblum'. I came across him on 500pix recently, and was blown away. I am not sure how you would do an Astro panorama with the long exposures and star movement from one frame to the next, but I have not looked into it either.

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backayonder: Let this be a lesson to all DP readers should we ever decide to venture away from our monitors and take some pictures. Be careful out there and just in case I have started a thread on what is the best type of footwear in terms of grip. These slippers I am wearing are just not up to it.

whilst I am on the subject what is the best camera that will fit into a pyjama pocket?

One of the most sensible posts I have ever seen on DPR!

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How could you not like the puppy in the camera bag? :-) Great pictures that will make wonderful memories for this family. I was ready to hate them after seeing that arty flare in #1, despite the nice use of the scissor prop, but they kept getting better and better. Lots of great detail touches like the inverted bowls the young girl stands on. Were those birds on the fence alive?

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On Adobe teases new 'Focus masks' feature article (58 comments in total)

It annoys me that Adobe invariably demonstrate new features with the best possible subject matter. The huge contrast between the subject's dark against the very light tones of the background, would be ideal for Refine Edge. Most of the coat outline, and subject's face is not far behind, with the only problem areas being the specular highlights above the glasses, and top of the right shoulder. If they used a dark and busy background, I'd have been a lot more impressed, and would not feel taken for a mug again.

Martin Evening has an 'honest' demonstration of Refine Edge using typical real world subject matter here:

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On Adobe teases new 'Focus masks' feature article (58 comments in total)

It's a nice idea, and one I suspect was not to hard to code, but in real world terms it is not super useful, because the shallow DoF images the feature will work on already respond really well to Refine Edge. I think it will be a slight time saver though, and that is always welcome.

Call me sad, but I am like a kid on Christmas eve waiting for the full announcements on the 18th :-) (I have a full CC subscription)

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On Melt: Portrait of an Iceberg article (40 comments in total)

Is it just me, or does #10 look a bit rude? Not terribly exciting I am afraid. We have glaciers here in NZ, and they are only attractive from close up while standing on top of them.

So I await the sequel... 10 images of paint drying.

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