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On Readers' Showcase: Astrophotography article (39 comments in total)

Search Google Images with 'Michael Shainblum'. I came across him on 500pix recently, and was blown away. I am not sure how you would do an Astro panorama with the long exposures and star movement from one frame to the next, but I have not looked into it either.

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backayonder: Let this be a lesson to all DP readers should we ever decide to venture away from our monitors and take some pictures. Be careful out there and just in case I have started a thread on what is the best type of footwear in terms of grip. These slippers I am wearing are just not up to it.

whilst I am on the subject what is the best camera that will fit into a pyjama pocket?

One of the most sensible posts I have ever seen on DPR!

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How could you not like the puppy in the camera bag? :-) Great pictures that will make wonderful memories for this family. I was ready to hate them after seeing that arty flare in #1, despite the nice use of the scissor prop, but they kept getting better and better. Lots of great detail touches like the inverted bowls the young girl stands on. Were those birds on the fence alive?

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On Adobe teases new 'Focus masks' feature article (64 comments in total)

It annoys me that Adobe invariably demonstrate new features with the best possible subject matter. The huge contrast between the subject's dark against the very light tones of the background, would be ideal for Refine Edge. Most of the coat outline, and subject's face is not far behind, with the only problem areas being the specular highlights above the glasses, and top of the right shoulder. If they used a dark and busy background, I'd have been a lot more impressed, and would not feel taken for a mug again.

Martin Evening has an 'honest' demonstration of Refine Edge using typical real world subject matter here:

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On Adobe teases new 'Focus masks' feature article (64 comments in total)

It's a nice idea, and one I suspect was not to hard to code, but in real world terms it is not super useful, because the shallow DoF images the feature will work on already respond really well to Refine Edge. I think it will be a slight time saver though, and that is always welcome.

Call me sad, but I am like a kid on Christmas eve waiting for the full announcements on the 18th :-) (I have a full CC subscription)

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On Melt: Portrait of an Iceberg article (45 comments in total)

Is it just me, or does #10 look a bit rude? Not terribly exciting I am afraid. We have glaciers here in NZ, and they are only attractive from close up while standing on top of them.

So I await the sequel... 10 images of paint drying.

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Incidentally, a buddy who is heavily involved in NZ South Island UFB, came back from a software conference in the USA saying that the future for Adobe apps will go beyond the current subscription model, and that our computers would become dumb terminals with the entire process happening on a super fast remote server. Now that _is_ scary.

Someone down the thread mentioned having just 8gb/month bandwidth. Well I have 120Gb/month, but my connection speed is so dire it might as well be 8Gb. :-(

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Ironic that the 'Help Page' Linked to above throws up a 'Sorry not available' message. There is a not particularly helpful 'Status' page here:

If you run without the Desktop Application manager open and signed in, then you are less likely to be denied access to your CC apps should there be another outage. This will also prevent your Typekit fonts from syncing, and you'll be late finding out about updates. The Typekit issue is the serious one - I love Typekit :-).

It's coming up to a full year since the CC subscription model went live. Least ways I recently got an email saying my discounted $20/month was soon going up to $50. Hmmm.. I was hoping that the good will from the Photography Bundle deal might filter up to better full subscription pricing.

Photoshop CC already has features I'd hate to be without, and as time progresses, the gap with CS6 will get ever wider. If I only used PS and LR I would consider $10/month the bargain of a lifetime.

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On Flashpoint 180 Monolight Review article (37 comments in total)
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Clueless Wanderer: Hmm.. 180w. Given that an sb900 is around 78(ish) watts and a three flash bracket is relatively cheap, I find 180w to be too low a power to warrant the purchase of such a unit.

See Biowizard's comment above. It should have read 180Ws. I don't know how many SB900s you'd need to match it, but it would be heaps more that two or three methinks.

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On Flashpoint 180 Monolight Review article (37 comments in total)

That's a strange choice of subject mater for a strobe review. With all their curves, angles, and shiny bits, I thought vehicles are generally lit without modifiers, or in a full blown cyclorama.

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On Focus Stacking in Macro Photography article (128 comments in total)
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chewhow: This was a great sharing.

I just start to venture into focus stacking.
I found out there are 3 methods to capture the photos for focus stacking:

1. macro rail which move your camera (variable distance between subject and camera)
2. macro rail which move your lens (fixed distance between camera body and subject)
3. change focus point by turning the lens focus ring

Personally I tried option #1 and #3. Result looks fine at zoom out view. If you zoom in, certain part of the object (after stack) was not stacked properly. Guess due to low contrast of the subject and software not capable enough to process it.

Anyone have tried option #2? Do you know what is the pro and cons on those 3 options above?

Hope some one can guide on this.

Thanks in advance.

I'll add a vote for a focus rail, and the decent Manfrotto version as opposed to the weak and bendy Chinese variety you find on eBay. Also use a longish focal length so your field of view does not change as you move in, plus it leaves room for your lights.

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On Focus Stacking in Macro Photography article (128 comments in total)
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larpad81: Great article, and beautiful images!

May I have a question here?
Is focus stacking available in PS CS6, or the CS6 extended version is required?
I guess it should not be an extended feature, as it is available in CS4 and CS5 if I know well. Just want to make sure.

Thanks for answers

Auto Align and Blend came in with CS3. It's possible that the process has been refined in later versions, but AFAIK it is exactly the same in CC as CS3

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I'd be interested to know how the high value ND works regards colour accuracy. Especially a pair of stacked ND8s. IME high value cheap NDs are pants. I've got one of those ND Fader variables in a draw somewhere, but I can't bring myself to sell it on, because it is useless when even close to full to strength. I use Formatt Hitech now, and they cause zero colour problems even at ND10.

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On 10 essential time-saving Photoshop tips article (88 comments in total)
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BobSC: Here are some I use:

You can pick the eye-dropper tool by pressing "I". If you want the measure tool, you can press Shift-I (repeat as necessary) and it will cycle through all of the "I" tools.

I use the "wheel" on the wacom tablet to change brush size and the mouse wheel to zoom. That, and double-click the magnifier to go to 100% zoom and double-click the hand to see the whole image.

Some of the tools have Shift options never/rarely used, so I remove the shortcut from those tools so you can Shift toggle through the ones you use more quickly.

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On Adobe leaks 'Lightroom Mobile' app article (212 comments in total)
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christiangrunercom: Hmm, love to see how it works with a heavily adjusted d800 file... No tablet is yet fast enough for proper usage.

I was forced to use my MSI GT70 while my main system was out of commission over Christmas. The laptop has a pretty high spec, but it soooo frustrating compared to my desktop system. I think you are absolutely right about current tablets not being up to the job.

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On DPReview on CreativeLIVE article (144 comments in total)
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TLD: For goodness sake lift your heads up and talk to the camera!!!

The wide camera was positioned too high, so was looking at the top of your heads even before you leaned into the gear table. The CU camera could have moved between BCU and MCU while the wide camera was active. Then you wouldn't have been trying to do two jobs with the wide camera. How big was the crew? was anyone directing the camera operators?

It's way harder to present than most folk realise. Your tongue swells up and ties itself in a knot. So well done guys. And edited highlights would be nice for the archives.

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On DPReview on CreativeLIVE article (144 comments in total)

For goodness sake lift your heads up and talk to the camera!!!

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On Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer article (628 comments in total)
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Bob Meyer: I have to laugh at all the criticism of Adobe. If you don't like it, don't sign up. Nobody is holding a gun to your head.

I have to laugh at those people who say it's "wrong," especially those who tell me what is good for me. It's neither right nor wrong. It's a business decision. If it generates more income for Adobe it's "right" for the company and it's shareholders. Adobe isn't in business to make you happy; it's in business to make money. And what's "right or wrong" for you doesn't matter to me; I'll make up my own mind, thank you.

The only real problem I have with this deal is that it's bait and switch. After 1 year Adobe jacks the price back up to their normal rate, anf you're screwed.

They have actually stated that the price will be locked in IIRC

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On Canon Korea teases new camera, EOS M2 or SL1/100D? article (259 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: It's an ALBINO!


Funny. Funnier still if they are using a red tinted lens coating.

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On Canon Korea teases new camera, EOS M2 or SL1/100D? article (259 comments in total)
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Richt2000: Canon have lost it. Just boring these days.
Then they do release something exciting it takes 2 years to become available or it is so overpriced its for corporate purchasers.

Overtaken by Nikon and Sony.

I have been Canon for 20 years, next camera will be Sony or Nikon, and a complete system change too.

Goodbye Canon, may your photocopiers and video cameras keep you afloat.

It's difficult to argue with that. I'm still using a six year old 1Ds3 and a four year old 1D4, because there is nothing new in the Canon line that would make a difference to me. They are putting effort into video/stills hybrid cameras, but I use a proper XF300 for most of my video use. Mean while I see new Nikons that I'd really quite like to own, but not enough to reinvest in a bunch of new lenses. It's not a disaster though, as it saves us money, and something amazing will be released in the next year or two, or three...

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