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On High-end full frame roundup (2014) article (541 comments in total)

best camera for video ISN'T a VIDEO camera?

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On Enthusiast compact camera roundup (2014) article (185 comments in total)
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Dan Bracaglia: We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the exclusion of certain models, most of which will be included in our high-end pocket camera roundup, which we will be publishing shortly. Stay tuned!

cargo pants
everyone wears those
in winter everyone has something w/big pockets

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On Enthusiast compact camera roundup (2014) article (185 comments in total)
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aerorail: sony rx100 m3 wasn't on top very long

can't keep up with ever changing categories where size is different by 1/2 in
sub compact
mini pocket sub compact enthusiast
short zoom long zoom zoom zoom

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On Enthusiast compact camera roundup (2014) article (185 comments in total)

sony rx100 m3 wasn't on top very long

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people don't realize blad is now a woodworking company

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its for the JAPANESE market where they eat this crap up as well as rich chinese

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review preview (827 comments in total)

i'm guessing panny thinks sony got away with charging a high price for a fixed lens little camera that revolutionized the industry (rx100) they can charge a high price also

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X Review preview (411 comments in total)
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Jennyhappy2: Kind of funny no one has really mentioned or dare post the link for this review in the Canon forum LOL. Guess because DPReview indicated the G7X is:

The Final Word

The PowerShot G7 X has stirred up a lot of excitement in the camera world, with Canon opening up the category that has been dominated by Sony. Canon went with the excellent Sony 20MP BSI-CMOS sensor and added a longer (yet still fast) lens that is great for portraiture. Sadly, where the G7 X falls apart is performance, usability, and battery life, as discussed above.

While the G7 X earns a silver award for its ambitious lens and image quality, Canon has a lot of work to do in the performance department in order to earn our top reward. "

There is always the GX7 II, though Canon seems to be on a continued pattern here that started with the G1X II.

ive pointed out many times in the past jhappy is nothing but a troll and knows nothing jumping from forum to forum stirring up trolliness

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Review preview (804 comments in total)
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hall56: Today I received an email from Sony requesting that I…’ Help other shoppers by writing a review about the dsc-rx100m3’. There appears to be more than enough positive things to said about the product – so I thought I would offer my reflections upon another aspect of the Sony experience.
Have you noticed that wherever you look; the purchase the price is almost identical… The resultant impression is that RPM (see Wiki) seems to be employed?
I found a local stockist who, while offering the rx100m3 on his web site could NOT publish any price BUT the full RRP. He could discount it (marginally) across the counter but if he published this marginal discounted price on his web site, Sony would remove him from their list of stockist!
Now I am not saying what Sony are doing is illegal (I suppose that would depend on the laws of the country) but it does seem very, very heavy handed and creates the impression that they are trying to influence the market.
I will leave you to be the judge……?

sony is far from the only company using those minimum advt pricing sheme

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On Samsung NX1 real-world sample images article (330 comments in total)

a late pre-production running a beta version of firmware 1.0
funny... as far as i am concerned that's a disclaimer. there is no such thing.
99.9% bet the camera is and has been in full production
same story every new release and cameras are on the store shelves from china 2 months later

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luv that it a six shooter? or is there only five.....

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chrshale: Our government has forgotten who they work for. They somehow think that they don't work for us, and federal lands don't actually belong to the citizens of the United States. If the National Parks need higher entrance fees, then propose that in Congress. But these parks are for the benefit of us, not for the government. If this crap is upheld, the precedent will be set for requiring permits for photography of anything, anywhere. 1984 is right now.

they'll turn the park services over to homeland security and have to wait in lines to be scanned and searched like at the airports

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RockmanBirder: So many news articles about this have been written to inflame emotions without really explaining true details. If you take the time to read the reg, you'd find the definition for "Still Photography" is that which "takes place at a location where members of the public generally are not allowed or where additional administrative costs are likely, or uses models, sets, or props that are not a part of the site's natural or cultural resources or administrative facilities." (36 CFR 251.51) And it states as an objective: "Would preserve the wilderness character of the area proposed for use, for example, would leave it untrammeled, natural, and undeveloped and would preserve opportunities for solitude or a primitive and unconfined type of recreation". This seems pretty darn reasonable to me.


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next shot: If you think gun control laws are bs wait till they try to stop people from taking photos when everybody has a cell phone camera.

lol they'll be confiscating your phones

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fedway: I find it interesting why Panasonic named it the LX100. Could it be that Pany thinks that it will provide stiff competition to the Sony RX100 series? The LX has a bigger sensor and on paper a better lens, manual dials that might be better ergonomically; whilst being less pocketable. I predict that test images will show an image quality advantage for the LX over the RX especially at higher iso.

every camera supposedly hits some sweetspot in the market.
sony, being the biggest innovator in small cameras of late will one up panny next model

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photo perzon: So which is the smallest flash I can put on the LX100

the one that comes with it

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Advent1sam: Gx7 is ultimately more flexible and the better camera, unless you need the 4K that is, which in general people dont need but now think they need :)

and about 23 lenses available

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Dave Oddie: Glad DPR asked this question as I posted a similar one in the comments section when the camera came out.

I think they are being a bit disingenuous though in justifying the LX100 essentially on the back of its lens. A range of 24-75 mm and F2.8 at the long end is too limiting.

My standard lens is a 16-80 CZ on an A77 and it gets used a lot at focal lengths longer than 50mm (75mm equivalent).

And no you don't have to buy super fast lenses to make a case for the GX7.

Things like 4K video (if you use it) are evolutionary and I'd expect to see it on a "GX7 II" or whatever its replacement is.

The other problem I see is these cameras are not that small. So the LX100 being about the same size as the GX7 puts them both out of the "buy because they are small" category in my book when there are smaller m43 cameras from both Pana and Oly (that don't have fixed lenses either) and cameras that really are pocketable like the Sony RX100.

For me the LX100 is obsolete already.

ill just stick with my sony rx100m3 until panny resolves it's identity crisis

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dynaxx: Off topic but winding me up ... several examples of the deeply annoying "ummmmm" expression in this thread and all over this blog.

If you can't find the words to say ... "I have been thinking deeply about your post and I have come to the conclusion that I am wiser than you and I know more about all aspects of photography than you " .... then none of those things are true.

Patronising in the extreme !

I have been thinking deeply about your post and I have come to the conclusion that you have too much time on your hands to worry about the little things and people's freedom of speech
but thanks for your opinion

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skytripper: It is very unfortunate that the GX7's grip is so chunky and just plain ugly. Looks like a very nice camera otherwise.

that would be my #1 reason not to buy a camera

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