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andywhoa: I don't understand the complaints. If this doesn't work for you, don't use it. Just because your workflow does not cooperate with this card, does not mean the card is rubbish.

It seems to me this card is being marketed to people who carry around compacts and want their JPGs to be instantly available to post on social media for casual use. There is a significant enough segment of the population to warrant this, and everything about this card seems perfectly suited to it. If that is not your intention, move along.

This is not being marketed as the pro-photog's dream card.

I was gonna leave this page after all the usual ubiquituos complains by some individuals thinking finding what's not there make them experts in the field. Morons.

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My filthy rich grand dad would be too old to hear about this camera's specs. And I truly doubt he'll ever be needing a charger, ever. He will love it so much though that it will stay dangling close to his heart everyday. Aperture what?

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On Nikon Df preview (2792 comments in total)

Either love it, or loathe it, it doesn't matter. As with other cameras, this new (and old-ish) Df caters for a certain group of individuals. If it's not your cup of tea, then stop making comments as if Nikon and any other manufacturer at that will give a damn what you want in a camera! It's hard not to get annoyed of how many people coming out each time a new camera is announced, all fuming with frustration and distaste. These people seem to live in la-la-land where tech designers are genies that must grant their wishes. Apparently, these are the same people who will not buy at all...or even use one even if they end up having one!

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Phone camera's are for shooters, not photographers so again, they don't compete.

Bottom line, DSLR's stay in the throne, while they watch CSC's and phone cameras as they try to get on top of each other with a false belief that they will soon find the perfect design that will satisfy all! The ultimate Holy
Grail of photography by their own definition!

Have fun everyone :D

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I'm rather inclined to view a general outlook at this. Not to dismiss or outwit anyone else's take, but to me this is just how things evolve. In the world of business nothing is permanent. There is NO single approach clever and perfect enough to go in paralled with changing demands of the market - which is all down to current market trend.

Speaking of CSC's, Micro 4/3 takes the largest slice of the pie by satisfying the current hunger for RETRO looks. That, combined by the superior internals and breakthrough engineering made for a smart looking. excellent image producing camera. It's a masterpiece, and it's the winner for the current timeframe. Sooner, the trend takes on another shape, and so the manufacturer who can best guess and meet that future demand becomes the main player!

DSLR's doesn't rely on trend, and have a long track record based on quality, usability and performance, so their evolution will not compete with rather newborn players such as CSC's.


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fmian: http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/1832778312/photos/2471208/scan810-custom

Here is a scan from a glass plate negative that was shot in Yorkshire England circa 1910.
Personally I think it's a very good example of movements in portraiture.

Wow. They actually had 3D looking photos back in 1910!

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