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Jay Turberville

Jay Turberville

Lives in United States Fountain Hills, United States
Works as a Animator / Graphic Artist
Has a website at www.jayandwanda.com
Joined on Apr 21, 2003
About me:

Gear in current use
Panasonic GH4
Panasonic GH1
Panasonic Lumix G HD 14-140mm f/4-5.8
Olympus M.ZUIKO 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II (modified for 52mm filter thread.)
(Nikon WC-E68 wide converter used with above)
Panasonic 14-50mm f/2.8-3.5 Vario-Elmarit Aspherical MEGA O.I.S. Lens
Olympus Zuiko Digital 50mm f/2 Macro
Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 70-300mm f4.0-5.6
Panasonic DMW-MA1 Adapter
14-45mm ZD 'kit' lens
40-150mm ZD 'kit' lens
40mm f/1.8 Hexanon (modified to fit 4/3 DSLRs)
M42 screw mount to 4/3s adapter
50mm f/1.4 Takumar (M42)
Olympus A200 1.5x TCON
50-300mm f/4.5 ED Nikkor (T-mount) w/M42 adapter
Soligor 1.85x T-thread TCON
1000mm f/10 Rubinar lens (M42) afocally coupled with the above cameras via 32mm TeleVue 32 mm eyepiece
Swarovski ATS 80 HD Scope

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  • Replace "aperture" with "focal length" and the statement is just as true - and also just as useless for the purposed of the discussion.
  • Or maybe I'm too pedantic?  Either way, the info's out there now for folks if they care.
  • That is actually an oversimplification.  It would be essentially true if the lens was very simple with perhaps one element or one very shallow group of elements (like a telescope objective).  But ...
  • I all depends on your reasons, uses and expectation.  I use a WC-E68 regularly with a Panasonic 14-42 and Olympus 14-42 kit lenses.  I find it very useful when I shoot 4K video and want a wide ...
  • Replied in Sensor burns
    Would also make sense to move the focus to the closest possible.
  • "It's a Panasonic GH4 [or GH1 previously]. It isn't really a DSLR, but you can change lenses like a DSLR." If they ask more questions I explain the difference.  Otherwise, I leave it at that.
  • I don't get that impression at all.  What I see is a constant picking of nits and an amplification of small difference into big differences - mountains from molehills. I see tons of "over ...
  • Yes.  If you want to make a large gallery print and invite people to press their noses up close to it, then you'll want maybe 30MP or more.  But other than special circumstances like that, 16Mp is ...
  • What is an acceptable enlargement size has everything to do with how large the image is in the viewer's field of view.  You can print a billboard with a 3MP image and it will look good from cars ...
  • Created discussion thread Elicar 90mm f/2.5 VHQ 1:1 Macro
    I picked this lens up in a Minolta mount for $70 at (of all places), Goodwill. I did a little fiddling around with it today, and I'm pretty impressed. My initial impressions are: 1) Very soft and ...
  • That seems like a pretty convoluted way to go about saying that the 1080p video shows more aliasing than is desirable.  I don't see how relating it to the 4K capture area is relevant.  The issue ...
  • Commented on Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Review preview

    I see it as a great camera for both video and stills. For micro 4/3s camera, the biggest stills negative is the price. The next would be size if compactness matters a lot for you. But other than...

  • Commented on Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Review preview

    Everybody in the video world seems to be aware of the GH4. I could be wrong, but I think all the GH cameras have sold very well. I remember waiting six months to get my GH1. I'm not sure the GH4...

  • Commented on Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Review preview

    Not sure what they mean by "No 1080 video from 4K crop region to minimize aliasing". If you shoot 1080 with Ex Tele Mode you get 1080 using a pixel for pixel center crop which certainly seems like...

  • But the resolution is baked in with film also.  As is the grain and so forth. I think the real issue is that the cinematographer Abrams has only ever shot with film - never shooting digital for the ...
  • Yes, and also further west than Glendale in  as well as on the east side on the indian reservations and to the southeast in Chandler and Gilbert. Water in the valley comes from three sources. 1) ...
  • Phoenix is a big place.  It just depends on where you go.  There are lots of neighborhoods with tons of greenery.
  • Right.  My impression with the stills I've grabbed has been that the quality is pretty darned good and about what I'd expect from any out of camera JPEG at 100% pixels.
  • OK. So that means that effectively the 100Mb images are more reasonably equated to something better than a 1000KB JPEG file. I agree that what it really comes down to is what is being shot, how its ...
  • Oh, I agree that there's a difference. I just think that for a wide range of photos it is a difference that would not generally be noticed. As for the compression, the key there is "on average." ...
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