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I am not dumping photos from a reliable SD card onto a spinning disk and then wiping the card.

Good product though.

Current setup works well:
Fuji X100 -> 32GB Eye-Fi mobi -> iPhone 5s with iOS 8 -> iCloud photos in the cloud.
They automatically appear on the iPad and Mac, if someone pinches my gear when travelling I still have all my pics.

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The front facing camera limitation is a well known method to limit installation on incompatible devices.

The new iPad has 1GB ram. The iPad 2 has 512mb. The original iPad only has 256MB. iPhoto needs ram to load up a 19MP file and edit it, provide undo levels etc. That is the real reason for the limitation. When you multitask on an iPad 1 it keeps having to reload everything, it was ram crippled from day one unfortunately. I know this is frustrating, but what can you do.

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