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On article Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' (333 comments in total)

What's even funnier than this gag is the reaction of all the people who were angered by it. I am reading each and everyone of them and ROFLMAO. Seriously? People are actually angered by this? Get a life... It's not as if DPreview tried to prove that the earth was flat. (Oh, I forgot, that's somebody else's sacred cow).

Thank you DPreview, It's great to be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

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On article Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' (333 comments in total)

I loved it even if it was a joke.

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On article Adobe hack affects 38 million users, not 2.9 million (156 comments in total)

In response to your question, I have been contacted by mail. I am not a Creative Cloud user. I have purchased PSE, PRE, and Lightroom. This appears to be widespread to almost everyone with an online ID.

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On Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Preview (347 comments in total)
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AlpCns2: Sigma is certainly on a roll. Always quite innovative, but recently they have introduced a whole range of absolutely stellar optics. Instead of marketing fluff this is real, tangible progress and improvement that we all will benefit from, as it forces the competition to improve as well. And at these prices it is nothing short of a stunning achievement.

Well done Sigma! I already own several very good Sigma lenses, but I am certainly going to buy one of these!

My only real disappointment in this lens is that it is not available for M4/3. Sigma, PLEASE grant my christmas wish!

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On article Best Camera of 2012: And the Winner is... (1412 comments in total)

OK, so the poll is not scientific. It's not based on market position. It's subjective and full of opinion, It represents the opinion of those who bothered to vote. So it is valid in the sense that the based on what the editors chose as candidates and the readers chose to vote on. At the end of the day this is all supposed to be fun. Does it matter one way or the other which camera wins?

In the spirit of full disclosure, I own an OM-D and I did vote. I am aware of its strengths and weaknesses. The results have no effect on my choice of camera. I have always liked Olympus gear. I have owned a Canon SLR as well as a Konica. The OM-D really appealed to me. It's performance and size is what I prefer over the others which are too big for my liking. But it's just my opinion. Doesn't matter to anyone else.

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pixelcollector: where is the flippin' E-P4/5 ?
this is not cutting it. cheap looking design, subpar lcd res.

How could Olympus discountinue the E-PX? It's all about sales. The OM-D is attracting the high end buyers and the E-PL5 is good enough for the rest. The E-PM is for somone who wants a better image than a point and shoot. Oly doesn't have a lot of money and they have to rationalize the product line up. The E-PX is a most likely casualty

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On article Photokina 2012: Sigma Stand Report (40 comments in total)
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Edoveral: I'm deeply dissapointed by Sigma this Photokina. I was hoping (actually counting) on some m43 lenses. I can't understand why Sigma is not actively supporting this (and the NEX) market with a nice wide-angle zoom. Big dissapointment.

Unfortunately there were some misleading rumors that raised a lot of expectations. I was hoping to see a nice competitor to the Panasonic 12-35 or a 12-60mm for my OM-D and without stabilization to keep the price affordable.

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