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On Connect post Nikon says it wants to 'change the concept of cameras' (134 comments in total)
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sportyaccordy: Nikon should jump to beat Sony. Sony's RX line would be great for phones but they have their own stupid proprietary OS. An APS-C fixed lens camera with 4G phone connectivity + functionality in a pocketable package would be great and worth all of the $1000 or so they would have to charge for it.

Now is def not the time to be conservative... Nikon has got to make a bold move. Come out with a whole line of phone cameras, from the low level 1/2.3" fixed lens to the 1" fixed lens to the 1" zoom to the APS-C fixed lens. It's the next logical step and really the only way they can survive in the current climate.

O and to all the folks crying about camera phones. The camera doesn't make the photographer.

somebody who wants to walk around with a camera might find it quite nice to be able to make a phone call without carrying more crap around...

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On article Just Posted: Samsung Galaxy NX Hands-on (114 comments in total)
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Simon Says: It used to be a phone with a camera on it, now the trend is the opposite? A camera that also come with a phone?
I bet you can play angry birds on it too.

Certainly, if I'm carrying a bulky camera, it would be nice if I don't have to also carry a phone and an ebook reader and a compass etc.

So this is the right concept. With enough iterations, it will be a formidable tricorder.

Even if there maybe problems with current implementation, like some here suggest - size, balance concerns etc, its still the right concept.

For photography, everything seems to hinge on sensors. As soon as we learn to shrink them without loosing the full capability of an APC sized sensor, we can use smaller glass and all the other issues of form, balance and weight go away.

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On article Canon PowerShot D20 (83 comments in total)

Why do all rugged / underwater cameras except Sony have these retarded designs that look like the target audience is 12 years old?
It also seems like they skip basic camera features just for the opportunity to look dumb.

Certainly, most of the design is wasted to create some odd "look", rather than really maximize ruggedness. Whatever level of ruggedness they have could be better if the overall design was really focused on that, instead of idiotic ornamental flourishes coming from some brainwashed intern in the marketing department.

Sony's 'rugged' TX-10 shows how little is needed for the level of ruggedness and waterproofing offered.

These clunky designs are a lie and a stupid looking lie at that.

Whatever bulk you add, make it count, make form follow function.

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Message in a bottle..

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This sounds great!

I do hope this will be a widely accessible product, not another stratospheric $3000 device you can only sell very few of.

Wonder if they're going to rely on Windows Pro or something else like Ubuntu or Android..

I could deal with Windows, as long as its not RT.

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On Connect post 3 ways to make your mobile photography more mobile (27 comments in total)

anything thats not for the nasty iphone?

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On Connect post Microsoft testing its own smartphone, says WSJ (3 comments in total)

Yes, please, Linux guys, do something!

Microsoft is closing up its stupid platform, turning it from a minor annoyance into a major annoyance.

And look at those garish tiles for the color blind...

Oh, and good riddance to Sinofsky. Oh so humble out front, yet always ready to knife people who don't want to be his mindless drones. What a faker...

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On article Making sense of Canon's 4K cameras with EOSHD (225 comments in total)
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BeanyPic: As usual the dinosaurs are complaining about innovation and the development of new equipment which Canon, Nikon and other brands are bringing to the market. The technology and features that the new products have will be available widely in the near future at lower prices. They will be used and tested by Hollywood and others. But of course their are the few who have no idea how to develop new technology but will be 1st in line to moan, knock and slag off the technology that they will be using at different levels, Pro, semi pro or just someone who loves taken photo's and video.
For all the complainers out their who would not have the 1st clue how to design and build new imaging and video technology just enjoy what these brands spend millions on developing for us to use and enjoy. Talk about what you want to see or go spend millions trying to design and build your own. Nuf said...

I love it when they come out with great new gear, even if its big and expensive at the start...

Unlike the money our sorry governments stuff down the throats of international Banking cartels, these new features will actually trickle down to regular folks in the shape of smaller, more affordable gear soon enough. :D

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On article Making sense of Canon's 4K cameras with EOSHD (225 comments in total)
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garyknrd: As just a joe blow. Average shooter. I could care less. Have no idea what this is about and don't care. I agree with others that Canon is pushing for everyone to buy into the full frame cameras and lenses. Very arrogant in my opinion.

so, you're trying to say its better to buy Canon's stock than to buy this camera?

And you know what to do when the waiters and the shoe-shine boys start giving you stock tips... Get out of the market quickly ;-)

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On article Images of Panasonic GF5 start to appear (118 comments in total)
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Narupol: The designer try to say "Cameras are only a grip of lense" ...

hey, thats my line... which is why I'd design a tubular camera with hand and finger shaped indentations :D

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On article Samsung doesn't deny Android-based camera (108 comments in total)
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Tape5: Now someone has to play the matchmaker and get Sony to ask iOS out for a date. We could all Call their firt baby Appleony.

eww disgusting... iOS, locked down and limited functionality to enable the intellectually challenged.

Sony would be interested! They LOVE locked down...

Seriously, I don't mind manufacturers offering a 'limited functionality' mode for the simple minded, but don't make it the ONLY mode. Otherwise, I will prefer Android with its greater capability.

Someone can always design a top level interface with reduced function and complexity, but that should never be all there is.

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On article Samsung doesn't deny Android-based camera (108 comments in total)
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dylanbarnhart: The new generation of kids today, growing up owning a smartphone since elementary school, does not know how to use a camera/DSLR. These kids only know how to use smart phones. When it's time to buy a real camera, they will more likely buy an Android/iPhone based camera.

A typical camera today is so cryptic and intimidating for such kids. If you give them a conventional camera, they will be asking:

. Why swiping/pinch/zoom don't work [use the buttons outside of the screen]
. Why so many buttons? [each button does one thing, sometimes 2 or 3]
. How do I save my photos to the cloud? [uh, nope you can't]
. How do I share it with my friends on facebook? [uh, nope you can't]
. How do I see my friend's comments on the picture [uh, nope you can't]
. What is that hole on the top of the camera for? [for seeing through the lens]
. How do I get an XYZ effect app? [uh, apps don't work] Seriously?
. Why call shutter Tv and aperture Av? [because the full name is too long for the button size]

I think smart phones / cameras will eventually merge into a sort of "tricorder" device, that can record / detect anything, depending on what modules you pick, process the resulting data, and send it wherever you wish.

A ubiquitous operating system is the enabler for everything else in this merging.

Samsung might as well start now.

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On article Samsung doesn't deny Android-based camera (108 comments in total)
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migus: Samsung is an unique position to merge their smartphone/tablet leadership (likely #2 after Apple) w/ their still fledgling photo division. Sony would be the other, though they aren't an Android shop.

As per battery life, indeed Apple's iOS outshines the rest. But that's mostly owing to the poor implementations of most android devices, failing to enter into the deep sleep cycles and turn off the chips and parts not currently in use, e.g., LTE or WiFi radios, GPS, sensors etc. Sloppy jobs we sometimes bestow upon our markets ;-)

Sony isn't an Android shop? Unlike Samsung, who also makes Windphones and Bada phones, all of Sony's smartphones are based on Android.

Certainly, programmability would help the Nex-5N's cludgy menu. It would take less than a month and someone would have fixed that interface to perfectly interact with the camera's hardware controls.

Of course, you can assume Samsung is "investigating" this for the purpose of instant upload from camera to online foto portals and print shops.

Other apps might be considered incidental, but you can't underestimate how much value 3rd party developers can add to a manufacturer's product.

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On article Pentax K-01 Hands-on Preview (376 comments in total)

Some good ideas here, great specs, but I can't help commenting on some poor case design choices:

1) for all the room on this big camera case, most of it is wasted blank space. Much better to have more dials if it has to be so big.

2) no articulating screen... seriously?

3) no little rubberized nook for your right thumb to help hold this hefty device, while your left hand is twiddling with the lens?

4) Overall design looks like the designer was more enamored with his idea for some arbitrary architectural form, rather than the natural beauty of optimized functionality in case design.

5) Modular approach to the K-mount would have been better. Just have the K-mount stick out of a slimmer body and be replaceable with a special pancake lens for traveling light.

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On article Photoshop CS6 Beta: New Features for Photographers (154 comments in total)

hope they changed more than cosmetics, specifically, making you not dig down in the menus for constantly used functions that can be done instantly in other software.

The long Abandoned Picture Publisher software may not have been better, but it sure was always speedier.

I only go into Photoshop for major operations, cause for most things, its too cumbersome and slow to load.

But then, I generally feel Adobe UI's are backwards and counter-intuitive, with the exception of Go-Life, which interface they ended up axing for the horrible Dreamweaver interface they bought from Macromedia.

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saimran: Nokia 808 PureView with 41 MP camera:- Smartphone Nokia PureView with 41-megapixel camera (effective resolution – 38 M) was one of the highlights of the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. In spring 2005, Nokia released N93 smartphone with a unique 3-megapixel camera and 3x optical zoom and, according to Damian Dinning (Damian Dinning), a specialist in the department of photographs from Nokia Smart Devices, continued experiments on the use of optical zoom in their devices. The company has created a number of concepts that were never put into commercial products, they used different configurations of cameras and the physical form factors, some traditional and some quite unusual.
The development of smartphones in the direction of increasing the screen size negated many of these developments.

Nokia's camera department seems to be their only hope to avoid becoming Microsoft's Foxconn...

So, stay tuned for Elop axing that soon

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On article dpreview.com gets mobile (110 comments in total)
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learnerguy: Better to launch iPod/iPhone App too...

nah, boycott stinky Apple

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flappleton: This goes with Nikon's refusal to service in Canada a D80 bought in the US. This was shortly after the D80 was released. Not only would they not honour the warrantee in Canada (which I kinda understand), they refused to fix the camera for payment (this I could not understand and I still do not). With this latest Nikon announcement, you may have a broken Nikon and no way to get it repaired. Bah

This would mean the end even for the second hand Nikon market across country borders.

Thats the way Software makers are trying to go, with all that direct download software, that has no media and can't be resold, when you're done with it.

I haven't been impressed with any of Nikon's recent moves. Company becoming too dishonest.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M5 low light high ISO sample series (283 comments in total)
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bobbarber: @ J2GPhoto, I agree with you, but you forgot to figure in the cost of the full-frame lenses, which are much more expensive than four thirds lenses. So the total cost of the FF system compared to 4/3 is even higher than you make it appear.

@ Anastigmat, FF iis not better than m43 for most uses. Most people print at 8x10. m43 makes just as good prints as FF at 8x10 under most lighting conditions. It's like the Ferrari argument that alxdava makes. Who cares that your Ferarri does 200 km/hr if you spend all of your time driving where the speed limit is 50 km/hr? And who cares that your FF has clean ISO 12,800, if you rarely shoot over ISO 1600, which describes a lot of us?

well, if on some new camera ISO 12,800 is really clean, people will use it that previously didn't.

Shooting stuff at candle light without destroying the whole scene with a flash, or simply taking pictures at parties makes better low-light capability a more useful thing that a lot of other so-called 'advances'

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M5 low light high ISO sample series (283 comments in total)
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njkdo: Ridicolous camera

well, regardless how he spelled it, I'd prefer a new camera that doesn't look like an old 70's crapper from granpa's attic.

Whenever something tries to look like something it isn't, its sort of a lie. Materials and effort have been wasted trying to make it look a certain way, rather than engineering it the best way possible.

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