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TheOhioan: iPad Pro is going to become the go to image editor for photographers.

I doubt the first gen gets it done. But second gen.... Good bye laptops. The future is bright for this thing. Sure, as mentioned, there is not a lot of software presently. The original iPad was thin on apps when it hit the market. Ipad changed everything. In fact who commonly used the word "apps" before iPad? Soon there will be plenty of photo editing/processing tools for iPad Pro. And when they become available it will rule the market. Good bye beefy laptops. Hello light weight freedom! This with a mirrorless camera and a person is set.

Love it or hate it the replacement for laptops is here.

The article failed to mention that Apple was targeting this as a computer peripheral for editing, according to a user comment.

So its anybody's guess which directions any following generations might take.

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falconeyes: This article completely missed the point of its headline.
iPad Pro for photo editing is all about its use as a serious graphics tablet, used in conjunction with PS on the desktop. The article knows nothing about that though ...

I was wondering why there was no word on that.

Well, we'll see how much of a headache it gives Wacom.

Wacom is kinda slow with inventing / updating things, yet they are very good.

If this spurs Wacom's product development out of its apparent slumber, it will be a boon to everybody.

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Starlight100: Samsung note pro 12.2 will remain a better tablet. Why? That ridiculous pen on the Apple pro is way too large. It costs a bomb and it constantly needs charging. I don't want to draw pretty pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! What planet have Apple gone too?
Steve! If you are up there looking down, please can you help!
I'm a decent customer of yours, ( 3 I pads and 3 iPhones). currently got iPhone 6 plus. But when Samung came out with an amazing multi screen tablet a few years ago so I switched. I gave away my ipad for a Samsung note. Last year I bought Samsung note pro 12.2. You can't beat it. The fact that Apple have launched a pro with out a practical pen for business users is a huge disappointed. I'm sure years later it still won't have the great features of a Samsung note either. If you don't believe me just check one out. So many advanced features like a movable dual screen have been enjoyed for years now. Tablets are a much serious matter and they clearly are taking business users seriously.

Your Steve is looking for a new body to inhabit. Don't distract or bother him, please.

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wansai: For light editing, sure. For on-the-spot editing, sure.

The main problem is one of workflow though. Then there's the problem of the software. This does not run the adobe suite. It runs the basic mobile apps. You can do some pretty basic things, that's about it.

Get a Surface Pro 3 or 4. That is far more suitable with enough horsepower to do most things a creative can need. I do photo editing, processing, digital art, desktop publishing and graphic design on my surface pro 3.

The surface pros also run full blown adobe suite and in desktop mode, have multitouch trackpad so you can use the suite quite comfortably.

In touch mode, I open photoshop, click 1 button to apply my custom action. Or just set it to batch process. Or just use lightroom if that's more to your workflow.

The ipad pro will be a better illustration tool than a photo editor's tool. It's fundamentally no different from an ipad.

@ Stu 5

So you're going to buy this tablet and then hold your breath for what Adobe comes up with eventually?

All I can say is, wait for the software first...

@ ColdViking

I don't know the CPU, but 4GB RAM would be an issue for large RAW files.

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Michael Ma: I'm sure a hipster will find some unique way to use it where it works better within a very specific context that kinda dilutes the fact that the iPad Pro is worse for everything else.

Now that may well happen.


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elpardo: I think until apple give more detail on what this product will entail. Or indeed what Adobe will be providing the jury is out.
I'm in no way a Camera Pro, but I do a lot of editing with my iPad Air and with LR Mobile I find that doing basic rejection/edits to RAW(via a proxy file and syncing to my Mac Pro) works well as a workflow. I'd like to be bale to do the additional basic edits I do, in LR or via something like Pixelmator or Snapseed without lowering the resolution(Pixelmator now supports this but I cant export from LR mobile without lowering res) If the Pro can do this I will seriously consider it.

Did Apple make any statement that they wish to return to catering to creative people, or is this just a me-too product for other "pro" tablets, which are just as consumer oriented as anything, just with a few extra perks to extract a better margin.

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Mister J: I'm looking forward to testing the iPP/Pencil pair, not only for photo-video editing, but also to see if - finally - there's a graphic stylus out there that can compete with my cheap-but-excellent yellow Bic fineliner.

I don't think the Bic can be replaced by anything, cause the Bic moves on paper, which adds a very specific level of friction to its movement, which can't be duplicated on glass.

A Bic is like walking on the ground, while a digitizer on glass is more like ice scating.

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DJohnny: This looks like a large iPad to me... Wouldn't a Surface Pro 3/4 be much better suited than this? Or Wacom Cintiq? Or anything else running Windows OS?

Well, something with enough RAM.

What OS you want on it would depend on your favorite image mangler software.

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4GB of RAM for editing large RAW files? Good luck...

13" display, look forward to zooming in and out a lot, while the system is choked with insufficient RAM. Nice recipe for your app freezing and crashing a lot.

Maybe it would work as a peripheral

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Decisions, decisions.... Fly to Taiwan to get a phone?

uhh, pass....

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On 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months article (595 comments in total)

I got an Xperia Z2 last year ...now I don't even carry the Nex5 anymore, its mounted on an arm at the house, functioning as an excellent document scanner replacement. The portrait lens takes such excellent shots of A4 paper at ~50cm.

At least its not just collecting dust, right?

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AmateurSnaps: To compare the size of this camera to the Sony RX cameras should they have both cameras turned on their side? Really that was intentional, who knew. Every cheap half arsed marketing gimmick has been used to promote this thing!

Also had a look at my wife's iphone and the port that this plugs into looks like it won't hold up to much abuse.

Great idea but a few problems to sort out before it comes near to replacing a quality compact camera. That includes the daft price!

Yeah, the hyperbole is thick with this one.

Having two devices awkwardly cobbled together with a cable is just a disaster waiting to happen.

And it should connect to Android phones so people don't have to be stuck with a crummy iPhone with that turd of a restrictive OS.

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Someone wasted months or years on a pet peeve...?

Surely, nobody would buy that:

Woman: "Oh honey, take some pictures of the kids here!"

After a bunch of fumbling...."Oh duh, why won't this freaky camera work?"

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV First Impressions Review preview (1567 comments in total)
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N13L5: Not one picture of the camera with the lens retracted?

Or does the lens always stick out that far?

@ nandbytes

thanks for the link! never seen / used that site before...

Either way, I think any camera review should include such a picture. They sure got more than enough pictures with fully erect lens...

Maybe that's considered sexy ^^

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV First Impressions Review preview (1567 comments in total)
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Samuel Dilworth: Sony’s big leap of faith with the original RX100 was charging $600 for a compact camera. Turns out half the planet was happy to pay that as long as the technology (thitherto unimagined miniaturisation) was there.

With the RX100 III and now RX100 IV, Sony is exploring the limits of pricing, again supported by technological innovation. It will be fascinating to see how this pans out.

Well put...

Now, should I get a steeply priced Z5 or RX100 IV after IFA?

I need a new phone cause my last one died to overheating.
I need a new camera cause my Nex5 stays at home too much.


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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV First Impressions Review preview (1567 comments in total)
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ncsakany: Worth every penny. I am supper happy with mine, and find it much improved over the III which I also owned.

If you sold your III, how much did you still get for it?

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV First Impressions Review preview (1567 comments in total)
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onlooker: Looks like the fanboy brigade in out in force standing guard in case anyone dare criticize it in the slightest. They will immediately ridicule you with unfunny sarcasm, parabolic exaggerations, and tell you what you REALLY think.

If you look at my posts, you'll know I'm no fan of Sony or any corporation. They're all out to take advantage of people as much as they can.

But you can't deny Sony has some first class engineers who are doing their best to push the envelope. With luck, the rest of the outfit doesn't interfere too much and we get a good camera out of it.

If you don't like a particular company or product, it doesn't bother me one bit, but you're maligning other forum members whie failing to make any real point or quote any punch line.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV First Impressions Review preview (1567 comments in total)
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Sveinnol: I took this cool video of a salmon jump up a waterfall in Nordura in Iceland, recorded at 25p / 50M 1000fps (40 times slower). It demostrates the usefullness of the "end trigger" option when taking slow-mo. When you have seen somthing happening you trigger the end of the clip rather than when to start.

No editing, taken in rather low light conditions with maximum optical zoom on the Sony RX100 IV


haha awesome! thanks for the link!

At first I was wondering if he'd actually get all the way up...

Is there a way to tell that camera to save what it had so far and continue right on taping?

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV First Impressions Review preview (1567 comments in total)
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Photato: A pocket full of Imaging Power no doubt
For those that don't need Video there are plenty of better, cheaper options out there.
Personally I need Video as much as Stills but will only pay $1000 if it had a honest to goodness 8MP 1" sensor like Canon C100 or even 12MP like the A7S.
Sony, let me know when you make a 1" Based Camera with large Pixels, then I'll bite

The stacked CMOS design is sometihng of an equivalent for larger pixels.

More than one way to skin a cat.

Not saying that Sony met your criteria with this, just saying that larger pixels aren't the only option now and more advances will come that provide the same benefit.

Smartphones driving miniaturization result in a variety of benefits not merely related to equipment size.

Some number of years down the line, a smart phone with a tiny sensor will out-do this camera in low light, as sure as an owl can see at night what we can't.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV First Impressions Review preview (1567 comments in total)
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Laminated: Does

I'd like DPR to post a pic of it shoved into someone's jeans.

But they make like 100,000 different camera bags..

Why can't anybody make some camera jeans??

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