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Leica X1, Leica X Vario, 2 Leica R8, 28, 60, 35-70, 75-200, Digilux 2, DLux-4, Minilux, Leica Mini, Panasonic LF-1

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  • Stop! Don't do it. I did the same thing and in hindsight realized that I traded an entire system of capabilities for pretty much just a camera and lens. Although the Leica is excellent, I would ...
  • Created discussions DL4 and thinking about D109
    I've been thinking about getting a D109 and pulled out my DL4 which I rarely use. These days I pretty much shoot with my X1 and XV. So I was looking at some images shot with the DL4 and they were ...
  • Replied in Outdoor music!
    I'm anxious to see some people and street photography images. There are very few Leica T "real world" images; mostly technical pixel peeping issues. Personally, I'm somewhat considering a Leica T ...
  • I own and use the X1 with the updated firmware which was supposed to improve the focusing. It did somewhat. I also borrowed and used the X2 from the DC Leica store and walked around the city ...
  • Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I've had stuff just show up on my doorstep.
  • Leica will continue to explore a presence in the high-end compact/P&S market as it's a viable price point market; i.e. about $2K more or less. Not everyone can afford or want an M or Q. Great ...
  • BTW, IMO, the film bodies may not appreciate, but will probably hold their own. They may even  drop slightly but it will be marginal at most. The lenses will continue to appreciate.
  • About 10 years ago I purchased 2 Leica MPs and a 28, 35, 50, and 90 lenses as well as a couple of Leicavits that Leica was offering as a promotion. These were during the dark days of Leica when it ...
  • Given your desires and constraints, I recommend that you go with Olympus as a starter. See this link: ...
  • Created discussions FAO Schwartz Is Closing
    Remember the movie BIG? Playing Chopsticks
  • Replied in XV for x
    I feel the same about the X1 having used the X2 as well. In any event, a 35 prime and 28-70 zoom are a great combination.
  • Replied in XV for x
    You might want to consider getting a used X1 or X2, and keeping your XV. X1's can be had pretty cheaply these days. The loss on trading in your XV is probably equal to the cost of a used X1. I have ...
  • Could you provide some insight regarding your ownership and use of the camera? Likes and dislikes? Overall impression? There are few if any owner/users and I'm sure many would be interested in ...
  • A few years ago I faced a similar dilemma on a trip to Paris. SLR or high-end P&S? This was back awhile when the DL4 was the rage. Mind you the DL4 has a much more restrictive ISO range (high end) ...
  • X series are a world different than the DLux line, including the D109. I don't think it makes sense to save up to buy a used X2 when you can buy a used X1 for about the price of the D109, perhaps ...
  • +1. I have an Alice (L2) in Tan. Great bag. Surprisingly roomy for its size.
  • 1+; Godfrey is correct.
  • I've dealt with Leica USA over the years on a number of issues, and have always received outstanding service and support.
  • I'm thinking of getting one so I can use my R lenses which are gathering dust. Haven't decided on which version of the A7 makes the most sense and which adapter is best? Getting the A7II would ...
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