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  • Hey, I'll be okay with Panasonic offering IBIS for 4k video and limit it to only a minute or even 1/2 a minute to combat overheating. If they could provide that I'll be all over it specially when ...
  • There are still those who are using VHS, or tapes. Nothing will make them upgrade. Heck, I still use audio CD's (albeit, these get digitized eventually).
  • In split second intervals. Which is what they used the Oly's in Mad Max.
  • Kick Olympus in the video field by quite a margin. If Canon bothered (in their lower tiers), they would also. Thankfully they don't.
  • I have consumer level Dell computers that are dying as I type. Enterprise/professional level products are built to last but consumer level products aren't. The problem here is that the E-M1, ...
  • I would expect the price to go up as soon as possible (CDN gets weak) and hold off going down till hell starts freezing over (when CDN dollar is strong for way too long). Whatever the case, I ...
  • Replied in Ahh, thanks,
    Even better for Panasonic I guess. So they haven't had much issues since the beginning then.
  • Not just Panasonic but prices for most photographic equipment jumped 20-30% on April 1st. Which made stuff that are already expensive (say GX8) even more expensive overnight.
  • But from actual Canadian (reputable) camera stores, the GX8 is anywhere from about $1449 to $1599 Canadian (price got hiked about 20-30% because of the strength of the USD). So, the GX80/85 is ...
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    LVF2 on the GX1 is of no match to the EVF on the GX8. Not even close actually. I haven't done a side by side comparison but I think even the GX7 EVF is better, albeit, smaller view. The only ...
  • Replied in By all means,
    buy the replacement. As you mentioned elsewhere, no time to risk being down a camera so getting a replacement is of course, top priority. I was just saying that, since you are getting a ...
  • I don't do macro much nor insects but why not a small tripod, flash on camera and us the wifi plus the smartphone app so you could tweak the settings and zoom to your hearts content without ...
  • why not try fixing the problem yourself? I mean, if it's going to be pretty much rendered junk, then you can buy a replacement screen for ~$50 on ebay and just replace it. Not sure the exact ...
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    I think I'll wait till either 6K or 8K photos appear in m43. Got the GX8 and will never downgrade to 1080p again. Just love the 4k quality. But when 6K (or 8k) appears for photo stills, then there ...
  • feeling tough and being tough. Besides we are talking build quality and so far, it seems Panasonic is just more reliable. Yes, I'm sure if you drop a Panasonic camera onto concrete, more likely ...
  • As far as I can tell, Panasonic has had no real QC issues except that one lug issue with the GH2... Even though they make the smallest m43 camera (and lenses) they seem to be very well made.
  • Sorry, ultimate kits for a particular person may exist but such a kit certainly does not exist for everyone. Personally would pick a GX8 which already kills the idea of your ultimate kit ;)
  • Can't be that expensive as Pentax has had weather sealing for their mid-level (<$1000) cameras for almost a decade...then again, they always had better bang for the buck cameras.
  • You said that the GX's have crap EVF's... And the GX7 does have a bad EVF (well, for certain people, me included, it has an EVF that is almost unusable). But to say the EVF on the GX8 is crap is ...
  • I didn't say video from a camcorder to be superior. I said it is easier to get "decent" video. With its depth of field, it would have general better focusing than auto focus on hybrids.
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