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Since I was a kid I wanted to be able to be into photography. The first encounters with it was on an old Smena film compact camera in early 1980s. After a long hiatus I started to make some photos in 2004 with a camera from one of my friends. Back then the prices of cameras were quite high and my first camera was a Sony P100 in 2005. Since then I had a series of compact cameras (Canon A610 and Fujifilm S6500 were my favorites) and in 2008 my first dSLR (the prices went down quite a lot to afford it). Recently I bought an Olympus XZ-1 that is amazing (not up to the IQ of dSLR but something you can rely upon when you have no dSLR with you).
I improved a lot those years but I am no professional. I like to document the places where I travel so that's my main subject. After 10 years in the photography realm I am still improving mainly by taking photos.
I do photography as a hobby my profession is materials engineer. I am also working as a management consultant mainly on investment financing and process optimization.

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  • This part was wrong. Nikon uses either the AF motor in the lens or the AF motor in the body. It doesn*t use both simultaneously. In the bodies with AF motor built-in you need to set also the body ...
  • Replied in No never (nt)
    You asked two pertinent questions and you gave an advice without asking the third pertinent question. The cheaper lens has no VR and has not AF with the OP camera body. So if the OP is willing to ...
  • Wrong answer for Nikon. Right answer for Pentax. Unfortunately OP has Nikon.
  • You forgot a question: Do you MF?
  • Replied in oh noes
    Unfortunately the Canon larger sensor advantage is zero because of lack of improvement on Canon sensors. It has a shallower DOF, though.
  • Usually you don't use 70-300 mm for landscapes but it is not forbidden to use it. The difference between the two is that the cheaper one is a worse lens and you loose AF because it requires a AF ...
  • As others have said, with the exception of beagle that has only one answer to all questions, there are differences but there are not night and day. Canon is lagging behind in still image quality ...
  • As you know there is only one focus plane (in fact not really a plane but a concave surface) no matter how many AF points light up. The only way to have both in perfect focus is to take two photos ...
  • The camera the OP has is endowed with a lens of 25.7 mm f/2.8. So to speak in FF words 70 mm f/7.6. Thus the need for short distance between the subject and the camera.
  • Replied in Trier
    It seems that the title was quite not attractive.
  • The photo is very nice. The only thing that spoils it is the crazy green of the grass (too saturated for my taste and totally opposed to the mood of the photo).
  • Replied in Compact camera
    A little better. It has a sensor that is 50% larger. It has f/5.9 at telephoto end (the same as your existing camera). You may use also the ISO200 with good results (compared with ISO100 on your ...
  • You deserve a prize for worst answer to the question.
  • Replied in DOF
    Focus at hyperfocal distance. Assuming you have 18 mm at wide end and use f/8 you focus at 2.043 m (2 m would be OK). Adjust exposure for the background and foreground subjects. Don't use flash. Ke ...
  • Replied in Compact camera
    Then either you buy the small sensors (with indiscernible improvement) or increase the budget and size limitations to get Panasonic FZ1000.
  • Replied in Compact camera
    You expect that the marketing will make obsolete the quantum mechanics. Nowadays more than 90% of the noise is the one you cannot influence. You may try to conceal it, as Panasonic tried in the ...
  • Replied in Compact camera
    If the large zoom requirement stands keep your money. The improvement would be marginal. A superzoom will have the same slow lens (although with more reach) and the same small sensor in that budget.
  • Replied in Compact camera
    You don't understand why you get crappy photos, do you? In order to have smaller package and and long reach you need tiny sensors that are not so good in low light (not the sensor itself but the ...
  • One more thing I didn't notice but other posters did. Increase the speed ore use a tripod. 1/10 s is not a good speed for sharp pictures.
  • The exposure is highly inaccurate even more if the brightness boost is on. So How to determine exposure compensation when EVF brightens the scene with 1 to 5 stops depending on the scene ...
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