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Since I was a kid I wanted to be able to be into photography. The first encounters with it was on an old Smena film compact camera in early 1980s. After a long hiatus I started to make some photos in 2004 with a camera from one of my friends. Back then the prices of cameras were quite high and my first camera was a Sony P100 in 2005. Since then I had a series of compact cameras (Canon A610 and Fujifilm S6500 were my favorites) and in 2008 my first dSLR (the prices went down quite a lot to afford it). Recently I bought an Olympus XZ-1 that is amazing (not up to the IQ of dSLR but something you can rely upon when you have no dSLR with you).
I improved a lot those years but I am no professional. I like to document the places where I travel so that's my main subject. After 10 years in the photography realm I am still improving mainly by taking photos.
I do photography as a hobby my profession is materials engineer. I am also working as a management consultant mainly on investment financing and process optimization.


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On Will consumer DSLRs be 'dead in 5 years?' post (134 comments in total)

There were a lot of people that have no idea of photography that bought dSLRs just to brag about. They are now sucked by the 41 MP in a smartphone. There will be a reduction of dSLRs sales in the following years because less people will need good quality photos when the only use is on facebook or other websites that are very low quality from the photographic viewpoint. I have a camera in a smartphone and I use it only in emergency cases.

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Larold: Where is this?

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

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On Nikon 1 System First Impressions article (248 comments in total)

It isnot what will make a dSLR user to fall back on these toy cameras. Nikon wanted to bridge the gap between the 4/3s sensor and the compact ones (1/1.6"). If they will succeed we will see in the near future. The compacts have come from acceptable IQ to appalling IQ. That drove a lot of users that don't want big sensors into mirrorless offerings (Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung).
Certainly there is a market but the price I consider too high as it was the case with the first m4/3s.
Unfortunately the gallery it is not very well done but the IQ seems amazingly good.

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