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Subject Forum Date
Low-ISO pics ok, video not so good Olympus Compact Camera Talk Apr 12, 2013
Disappointment Nikon 1 System Talk Feb 15, 2013
Good IQ, but horrible ergonomics and unreliable AF, overpriced Micro Four Thirds Talk Jan 24, 2013
It´s a phone, not camera. Period. Mobile Photography Talk Jan 3, 2013
Unimpressive performance Samsung Talk Dec 30, 2012
Bad photo and video Casio Talk Dec 8, 2012
Strong performer for your pocket Canon PowerShot Talk Sep 22, 2012
Featureless budget cam Canon PowerShot Talk Sep 8, 2012
A better camcorder than stills camera Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Apr 9, 2012
Better get the ZS20/TZ30/TZ31 - or an older model Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Apr 9, 2012
Overpriced toy with a lot of problems Sony Alpha / Nex E-mount (APS-C) Talk Mar 27, 2012
Good reliable camera Canon EOS 7D / 10D - 70D Talk Oct 23, 2011
A somehow overpriced club Micro Four Thirds Talk Oct 23, 2011
Good for the price but not usable on cameras with too high pixel count Canon SLR Lens Talk Oct 23, 2011
A great lens Canon SLR Lens Talk Oct 23, 2011
Solid performer Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Oct 15, 2011
Disappointing cam Canon PowerShot Talk Oct 15, 2011
A little beast Sony Cyber-shot Talk Aug 18, 2011
The good old V7 - unfortunately died after 1,5 years Casio Talk Aug 16, 2011
It´s ok but pictures are only average Canon PowerShot Talk Aug 16, 2011