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Nikon: D90, D700
Nikkor: 70-200, 70-300/VR, 24/2.8, 35/1.8, 35/2, 50/1.4G, 60/2.8G, 180/2.8
Sigma: 15-30, 50-150/2.8
Tamron: 17-50/2.8, 28-75/2.8
Tokina: 12-24 Zeiss: 25/2.8
Samyang: 85/1.4

Olympus 4/3: E-520, E-1, E-3
Olympus ZD: 9-18, 11-22, 12-60, 14-54, 50-200, 70-300, 25/2.8, 35/3.5, 50/2
Leicasonic 4/3: 14-50, 14-150, 25/1.4

m4/3: Panny G1, 17/2.8 pancake, Zeiss ZM C-Biogon 21/4.5, ZM C-Biogon 35/2.8, CV/50/1.5

Sony: A700, A900
Sony: 30/2.8 DT, 35/1.4G, 50/2.8, 28-75/2.8
Minolta: 20/2.8, 24/2.8, 35/2, 50/1.7, 24-85, 70-210/4
Tamron: 90/2.8
Zeiss: 85/1.4, 135/1.8

P&S: Canon S90


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On Lightroom 4 Review article (480 comments in total)

The new local adjustment features sound great, but let's not forget that one could already do most of that in LR3.

For example, local WB is performed by choosing the color you want to shift the local area towards. If the local area is too cool, you would simply select an orangy color and brush it on. If it's too warm, you would brush on a bluish color, and so on. It's like using a CC or 8xA/B/C series filter for your lens to match tungsten/daylight/FL lighting to your film/flash/etc or gelling your lights/windows. Might be complicated for those not used to this, but it's second nature to those who are used to dealing with mixed light sources with film.

Local NR is definitely a welcome addition, as it was a lot harder to implement without a dedicated slider, but you could still brush on a combination of negative clarity and sharpness with brightness/contrast adjustments to "hide" the noise in areas of uniform tone and structure. Still, i'd rather have the local NR slider.

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On Olympus 45mm F1.8 first impressions article (46 comments in total)

One of the cool things about this lens (and m4/3 lenses in general) is that the MFD (minimum focusing distance) is fairly short at only 0.5m or 20". Most 85mm primes on FF have an MFD of ~0.85m or 34". Not a deal-breaker, but the shorter MFD is nice to have sometimes...

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