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On Drone lighting could be coming soon to your studio article (120 comments in total)

Wow I pitch that idea a year ago, and look its finally coming to fruition.

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On Getting off the ground: Cheap drones for photography article (140 comments in total)

I'm waiting for the day to come when our Speed Lights could be like mini-drones (or like little humming birds) that could stand still in mid air without a stand. Via algorithms they could quickly reposition themselves to enable you to take different shots. And be able to follow the subject on their own...etc.

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On Nikon 1 V3 First Impressions Review preview (432 comments in total)

Look, this camera will be judged by its price. Bring down the price of the kit to $500 and you got yourself a winner. In the mean time, other mirrorless offering look far more attractive.

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On Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article (648 comments in total)

How many Gigapixels is this camera?

Direct link | Posted on Apr 16, 2014 at 15:59 UTC as 86th comment | 1 reply

Nikon 1 failure.
It's simple, if you cannot sell it in the USA you've failed.

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fdfgdfgdgf: This video is full of crap

someone feeling crabby today. Did you wake up on the wrong foot?

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On Chicago-based Calumet Photographic closes U.S. stores article (195 comments in total)

where do I buy their liquidations?

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On Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' article (373 comments in total)

I think its time to start building a second system. With Nikon and Canon, you don't know what will happen, because hey are like sleeping giants while smaller manufacturers are like hard working ants coming out with products after products.

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On Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan article (619 comments in total)

what an ugly looking camera. This camera looks like point-n-shoot. At least improve some aesthetics.

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On Nikon 1 AW1 preview (587 comments in total)
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jdrpc: Waterproof to 15m is NOT an Underwater Camera! And much less the successor of the Nikonos V or RS that could go to 75m!!!!
It's like the watches that say "Waterproof to 30m" but can barely go under 10!
If the camera says 15m, it can barely go to -5m, because of dynamic pressure....
Pity! would be nice to have a real Digital UW camera

When a company rates a product at 15 meter, you can sink twice deeper before the thing breaks. Everything in technology can be pushed further than what its rated at.

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On Nikon 1 AW1 preview (587 comments in total)
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schaki: The Nikonos wont be properly reborn until the camera uses full frame sensor.
This seems like the development of the Nikon 1 system which almost was doomed to fail before it reached the shelves in the stores the first time.
Craptax Q is an other joke amongst cameras with interchangeable lenses.
The 1" sensor size however would make sense to used more in usual compacts and I certainly would like to see compacts like Cann S110 and Coolpix P7700 use this sensor size it it would be possible.

The full frame sensor will come when the Nikon DSLR's start becoming mirrorless.

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On iPhone 5s Studio Comparison article (263 comments in total)
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Wye Photography: One thing I dislike about Americans is their overtly nationalistic and patriotic attitudes. You know, hand on heart and that "One nation under God" lark. And what do they do, buy phones from a Korean company instead of an American company. Makes me laugh.

Perhaps Americans aren't as nationalistic and patriotic as the media makes us Brits believe.

no, Americans are not nationalistic, they are more laid back. For example they don't throw TV's out of their windows when their team loses (in any sport) on the international level.

Besides, how can they be nationalistic when Americans are ALL migrants. But when it comes to tyranny that they escaped from, they do get pretty patriotic about their freedom.

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On 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months article (591 comments in total)
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HappyVan: Sounds like more of the mirrorless nonsense.

At one point, mirrorless was the next big thing. Heavily promoted by cultists and websites. The DSLR was a dinosaur, they say. Today, mirrorless is in retreat even in Japan. Why is that?

Any camera is a tool. All it means is that Barney is doing snapshots at the moment for social sharing. Will he ever return to photography as an art? Will he ever need to zoom?

Stay tuned.

Although sarcastic, but you have a point.

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On 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months article (591 comments in total)
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Vadimka: Yes, DSLR is on a decline... its quiet simple... its a fact... it will take some time, but in a matter of 3-5 years we will have most of them gone. Those that remain will be only High-End machines, equivalents of todays' Nikon D4 etc.

I don't really know, why is it so difficult for people to understand. SLRs were created to solve the problems that View Camera, Rangefinders and TLRs had.
Today mirrorless systems solve all of those without Mirrors and Prism, annoying mirror slap and shake.

Is there any DSLRs today that better some Mirrorless cameras? You bet, but don't forget that SLRs has been around for 70 years and Mirrorless is only 5 years old. As we will get better sensors that can absorb the light more keen to an emulsion and as we get better view EVFs we will see more and more pro Mirrorless.

Canon and Nikon are dragging their feet and thats not surprising, they will try to milk that DSLR cow for as long as they can. Its hard to go from top to almost bottom of the order.

To be a DSLR killer, A mirrorless has to come with a DSLR equivalent mount. That means, Nikon would need to release a mirrorless camera with full frame sensor and F mount, otherwise it will take some time for mirrorless systems to mature where they can comfortably provide a gallery of lenses and accessories. A mirrorless camera is simply not equipped for studio and for most professional work.

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On 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months article (591 comments in total)

Do you shoot professionally? I do not bring a mirrorless to any of my client work, and they certainly don't expect me to. But I agree, mirrorless is my go to camera when I'm shooting around for pleasures sake.

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On Fujifilm X100S Review preview (476 comments in total)

How does DR feel in RAW, anybody know?

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Peiasdf: The color on the car is off vs. bayer picture. I guess phone users don't really care for color accuracy.

I don't think the bayer color is correct either.

Direct link | Posted on Jul 16, 2013 at 19:08 UTC

Well, what can I say. I guess it works for web and newspapers but I doubt that this will work very well on quality print media.

I've seen some nifty shots done with cellphones before, but those shots are all about the right moment and a lot o luck. With a dslr on an assignment u need to be prepared with all the proper lighting equipment to shape and sculpt the image because u do t have the time to wait for the lucky lighting conditions. So no, for most professional photography applications u need pro caliber equipment.

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On Photokina 2012: Interview - Dirk Jasper of Nikon article (220 comments in total)
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Lucafeb: Canon and Nikon hope that all their customers using they DSLR will stick with them forever.
These 2 manufacturers failed to see that mirroless camera are a valid alternative for some applications also for pro users.
Canon and Nikom are keeping alive this mamoth format just for their economic interests.

I hope Sony and Fuji in the future will eat all their market.....
I can't wait when the mirroless will have full frame, when it will happen also the video entusiast will migrate to mirror less cameras.

Canon and Nikon losers like Kodak..

The problem with all mirrorless is that they are not system oriented. You cannot for example, build a photographic business around a mirrorless camera because there are no accessories or lighting equipment available that would work with it. When someone gets serious about photography he starts thinking about the whole package that will enable him to grow in his business. DSLR line is the only line that provides that with lenses, lighting equipment, and other host of little tihngs.

Mirrorless is still a enthusiastic camera.

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On Just Posted: Hands-on Canon EOS 6D preview article (590 comments in total)
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montygm: Having been a Canon user for many years now I am also rather dissapointed with this new addition to the Canon line. They are trying to target the entry level consumer market to lure them to full frame and lens sales as "cameralabtester" mentioned but are going about it in a very stupid way. The fact that they have ommited a pop up flash is a huge mistake for one thing. Be it small as it is, it does come in very handy for fill in light, many people don't want to drag a bulky Speedlight around with them everywhere. Having worked in camera sales for over 7 years now I know of a great deal of customers ( some pros as well ) who often lammented on this missing on the 5D's. Why doesn't Canon listen to what customers want!!!! The fact that Nikon have also incorporated the ability to use DX` lenses as well is brilliant marketing on their part. Why would you want to buy this camera when the Nikon D600 has higher specs and lets the buyer be able to use DX and FX lenses? And the flash sync!

true, omitting flash is a huge mistake. The pro's may tell you that "I never ever ever..." but this camera is not aimed at them. If this camera comes with 11point AF, than it is clearly aimed at amateur market.

The pro crowd needs to realize as well, that those pro's who do have built in flash on models such as D700 use it to trigger remotely, or with diffusers. And secondly built in flash does not take anything away from the camera. It doesn't make your camera worse, or more bulky, or less professional, or what ever else. In fact when it is closed, it is so invsible, that nobody would notice you have a pop up flash (assuming you're afraid that if someone sees popup flash you will look less professional).

My point, there is no drawbacks to having a popup flash, only benefits.

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