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On Sony SLT A57 Hands-on Preview (198 comments in total)
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dand5100: Have a new question for you experts out there. I got some great advice and thus just bought a new Tamron 18-270mm lenses for my Sony a57. The 18-270mm is suppose to give you 15x at full 270mm.

But when I compare my 15X 270mm images to my ole cheap Sony H1 point & shoot at full 12X, the H1 full 12x images are larger in telephoto size compared to the Tamron 270mm 15X images. What am i missing here?

The Tamron 18-270mm is great IQ, but just wondering why 15x is less zoom than 12X? Thanks in advance, regards, Dan.

Allowing for focal length multiplier due to a smaller than full frame sensor, the 35mm equivalent zoom for the 18-270mm Tamron on the A57 is 27mm - 405mm (X15). The lens on the H1 is X12 from a higher 35mm equivalent at the wide end - 36mm - 432mm (X12), taking the long end past the 405mm of the Tamron.

Take a picture on both cameras at the wide end of the zoom and the Tamron/A57 combo will show a wider scene than the H1.

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