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On Nikon D750: What you need to know article (111 comments in total)
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pixperfect: Fact, the D750 is not a replacement of the D700 but only an upgrade of the D610. The front monocoque is carbon fiber reinforced PLASTIC, so be careful! I don't think that front monocoque will last very long, especially when using heavy zoom. Small prime lenses are recommended. Nikon just saved tons of money!

Your comments about 'plastics' are sadly misinformed. When you re-entered the atmosphere, the realization that plastics have taken over manufacturing process must have been tough to take.
When I think of plastics and carbon fiber composites, I think in terms of Glock and Smith& Wesson. If plastics can handle the recoil from a .45 auto, anything a camera can throw at them is a vacation. BTW B.M.W. uses plastic composites for the EXHAUST manifolds on their MINI's...at 1000+ degrees...think it's tough enough to hold a sensor and a lens?

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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1418 comments in total)
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Barend: A new but old-fashioned dinosaur. I love my D700 but the next step is Sony A7.

Re: Too Heavy
To go with an EVF because it is lighter, just doesn't make sense. I carry a Nikon and a 6lb. lens all day long on a either a BlackRapid strap or a Spider Belt system.
I suggest you look at your shoulder strap / belt (or a combination of both) before jumping ship. If weight truly is your biggest concern, get one of those little pocket cameras, they're really light!

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