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So it's curtains for the Polaroid SC1630! If you snooze you lose!

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On article Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? (291 comments in total)

I do not agree with Kate Bevan. In my opinion, photography is far more than just a picture telling a story. It can also be required to convey emotion and illustrate artistic expression. Software like Instagram plays an important part in fulfilling this role, and really opens the creative realms much further than the mere technical requirements of framing a shot and getting the lighting correct. When your camera hardware has limited optical capability as is the case with cell phone cameras, I found by using software like Instagram/Vignette/LittleCamera/etc these shortcomings can quite often be creatively exploited. People who think photography is nothing more than producing a "pin sharp" image with expensive equipment may agree with Kate, but I prefer to be more open minded.

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I think a 460kdot display is a bit marginal for a camera without a native viewfinder and a $800 kit price tag!

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On article Kodak to stop making digital cameras (146 comments in total)

The problem in today's business world, is that senior management teams tend to be composed of legionaries working on contract for the highest buck! Their passion is more focused on the currency they're earning than on the product generating that currency! Without passion for the product, it's nothing more than gambling with experience, which isn't always enough!

The management team of Kodak took the company out of the high-end market by discontinuing their premium cameras! It's like a famous restaurant saying "Although we established our name with french cuisine, in future we should focus on burgers & fries". What the big Kodak probably did not realize, was that they dropped into the street-corner mass-market segment where the players are quick and light on their feet.

It will be sad to see them disappear! IMO licensing a good name is just another "epic fail" decision. They need a "Steve Jobs" turnaround plan rather!

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I don't want to play devil's advocate here, but I feel I must mention that in South Africa wedding photographers are fortunate (or exceptionally talented) if they're able to get a couple to pay even $1500.00! Adding further insult to injury, the cost of photographic equipment is generally between 20% & 40% higher here than in the USA or Canada.

I must also say that $15 000.00 weddings are quite rare here, except for the relatively wealthy. The wedding budgets I often observe, are in the region of about $7000 to $8000!

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Altruisto: Shame on Dpreview. I have always believed their judgements, but it happens that I had the opportunity lately to try a big number of mirrorless cameras and enthusiast compacts, and by far Nikon 1 system was the most satisfying. So I'm very upset for all those who would be fooled by this journalist masturbation. "oh! po po po, it's a camera for beginners, so I don't care about all the unique advances made by Nikon, like a sensor better than units more than double its size, or the best and most accurate autofocus in its category, or the fact that that sensor size permits the smallest 70-300 equivalent zoom, or that continuous autofocus in video never hunts, or that adapter don't compromise use of Nikkor lenses. Noooo! I punish Nikon for the conservative auto-ISO taking into account the small sensor; for the less perfect manual focus and lack of customization and no in camera RAW conversion, in a camera supposed to suit beginners and serve as a fun straight forward backup for enthusiast."

I don't own either of these two cameras, and I'm not sure what to make of the DPR review? What I can make something of, is the fact that the V1 costs nearly $1000, which I think is way too much for the offering - even if it is very nice. I'd be very tempted to seriously consider the J1 at $400 cheaper, though, if only it had a proper flash hot shoe, or even iTTL wireless commander function.

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery (425 comments in total)

Very nice camera, but a pity about the high price tag.

The prohibitive price will keep me way in the background until, or even if, it shows a substantial decrease!

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On article Just Posted: Canon PowerShot G1 X samples gallery (425 comments in total)
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Michael Thompson: Thease photos are awfull! we have had 3 days of frosty nights and crystal clear blue sky weather here in the UK and this is the best DPR can produce?

Once upon a time DPR had photographers who had skill experiance and passion i fear those days are gone - Amazon what have you done.

No wide angle Landscape photos in sunshine this to check image detail near and far, i could go on but what is the point.

A photography website without skilled photographers what a joke!
my neighbours 12 year old doughter could do better (with her mobile phone lol!

I agree with eoonline. These shots tell me all I need to know about the camera. The photography skills can be assessed on a different forum!

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On Preview:canong1x (1032 comments in total)
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raizans: How does the viewfinder compare to the X10 and G12? Making a camera larger just to put in a little optical viewfinder just isn't worth it. =(

In addition to a usable optical viewfinder, I would be excited by this camera if it had a more limited zoom range and a faster lens, e.g., 28-50mm f/2. I'm personally uninterested in the slow, short tele end of these "kit" type zooms.

That said, thanks to the ever-so-slightly larger than Micro 4/3 sensor, the G1X is a viable alternative to the Fuji X10 and Panasonic GX1, even though the latter has interchangeable lenses.

I more or less agree on your first point! If the optical viewfinder is up to the same standard as that on the Fuji X10, I probably won't mind it that much. If they provided a cheaper (and smaller) option without the VF & a plastic body, I wouldn't even think twice!

I agree absolutely on the faster lens. With a compact this big and expensive, I would also prefer a faster lens and sacrifice on the amount of narrow FOV.

Posted on Jan 10, 2012 at 05:59 UTC
On Preview:canong1x (1032 comments in total)

It's really encouraging to see Canon seeing the market opportunity of a relatively compact camera with a large sensor. Do I still hear the word metal? Why is it necessary to manufacture all these "high-end" compacts to the same standards as up-market DSLR's?

What I would like is a large sensor compact, manufactured to the same standards & using the same materials as the EOS xx0D series, that can sell for 2/3 the price of say the 600D! This is all technology that ages within the space of 3-5 years. Most 400D amateur photographers owners I know, are either upgrading or have lost their initial passion for the hobby. Is it really necessary to manufacture heirlooms? At nearly the price of the 600D, I would be absolutely torn between buying the next 650D body or this camera!

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On article Just posted: Fujifilm X10 hands-on preview and video (69 comments in total)
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jonesi: Have it, and yes its every bit as good as expected. Easier to control than the big brother x100, but great build quality. If the sensor is half as good as the x100 it is a hit. First impressions are v good.

Fuji have quite a few sample images on their website. It's definitely not DSLR-level, but still very impressive.
The problem I perceive locally (South Africa), is that there are always good deals on end-of-range DSLR starter kits, for eg. Canon 550D (T2i) with kit lens, bag & SD-card ($625). We pay about 25% more locally over the B&H price for a camera like this, so at $750 it's going to take a while yet.

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On Fujifilm X10 Hands-on Preview (425 comments in total)

If it goes in my shirt pocket, it's going home! I was aiming at the Canon S100, but this looks as if it will clinch the deal, especially with the hot shoe and the looks!

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The blue is nice, the other two IMO really don't suit the retro character of the cam.

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On Nikon V1 and J1 Hands-on Preview (151 comments in total)

I don't really understand the prime movers mentioned above in the argument in favour of this camera system over a DSLR!
1. Complexity: Quite frankly if you earn enough to spend $1000+ on a camera, how can you be concerned with "complexity"? The "simplicity" of this camera is definitely not reflected in the price, as a D5100 is far cheaper!
2. Size: it either fits in a shirt pocket or it doesn't. This clearly doesn't!
If the mirrorless fraternity are aiming at the "the best camera you own, is the one you have with you", they better start fitting them into the space-availables of typical cellular devices. IMO, anything larger than a CanonS100 or similar, does not qualify on the size spec.
Furthermore this system compromises on many important technical features compared to a DSLR: small sensor, no optical VF, etc, whilst still demanding a totally uncompromising price tag!

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fabgo: Not like Canon to announce vaporware like this, almost half a year before release. And where are the sample photos? Does this camera even exist yet?

Two stops higher ISO than the D3s -and- a 50% higher pixel count. I really want to see some examples of what this beast can do.

I agree! I would presume that there is still a tremendous amount of development work to be done on this system, as the lack of sample photos probably belies the fact that there is no built/tested prototype as yet? I would also like to see some examples!

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Also think this is a pointless exercise at the price!

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Pity that a reputable manufacturer of photographic equipment has sunken to this level! Have they become bored?

In my humble opinion, photography is something that appeals to a certain type of individual who has a strong sense of nostalgia. I love the look of a camera, and the PEN's, X100's, Q-series, etc. embody that spirit of nostalgia for me. Of course, I don't care much for pink, purple, blue, etc. camera bodies (only silver & black), but that doesn't come close to this abomination! If it cost only 0.1% of the price quoted above, I still wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!

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asdfsky: To all who are screaming about Auto ISO, I thought that the photographer is always smarter than the camera, I was shock to know there are so many people who let the camera decided what ISO to choose for you. Come one, go and buy the camera, don't be a paper shooter.

BTW, I did buy the X100 and I love it. The best camera I bought so far in term of innovation, fun to use, and the quality of the photos. I also have 5D MKII and 1D MK IV for my Pro use.

I guess if you can afford two high end DSLR cameras, buying this quirky toy isn't a biggie. I think if this camera gets a major update on the electronics to match its brilliant mechanics (maybe also even a dual core processor like the new PEN's), it will probably be a great little camera.

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On Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (279 comments in total)
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John Cal: The look grows on you, Leica..ish. If it had Leica on the tag everyone would be marveling at the miniature brilliance and style of this new system. Let's wait and see the image quality before we burn Pentax at stake. This may be a winner lets wait and see.

The look is about the only thing that's great about it! The $800 price tag kills it in its tracks. There are hundreds of better options in that price range!

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On Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (279 comments in total)

They way I see it, is that Qwntm' s checklist will only be complete once someone is able to get close-to current APS-C/micro-four-thirds performance on 1/2.3" sensor size. Sensor quality will improve, and at some stage P&S cameras will be capable of good performance. Pentax can then capitalize on experience gained here to maintain this niche.

I think it a bold move from Pentax, but will bear fruit only on one very major condition: PRICE! The modern tendency is to make these "mirrorless" cameras too expensive. In South Africa very few people buy them , and their second hand value tends to be on the low side. This large-sensor mirrorless sector is thus already a definite FAIL here. If Pentax can do this body for sub-$400, BUT also add a plastic body (similar to entry level DSLR material) for say $200 - $250, they should be set to go somewhere! This last point is critical, as I think they did it wrong way round! If they can't, this niche-attempt will probably end up an epic FAIL!

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