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On Connect post Apple releases 8GB version of iPhone 5c (35 comments in total)

I have both a 16Gb 5C and a 32Gb Galaxy S3. Both are great devices, but if they weren't on contract and I had to choose between the two I'd take the less expensive one. If I had to choose between an 8Gb 5C and a 32Gb S3 at the same price I'd take the S3. I'm thus doubtful if this move by Apple will do much to boost sales because 8Gb really isn't sufficient for a relatively advanced handset such as this.

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brendon1000: For all those who incorrectly think that this is JUST a rebadged Rebel T3 (550D) please DONT !!!!

The T3 has the following advantages over the T5

- 1040k screen vs 460k screen (much more resolution).

- Larger viewfinder (0.87x mag vs 0.8x mag).

- Far more powerful built in flash (13m guide no vs 9 m guide no).

- 4 fps vs 3 fps

- Has a spot meter. The 1200 lacks a spot meter

- Lower price than the 1200.

That said the A1200 has many many advantages over the 550D.

- 480g vs 530g (Now you won't get tired of using the camera as its MUCH lighter than the 550D).

- Larger capacity (Shoots 60 shots more per charge than the 550D)

- MUCH MUCH higher model no (1200 vs a measly 550).

I think the 3rd point clinches it in favor of the 1200D.

Unless Canon changes the name of the 550D to 1250D, the 1200D wins over the 550D in my book as I don't think anyone would want to be caught with a lower end model like 550D when the 1200D is selling for the same price. (Sorry much cheaper price).

It was the same with the Rebel T3 vs the T1i here in South Africa. Stock availability seems to lag release windows of some models at times making previous non-entry-level cameras a better buy than the latest most basic level model. I've advised a few first time buyers to take note of this possibility prior to making their purchase.

On a side note I'd think inclusion of a variant of the newer Digic5 processor may make a more compelling motivation for a new entry level camera over a higher level slightly dated model. Surely they can add it to a DSLR if it's already implemented in a range of their P&S models?

On the model number: You'd have to be crazy to be caught with an EOS 1D at 10x the price. I mean there isn't even an EOS 0D model below it ;-)

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On Connect post LG launches LG G Pro 2 phablet with 4k video (27 comments in total)
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Martin_PTA: Even the G2 I is a very cool handset!

Unfortunately that ultra-narrow bezel on the east/west borders of the display is the downfall of the device. Without added rubber/gel case protection, the first time G2-user can budget an extra $200 for a new screen/glass. The LG warranty also doesn't match that of Samsung (in South Africa at least).

A friend dropped his (apparently from no higher than 3-4 inches) and got this unpleasant surprise. The rest of the plastic on the handset doesn't show the slightest evidence of the drop, indicating that it couldn't have been from a significant height.

He's never used a protective cover on any of his prior handsets though, but after the recent costly experience he has little choice.

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On Connect post LG launches LG G Pro 2 phablet with 4k video (27 comments in total)

Even the G2 I is a very cool handset!

Unfortunately that ultra-narrow bezel on the east/west borders of the display is the downfall of the device. Without added rubber/gel case protection, the first time G2-user can budget an extra $200 for a new screen/glass. The LG warranty also doesn't match that of Samsung (in South Africa at least).

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On Connect post Apple debuts new iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display (82 comments in total)
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jcmarfilph: Hotly anticipated? Yawn, just another addition to crippled iTabs from Apple.

Many exposures to this kind of comment held me desperately clinging to Android for over two years. I perceived Apple affinity to be no more than exaggerated patriotic American loyalism. Even through the many hours of fiddling, tweaking and Android housekeeping apps evaluations, I still kept clinging to the Google O/S. It was the dismal show of Samsung in my country who just couldn't roll out an update seven months after its international release (& still can't) who eventually pushed me into the Apple camp. Although early days, I have no regrets (yet). As far as I'm concerned it's the Android tabs that are crippled by what seems to be a lack of optimal integration between O/S & H/W. I cannot comment on the latest Android devices, and if they haven't done so already I hope Google & their h/w manufacturers find each other & realize long term survival relies on joint ownership of overall product quality. In the meantime I think I'll enjoy my new iPad! iPhone now made the shopping list!

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On Connect post Apple debuts new iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display (82 comments in total)
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BigBen08: Apple's memory pricing is still pretty steep. Going from 16GB to 128GB will cost you $300.

This is my only major gripe with the brand too, and starting life as an Android user it's a hugely frustrating experience! I'm sure they can halve this cost and add a micro-SD slot as well. The present pricing model makes buying a Macbook a more sensible buy than a 128 iPad.

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On article Camera shipments continue to fall (133 comments in total)
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peevee1: "A little more surprising, though, are the year-on-year declines in shipments of DSLR and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, both down around 18.5% in the first half of 2013 compared to last year. "

It should be understood that about half of the DSLR market (more in many countries) is Canon Rebel of verious generations. The latest generation in T5i and SL1 brought NOTHING worth upgrading over the previous 3 or so generations. Almost all of the rest of the market consists of Nikon D3xxx, Nikon D5x00 and Canon 60D, none of which was updated in the first half of 2013, so their sales taper off also. Basically, it is a very boring market, the rest of the DSLR cameras being in the noise in terms of shipments.

I agree! I've had a T1i for a few years and to date I cannot justify the cost of upgrading within the Rebel series. On paper the EOS 70D really appeals to me, but if there isn't a more significant improvement in low light performance, I cannot justify the cost of a system upgrade as a hobby photographer. At this point, I'd rather just buy the new Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 lens in stead.

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Reviewers are complaining! As it's not free, I'll wait for at least a 4-star rating before I buy it.

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On Connect post iFixit tears into the Samsung Galaxy S4 (55 comments in total)
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danijel973: The removable batteries are generally preferrable but generally speaking, I would be satisfied knowing that a battery *can* be replaced at a dealership or a service center. It's not such a big deal if it *can* be replaced at all. But if it can't, then it's a big no-no.

Couldn't agree more! A fixed built-in battery to me is a deal-breaker. If I cannot replace the battery myself I don't take the phone, period!

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On article Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 review (306 comments in total)
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johnparas11zenfoliodotcom: with its size.. I might as well just buy a Nikon D5200.. :-) although it will be reversed..better still and so-so video ? ;-)

I'd seriously consider this type of camera system as a DSLR replacement, but I'd have to evaluate the EVF claim in the review summary myself first. If it indeed has a distinct color cast & poor optics, that will be my deal breaker! On the same budget I'll then buy the Nikon D7100.

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On Connect post Samsung goes big with Galaxy Mega phablets (31 comments in total)

I've been living with a Note I as my primary communication device for 18 months now. Functionally it's a great device, but size-wise it is marginal. Even 3mm wider would be the deal-breaker for me because then it won't fit into a denim or shirt pocket any longer, which is my criteria for defining the "phablet" concept. I presume I'll consider these new devices to be small tablets!

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cgarrard: $1,100 for the Nikon A? I was liking a lot about the specs till I read that part.... um whoa. Guess Nikon is going for those who like the RX1 but not the price, but still... The Ricoh GRD IV is 28mm fixed, with really good image quality for less than half that price.

The P330 looks appealing, nice zoom range, bright aperture, decent sized sensor (I'm a fan of the 1 1/7" sized sensors), and much better price as well I'm sure.

Add to that the view finder, adapter ring & hood, and you can almost buy two d7000 bodies! I suppose this flood of new devices packaged in every conceivable format & size help sell more sensors, which in turn aid in lowering productions costs. I hope they sell many, but I won't be one of the buyers!

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On Connect post Luxi turns your smartphone into incident light meter (44 comments in total)
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mr_ewok: Luxi turns your smartphone into incident light meter.... an Android version is not anticipated.

would be nice if there stands "iphone" instead of smartphone!

Agreed! I wouldn't have wasted my time opening the article.

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On Connect post HTC One: Is it the ultimate camera phone? (78 comments in total)
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Digitall: I had an HTC and not want any more. HTC is poor in after sales service and troubleshooting software. My experience.

Can't agree with you more! I'm still stuck with an HTC Flyer 3G tablet on a 2-year contract, and I promised myself never another HTC product again after my contract expires!

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On photo a yosemite sunrise in the Classic HDR Landscape challenge (6 comments in total)

Brilliant work of art!

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Polaroid seem to be good at announcing, but poor on delivering!

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It may be expensive but 3G connectivity should expose it to the contract data cellular market, and thus make it way more affordable to a larger group of potential buyers!

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I don't see the lens and sensor size being the main issue in trying to get the cost down. The Sony RX100 sells for $180 more than the Canon Rebel T3 with an 18-55mm kit lens! The IQ-gap may be filled by a 1" sensor, but the price "consternation" still remains! I think the biggest challenge lies rather in optimizing the overall design to a more competitive price. I would typically want my DSLR to last 6 years, but I'd be happy if I can get 3 out of a P&S.

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On article Just Posted: Sony Alpha NEX-5R hands-on preview (127 comments in total)
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NomadMark: I get a kick out of most who complain about the size as well, to be honest. While a nice flat pancake might be nice, even with the Kit 18-55mm or Zeiss 24mm, the camera is still so light. I own a 5Dmk2 and 7D along side a slew of lenses, and I love them, but they are a task to carry around ALL THE TIME. I bought a Nex7 a few months ago, and for real, I ALWAYS have it. I never miss an opportunity. I have a super small fossil "man purse" (lol) that I've grown used to carrying. It always has the body and 3 lenses in it; The Sigma 19, 30, and Zeiss Planar 50mm f2. Size wise, this equates to the size of my 5D body, alone, with no lenses...maybe less. Or, I can strole out of the house with the camera and one lens around my neck for the whole day and never notice it's there and there is no issue with handelling. Even with the kit lens, or the Zeiss 50mm I own, the camera is light enough to rest on one left hand finger while held in the right. There is zero issue with balance for me.

The 5D is larger than the Rebel series? I know the 7D is huge!

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On article Nikon Coolpix S800c Android camera first look (103 comments in total)
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Cheezr: Kudos to Nikon for being first with the next gen compact.
Who woulda thunk it?

As far as I'm aware, the SCH-W880 was only sold in Korea. The Polaroid SC1630 I've only seen in write-ups dating back to Feb. 2012. Neither of these products can be found on B&H's website. In my opinion thus Nikon is the first company to actually deliver, as you can pre-order your S800c as we speak!

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