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Zvonimir Tosic: Efina is intended for the gentler sex. They represent more than 50% of overall population and yes, they too love cameras but not necessarily overcomplicated or black ones. It's the same group Fuji has designed XF-1 for.
Efina is not for hairy beasts like us ;-)

Zvonimit Tosic is correct, straylight run my reply to you is: stupid much?

This camera is OBVIOUSLY being directed towards the female crowd that does not know anything about cameras, to get them to buy a nice feminine looking camera.
While men woh do not know anything about cameras would NEVER buy them selfs a PINK camera with a flower pattern, must of them choose silver, black or white.

This is marketed TO women by the manufacturer, the fact that Tosic pointed that out does NOT make him sexist, it just means he is pointing out how MARKETING works and is done.

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xarcex: Bold move! Good on you Sun-Times, good on you.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, a photo is just a photo and, of course, a bad workman blames his tools, so if you're a good photographer you can even use a disposable camera and you'll get good results. People should stop caring so much about insignificant labels, such as "mobile photography" and should start focusing on actual results. DSLRs will never beat neither versatility nor practicality of smartphones.

Times are changing. I'm just saying...

Xarcex thanks for proving idiots still exist (talking about you if you dis not get that "hint"), now i got a smile on my face that will last a day.

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When i read the sun times plan to make everyone use an iphone as a camera i EXPLODED in laughter, thanks sun times, you have proven to be a bigger joke than the onion, even they could NOT make such stupid stuff up, good luck and see you in bankruptcy in about oh i say five years.

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On BlackBerry's back: Z10 camera review post (26 comments in total)
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Tom Goodman: I'd like to amend the now famous maxim that "the best camera you own is the one you have with you" to read "the best camera...except those built into cellphones."

If you plan on repeating chase jarvis's famous line, then please at least get it f*****g right!

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On Nikon UK offers summer cashback on 1 system cameras article (50 comments in total)

The idea behind the cameras was good, they look alright on the outside, the image quality and focus speed leave something to be desired but that PRICE POINT?! OUCH!

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On Nikon UK offers summer cashback on 1 system cameras article (50 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: The fastest focusing EVIL/mirrorless camera just got cheaper. Good news for everyone that needs a small camera for all their action shots.

Fastest focus? I believe the OM-D STRONGLY disagrees with you there, its as fast as an entry level DSLR.

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Petka: We will see more of this coming. More video, less quality, more reader iPhone pictures. Cheaper, faster, no fixed costs. I am glad I am only 4 years from retirement with 35 years of press photography experience. I lived the best times, and now when digital photography made things even better for us and the reading public, it killed the trade also.

Sadly I agree that it killed the trade. However I use both digital and film and I am finding myself to enjoy film more which is ironic but the costs of it is to high for me to go "guns blazing" through several films a month.

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mervis50: If people could just resist sending in free content to media websites, but that's never gonna happen.

I have offered photos but it was when I was the ONLY person to see it happen, for example the irony of an Emergency Rescue Helicopter performing an EMERGENCY landing. The media companies said "great send them to us this will be a good story" and my question was "how much do you want to pay for them?" they instantly went "we don't need them so no thanks"

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Maverick_: This is the beginning of the end for print. Print as we know it will be dead in 3 years and cell phone photography will be the new standard.

REALLY?! What fantasy world do you live in? You are WAY OFF. Have you ever worked in print? I have, it is alive and well my friend. And cellphone photography is the standard for people who know NOTHING about photography & will remain that way for 20 years to come.

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jkoch2: Nothing to fear! The photogs who got the boot can all become prosperous, glamorous free-lancers, just like thousands of wannabes who also imagine they are about to be prosperous and glamorous.

Therein, folks, lies the formula: with so many stooges hoping to make a debut, or work for nothing, why shouldn't employers adopt a payment method akin to sharecropping or landscaping?

Public sanitation offers more stability and benefits.

jkoch2 I don't know if you can read or actually read the article but more than one of the photographers has won a PULLITZER, When is the las time you won one? OH! You have not? Well isn't this ironic? An idiot nobody is calling PROFESSIONALS who are BETTER than him "noobs". You have got a LOT to learn son I think you might be better off NOT pretending to be a photographer.

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On Is this the new Leica 'Mini M'? article (369 comments in total)
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vroger1: If in fact....here we go again. They make what THEY like, instead of what we need and want. APS-C ? I'll stick with my micro 4/3 GX1, or my G1X if I want a slow lens when I zoom it out. If Panasoic can make a FZ200 with a 2.8 Leica Branded Lens which does not lose aperture as it zooms out. Leica is fooling everyone....again. VRR

Waiting to get my gx1 saw it for cheap on bhphoto (250$) without a lens, which is how many times cheaper than a leica? Wont bother calculating. But if i were filthy rich i would want to give the normal leica m a try, but im not rich so ill pass plus i doubt the difference in image quality is worth 12 gx1's in price.

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On What The Duck #1390 article (41 comments in total)
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candleJack: WTD as a whole is very funny. I can see it not reaching everybody's standard for free internet humor, but I for one love Mr. Duck and his antics.

PS: Wanna see useless photography related material (that's supposed to be funny)? Check out digitalrev on youtube.

you just dont get digital revs humor. not theyre or our fault that you lack good taste when it comes to comedy.

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What P*SSES ME OFF here are the Mo**ons who are trying to tell the CREATOR that he is wrong, what do you plan to do NEXT? Tell Subaru how to say "impreza" or claim Einstein to be wrong? I would LOVE to see you debate it in the same "quality" debate you have here which is "its gif not jif, why? because i said so"

No, no it is not. You are NOT the inventor nor do you write the dictionary, in fact let's debate ALL The words in the dictionary and B*itch and moan about them as well. Let's go against an ENTIRE language just because we don't think the CREATORS of said Language are right.

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ncsakany: Hard G. End of story.

No not end of story! What next? Do you want to tell Beethoven how to pronounce the 9th symphony or how to play it? Or maybe tell einstein his theory is wrong? your a fool who has NOTHING to debate here, do tell us then is it "Mazda" or "masta" ? Toyota or "toyhota" ?

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BobORama: Who has voluntarily used a GIF in the last decade anyway?

As far as hard vs soft "G" he's wrong, its hard G. Any other pronunciation makes you look like a moron. Perhaps we can start calling JPG's Gee-Pegs.

-- Bob

Yes and Einstein is wrong on his theory, now go prove that.
Also prove how car manufacturers should call "tesla with a mr T sounding t or soft T. Go on with your ignorance.

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Mattersburger: Q: How do you spell fish?

A: ghoti

f= gh, as in "enough"
i = o, as in "women"
sh = ti, as in "nation"

Easy as that.

Oh, by the way, it's GIF, not JIF. Computer wizards NEVER think anything through all the way.

Oh by the way HE INVENTED it he can call it WHATEVER THE F he wants!

Btw "mattersburger" is spelled "assburger" why? because I said so so F u.

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JamesMortimer: I don't care what he calls it - it will always be hard G GIF..

I don't care what your name is but I shall call you "JAES" that will always be your correct name.

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micahmedia: I've been pronouncing it with a hard G since BBS days. I'm not the only one. Usually when I hear someone say "jif" it's a nerd who gets humiliated right quick.

I did at one point learn that a soft G was technically correct, but after trying to pronounce it like that and realizing that nobody knew what I was saying, I went back to the hard G and never looked back.

So you humiliate someone who is more intelligent than you.. nice, we now know who the bully in school was.

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sean000: I don't care if he invented the GIF... "JIF" still sounds wrong. Is the 'G' sound in "Graphic Interchange Format" a soft 'G'? No! You don't say "Jiraphic Interchange format," so why would you say "JIF?"

I think Mr. Wilhite has a sadistic, yet patient, tendency. He waits 25 years to settle the debate, only to say that the least logical option is the correct one. Grrr

it may sound wrong to you but you did not invent it so you don't get to choose what is the correct way, just like you don't get to choose how "hello" is supposed to be said.

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NevilN: What if someone someday come to you and tell you that you, and your father, got your name wrong?

Well the irony is that people are debating with the creator, this is kind of like trying to dispute einstein's theory.

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