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  • Created discussions K-01 loud autofocus motor
    A while back I acquired a white K-01 in very good shape from ebay. It was intended to replace my yellow brick, which has a broken screen (improper packing in the case, a lens banged against it). ...
  • Well, at least dreaming about it is free.

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 Review preview

    Do you typically zoom in and pixel peep, i.e. view the images at 100% magnification on the screen? If so, you are actually viewing at a significantly higher magnification than the K-5 (because it...

  • Commented on Pentax K-3 Review preview

    For people who came here wondering how the K-3 compares to its APS-C competition (Nikon D7100 and Canon 70D), one really important point that you cannot easily gauge on the internet or by looking...

  • Actually, that pic is marked as "Converted with Digital Photo Professional" so I assume it's already been converted from RAW, with highlights/shadows improved as much as possible.

  • Actually, that pic is marked as "Converted with Digital Photo Professional" so I assume it's already been converted from RAW, with highlights/shadows improved as much as possible. Jeff, is that the...

  • Despite being Amazon, the actual seller must not be an official distributor for that price. I'm always afraid to buy from grey market sellers because officially they would not have a valid ...
  • At f/2.8 @ 20mm, it's slightly outside of your desired aperture, but still worth a look. I played around with one at Yodobashi camera in Japan this week and it seems like a really well-built lens.
  • I had not heard that. My FA 50mm 1.4 has lasted 6 years without such a problem.
  • Congratulations -- very well-deserved. Interesting perspective. And nice processing, too. I noticed a few other Pentax pics among the top in this challenge (#3 and #7).
  • This isn't a lens problem. This is a low-quality jpeg problem. It's a digital artifact from making the file size extremely small. Do you have your jpeg quality settings at only 1 star in the ...
  • The screen looks broken.

  • The image makes the screen look broken.

  • I went from K10D (which was a good first DSLR but autofocus and anything above ISO 500 were not so good) to K-7 (better features and autofocus, but slightly WORSE IQ than K10D), to K-5 (fantastic ...
  • It took forever, but K-01 was just recently added. I'm think K-3 is a much greater commercial success, so I would guess flickr ends up adding it significantly faster.
  • "most dust particles are actually caused by people replacing their lenses. These can be easily cleaned using a high-quality blower. "

    Maybe you're right, Nikon issued this service bulletin because...

  • If you are concerned about dust due to shooting in a dusty place (e.g. you live in arid environment or are outdoors a lot), why not go for a weatherproof camera such as Pentax K-50? It has dust ...
  • You probably should consider that K-x bodies are going for ~$150-200 on ebay (~$200-250 with a lens). That may be similar to the repair cost ($200-$250?). But if you are attached to this ...
  • It does have good low light performance. It was discontinued after a huge cheap sell-off, so at this point the prices have actually come up due to scarcity (and the sell-off price was really too ...
  • I actually use K-01 more than K-5 due to compactness for traveling. I'd highly recommend it as long as you know what its strengths and weaknesses are. It's amazing for street, landscape, macro, ...
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