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On Nikon D750 real-world samples gallery posted article (346 comments in total)
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PowerG9atBlackForest: That photograph with the seemingly happy young lady and the painted horse on the beach may meet the comtemporary feeling of modern good life today but from an equestrian (and photographic) point of view it is a no-go.

NEVER use a wide-angle lens for photographing a horse! Unevitably, it will disturb the otherwise harmonic proportions of the animal.

The way the horse moves and (because) the lady takes her seat (as she takes it) she must feel uncomfortable while bumping up and down.

I know this is how today's photographers who do not know about horses usually take pictures - easy and cool but profoundly improper. Sadly, it is the expression which counts.

It seems that young people are less bothered about the wide angle distortion and/or different PP manipulations than the us the temporally impaired. To everyone his/her/its taste.

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On Nikon D750 real-world samples gallery posted article (346 comments in total)

What a beautiful set of technically impeccable pictures. Whether the photographer could do the same with other brands remains a mystery but most certainly this is the best kind of publicity you could give to the new Nikon.
Nothing like the usual pixel peepers studies of their amazing cat on the keyboard not to mention a brick wall. Joy and pleasure to watch these good time shots!

Hurry up, Canon, launch the 5D IV or I sell all my glass and switch to Nikon!
(Then you will be sorry) I might even get me a hoss...

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Just Ed: For years I have been hearing about the pending demise of Apple, now the demise of Canon is predicted by the opinionated DP nerds. I should buy some Canon stock, my Apple shares over the last six years have allowed me to by a 27" iMac, two iPads , pay off my SUV and buy a Canon 6D with 24-70 f/4 and I still have more money than the original stock investment. Starbucks is doing fine also, but unfortunately I sold their stock when they came out with VIA, silly me!!!

Yes, my dear DP nerds:

Canon is dead
Apple is dead
Nikon is dead
Starbuck's has instant coffee

Somehow I think they know how to run their own businesses.

Apple flopped with the Newton in a big way because the time was not ripe, the components were to big and there was no infrastructure where it could have functioned according to its capabilities. It had all the elements of the first smartphone, ever.

Apple nearly capsized when Steve Jobs was kicked out. When he came back, the success story got another chapter or two. Thanks to Steve Jobs's visions and persistence we now have our various brands of iPhones and Macbooks that are hard to tell from the original unless you get close enough to read the logo.

Canon has been a game changer. AE-1 introduced digital processing to cameras. You might not remember the impact it made. Minolta and Olympus tried out the autofocus SLR:s but failed. EOS was another story as it was actually fast enough for sports action.

There is nothing there to keep from buying brands that fulfil one's needs better than Canon. It is sort of amusing. "We want an Olympus 4/3 made by Canon". Why, exactly?

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ProfHankD: Yes, Canon has been serious about mirrorless in that the EOS-M is grossly inferior to their DSLRs only in AF speed and ergonomics. The problem is that it isn't compelling against models from Sony, Olympus, Fuji, Samsung, etc. Canon was once an innovator, but not lately, and they have a long way to go to make a compelling mirrorless. For example, I don't think a 7D Mark II with an EF-M mount would be a very compelling mirrorless, and it has been years since Canon's sensors gave them an real edge over those made by Sony.

I buy lots of Canon cameras, mostly PowerShots to use with CHDK, but also an occasional higher model to use with Magic Lantern. Ironically, both those environments are conspicuously not aided or supported by Canon. I think it is long overdue that Canon should encourage, and actively leverage, this type of external innovation.

I imagine Canon did take a serious look at the concept of mirrorless and the materials they had available at the moment and made a test shot with their M-series.

They know better than anyone of us what kind of technologies are in the pipeline and when they would be ripe for commercial utilisation. The components that they have at hand now are completely different than 5 years back.

Now they can launch something that could actually make a difference in the digital camera market. Another question, will they do it or will they protect the product lines already there.

It was not a coincidence that both Nikon and Canon mentionet FF sensor mirrorless fast enough for sports action. So let's just go out and shoot and let those guys do their job. They are the best in the business.

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TheDreamingWatchman: "But we have a solution with the optional Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E7A"
Yeah, that's nice for Canon. For me - not so much!
I will most certainly not pay $850 just for Wi-Fi.
get a WiFi capable SD card at less than 100 dollars and start complaining about something else.

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I like Maeda-san.
His focus is on the bottom line and he is known for making radical moves when necessary. Decisions that concern tens of thousands of employers...a scale I cannot even imagine. I like his irony. The interviewer must have felt quite small at times.
It is not in his manners to step forward to do pep talk. Something bigger than usual upgrades is cooking at Canon's. Will it make me sell my 5DIII and all the beautiful glass I got? Time will tell.

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On Sony a5100 First Impressions Review preview (605 comments in total)
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Johnnie: If you are interested shooting videos with the new Sony A5100, I hope you will take a moment watching my video sample and read my review here:



Beautiful result. It was quite a rig you were using there. What would be the reason not to use a dedicated video camera instead of this monster? I am asking this for a reason...
Your review is well worth reading. Thank you. Keep up your excellent work, please.
Respect. martti-s

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I can put my RX100II on a pole and control it with my smartphone.
It might be easy if you had three hands. Maybe I did not practice enough.
Next thing, they will launch a dedicated viewing and storage unit...
Is there a market?
People are crazy, I place no bets.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II Review preview (511 comments in total)

Got mine brand new for a really nice price as shops are getting rid of the 'old' stock. How many times did the review mention "shooting experience"-? It made me giggle. Personally, I get my kicks from the stuff I see uploaded on the screen.
Well, to each and every one of the reasons for choosing a camera are personal. I was looking for something pocketable to produce 'acceptable' picture quality. (5D III gives me all the "shooting experience" I want and a discal hernia on the deal).

On the negative side: The box had a very cheap feel to it and the manual is of no help at all. does But there are Kindle version guides for sale on Amazon at 10 dollars. Money well spent. An extra battery and an external charger are still on my shopping list and a protective case.

If this thing lasts in outdoors use is a question to be answered. Then again, I can buy a new one for the price of repairing a Canon L lens....

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On Canon EOS-1D X overview article (361 comments in total)

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On Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art Lab Test Review preview (567 comments in total)

Nearly a thousand dollars for a 'normal' lens that weighs over 0.8 kilos.
People absolutely want it...I'll bet that there will be quite a few of these marvels on eBay pretty soon.

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On F1.4_IMG_6289-ACR photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (5 comments in total)

A beautiful shot with nice, balanced colours, a beautiful subject and excellent technique.

Until recently, I have avoided shooting at full aperture because I really did not manage to put the focus where I wanted to. It turned out that my old 24-70 had suffered some physical damage somewhere along the line which explained my difficulties. Upgrade from 5D II to 5D III helped a lot, also.

I would like to know how you focus your shots. Do you select the point manually and shoot 'one shot', use the central point or how do you go about it?

I would appreciate your answer.

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An interesting thought: Will there be an "ART" camera body out soon?
A total re-think, an antigadgetarian fotographer's camera that looks, feels and functions like a real thing while remaining within the reach of people who live off their salary.

Like the red dot stuff but without the costly logo.
They just might...

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