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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1035 comments in total)

A fine FF camera. State-of-the art, too, for at least the next six months. Had Nikon engineered the D750 to shoot 4k video from a cropped area of the sensor, plust IBIS, it might have qualified for a 12-month reign, at least.

Po' folk with a stake in both stills and video can't upgrade very often. 4k is s superior tool, even for 1080p video, and anyone who tastes it is reluctant to consider the limits of 1080p for capture, any more than a still photographer would accept only 2mp resolution.

Perhaps Nikon will offer 4k first in its 1" V/J series, to test interest, before deploying it in the FF models, whose disciples include a stodgy cadre of "bah-humbug" videophobes.

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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1035 comments in total)
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Gesture: Nikon doesn't have to sell the most cameras in the world, just be profitable with what it does best.

Where have you seen Leica's financial reports? SFAIK, none of the four private companies that share the name post results for public perusal.

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On Canon announces EOS C100 Mark II article (278 comments in total)
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arc1791: I just don't understand how any successful video camera manufacturer would choose to presume that consumers (which drive all professional content, after all) don't want 4K everything, especially after seeing for over a half-decade just how crappy their old SD resolution video (of any level of quality) looks compared to1080p.

Don't they realize that 4K displays have been on sale all year long, and that as costs come down, adoption will only hasten? Most Americans, for example, will have at least one 4K display, be it a TV, computer display, smartphone screen, etc. That's going to happen within a year or so. Don't video content creators want to keep their consumers happy? (1 of 2)

4k is a superior tool for producing 1080p video. The downsampled results look better, and one can crop and pan 4k video without IQ loss when viewed as 1080p. No need to await 4k displays. All still cameras offer resolution above 4k display capacity already.

Panasonic, Samsung, and smart phones are getting on board with 4k. Sony is half-way there too. Canon or Nikon? Either drain the wallet or wait until 2017.

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On Starstruck: Adam Woodworth's nighttime photography article (43 comments in total)
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makofoto: Forgot to ask him about the Sony A7S. It would be amazing to see what he could do with it!

None of the images posted have resolution over 1000x667. Unless one crops the heavens, or makes prints of astronomic size, 12 megapixels should be more than enough.

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photo_rb: I have been looking at the rules and I cannot find any reference to photo manipulation being disallowed. Can we assume this is an "anything goes" contest?

Also Rule #4.1.3 says not to put any identifying information in the photos. Does that mean in the visual content or does it mean not to put anything in the metadata either?

Thanks for any replies!

Perhaps Rule #4.1.3 means that the magicians need not divulge their tricks. I doubt any rule against "manipulation" could be easily defined or enforced. The balloon shot probably depicts Namibia, but the time of day, composition, cropping, lens choice, shutter speed, ISO, or PS retouching (layers, saturation, etc) all involve human selection or operation of some sort. Academy Awards and Nobel Prizes seldom go to works that don't exude at least a big dallop of fiction or special effects. Even the sciences model, rather than depict, reality.

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Caption for "Desert Dawn" with balloon: "Huh. And you were soooo sure you knew where we were going!"

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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (153 comments in total)
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JRFlorendo: Hopefully these FW updates will find its way to professional sporting events like FIFA, NFL, MLB, F1,.....as of now you'll find large majority of A77 bodies in high school gyms used by high schoolers and soccer moms, unlike 7D II, no road rage please, I'm just stating facts. But hey, A77 II has super uber butt kicking sensor right, HOORAY!

High schoolers and soccer moms who buy are better clients than aging tightwads who don't. However, some prefer brands that, instead of offering FW updates, simply offer $2k replacement bodies, which loyalists pay to beta test, every two years.

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abi170845: And how would I go about having that place to myself as long as I want to get the shot? Only pros are allowed? Give me the place to my self for 5 days and nights, don't bother me and I'll get the shots. But?

Shouldn't the tribes claim a share of Mr. Lik's fortune? Or has he donated it to an Aboriginal foundation?

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Anonymous Ladies and Gents: Today our celebrated auction house has three masterworks on the block. The celebrated artist recently sold works for $10 million, which breaks a record set only days ago. The market is hot! Buy soon or be sorry.

The first two works are of a cat sleeping. Opening minimum bid: $100,000, which is only 1% of the proven potential value. A bargain! So phone your anonymous island connections to get the encrypted transfer orders ready.

The opening minimum bid for the third offering is $500k, since it is bound to be a winner. Subject and title: "Man Laughing."

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I buy your photo for $4 million. Then you buy mine for $5 million. Then we swap our photos with "private investor" for $12 million, also on credit, to exhibit the photos in a gallery. Meanwhile, on the side, handsome properties exchange hands for lowball prices, and assessments get reduced. The IOUs cancel out. Net cash exchanged? Very little. Then auction day comes, and bidders get excited about the excellent investment returns and bid eight figure sums. Oh, and will the seller accept a small security deposit, with the balance covered (on paper) by title to a sand dune and (why need the IRS know?) an indemnity secured by an Curaçao fund with an account in Vaduz.

Real money eventually comes into the equation, but the smart money does not get stuck in the art itself. The photo may end up hanging in a museum, for all to see for free or a small fee, but the precedent does boost opportunities for royalties and sales.

Not a market for ordinary folks.

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To pretend not to be lured to aerial photography or video is no more credible than to claim not to wish to fly.

People don't get the things to spy on neighbors. They would be very unsuitable for that: too noisy, too difficult to navigate, and so on. As a public hazard or nuissance, they are unlikely to cause a fraction as much trouble as fireworks, dog bites, sports injuries, ladders, motorcycles, skateboards, or even bicycles. Ordinances already restrict any wreckless use or traffic hazard posed by almost any device.

A smart investor in such devices will probably take the trouble to get certification as an instructure, then make money marketing the goods and instructing realtors and other businesses.

The biggest "con" against drones is the risk that the $$$ investment plummet into the water, hang in the trees, or crash or lose power over some inaccessible ravine or enclosure. This will deter most from buying one, and also deter those that do from doing risky or stupid things.

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Paul Kersey Photography: can't wait for the warm weather so I can harass people with this. Seriously though, regulating usage of these devices is a must, or need I start shooting them outa the sky?

Careful, Cane, why trust your brother Abel (Priaptor) to be your keeper? He is jealous and vows violence against those he envies.

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On Behind the Shot: Dali's Dream article (101 comments in total)
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fmian: I don't think I've ever seen a trapezoidal doorway in real life...

All doors appear trapezoidal, unless viewed from two specific symmetric points. Any door I build will be trapezoidal, and only appear rectangular from two skewed points. The door will have to be sanded or else stick.

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On Behind the Shot: Dali's Dream article (101 comments in total)

Airfare is about $1,850 from my location to Windhoek, Namibia, by way of JHN. Friends might expect me to return with tales and photos of the Kalahari, or maybe a saga of noble tribesmen, thirsty elephants and hand-fights with baboons. Shots of a derelict building, on the other hand, might make them suspicious. Couldn't you have shot that at the old XYZ plant or ghost house down the road? Or, better yet, the abandoned asylum? One plausible defense: no, I could not, since observers would report a suspect of arson, vandalism, trespass, or perhaps copper scavenging.

In defense of the talented Mr. Marom, his objectives can't be commercial. Were that the case, he might prosper authoring coffee table books with DeMille-esque scenes of his own legendary neighborhood.

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"Try not to have the overhead of owning stuff." Very good advice! Trouble is getting someone to lend you the camera bodies, lenses, lights, audio gear, and drones to learn enough to bluff the client. But a demo portfoliio based entirely on phone camera video, carefully taken and edited, might be the best and fairest measure of what the person really knows or can do.

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On Real-world test: Going pro with the Samsung NX1 article (354 comments in total)
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Scales USA: I enjoyed seeing the video, I lived in Western Washington and got to see salmon running out my front window as a kid.

I also managed to do a lot of fishing in the ocean and around Puget sound over the years.

Its been a struggle to keep salmon runs going, they are just a tiny shadow of what they used to be.

Getting those shots in the heavily shaded areas along the creek is difficult.

Salmon running out the window? Was the door locked?

Maybe you knew Richard Brautigan. Angered a neighbor when he asked if her house was a trout stream. He could see fish swimming up the front stairs.

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On Real-world test: Going pro with the Samsung NX1 article (354 comments in total)
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nicolaiecostel: I see nothing pro about shooting some dying fish in the morning sun.

More to the point:

- what is the viewfinder lag like in low light. As far as I could see, you shot as the light kept getting better. Will I get motion sickness in real low light ?

- how is the AF in low light, in both single shot accuracy and tracking. You took some demo shots in bright light.

- what is the noise in low light ? You shot as the sun was getting high in the sky, so that's no real indicator for noise as far as I am concerned.

- what is the battery life ? Is the pro going to have to change batteries every 300 shots or it will last for thousands, like the professional cameras ?

- can we really talk about a pro contender when the camera doesn't even has a multi selector for the focus points, and you have to click the screen to change focus points quickly ?

Are you suggesting that solely because it has 15 FPS, 28 megapixels and two 2.8 weatherproofed zooms, it should be a tool for professionals ?

The off-point barb deserves an impaling.

True, tough to challenge Romanians on matters of low light photography. The land spawns so many nocturnal pros, going back to Vlad Tepes. O Korean challengers, be wary of the wrath of the House of Drăculești. But don't fear too much. They fear the light, have a hard time reading spec sheets or manuals, and don't visit stores.

The NX1 can be supplemented by a grip, which is the only way the other large cameras can shoot thousands of shot, either, without battery changes. There is a YT video that illustrates use of the multiple focus point tools.

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On Real-world test: Going pro with the Samsung NX1 article (354 comments in total)
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Vignes: only 144 comments and it's day 2. when the A7II was posted, the count was in hundreds and it hit 1000 mark within day2. This is the problem with Samsung brand, maybe they need to change their camera name to something else. Similar to Toyota with Lexus name. At the end of the day, it's all marketing and how you portray yourself in a particular market space.

The GH4 body has been cut to match the NX1. Some people recognize the imprint Samsung may attain. A D7100 owner may not chuck lenses to by an NX1, but not upgrade the body either. Anyone not compromised by lens investments, or interest in 4k, will look at the NX1 seriously.

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On Real-world test: Going pro with the Samsung NX1 article (354 comments in total)

Nice camera. Some wince at the $1,100 price of the f/2.0-2.8 50mm stabilized lens needed to do it justice. Woud the $600+ 18-200 Movie Pro be an adequate all-in-one poor man's alternative? Too bad no IBIS.

A great new paradigm for comparing high-iso low light: dead fish. Which camera furnishes the most natural macabre look? Do the AF face mode or eye detection work post-mortem? Well, perhaps that is no less unreal that judging images of bottles, manequins, toy figures, photos, or playing cards.

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UnitedNations: I was going to buy the A7s next weekend for strictly night street photography.
After seeing this news, I ask:
What is the point of getting the A7s now if the low light shooting ability in the A7II is improved 4.5 stops due to the IBIS?
I am a little confused about Sony's marketing intentions. What camera shoudl I buy?
Can someone more knowledgeable than me please explain? thanks...

Sony will let people savor the dark, while it lasts, before announcing the A7sII. 4k likely to remain in the shadow, though.

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