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hey Samyang,
Thanks for releasing this awesome lens, kindly release the "10mm 1:2.8 ED AS UMC CS" you announced last year


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On article First impressions of the Pentax K50 and K500 (85 comments in total)

I liked the _non-traditional_ design of k-30 better, they should have stuck to it. I was also expecting a newer sensor by this time, (not that the 5 years old sensor is bad by any standard)

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On article Pentax offers K-30 in a variety of colors and finishes (118 comments in total)

no shocking pink? digitalrevtv would still have to paint one themselves

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On Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i Hands-on Preview (148 comments in total)
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Finzi: Oh good. Chances are maybe the 650d will be slightly discounted soon. I see no reason to have the 700d in preference.

how can you even breathe without being able to see the **creative filters** in live view?

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why can't every manufacture make those articulated screens that flip out from the side like canon and panasonic? is there any stupid patent for this as well?

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Somerichs: Man, all these comments and not a single one lauding it for the "mere" 12MP sensor. Has the MP war ended (replaced by the Zoom wars, maybe? Or is there a newer war of which I am not aware now?)

yeah, now its aperture war. pana has also announced LX7 with f1.4 at the wide end. all the manufacturers are giving faster and faster lenses in their compacts targeted towards the enthusiast market

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On article Finding macro wildlife (35 comments in total)

one thing that I have learned from my own experience is that most insects return to where after a while, so if you stay near the point where you saw an insect, there is a fair chance that it will come back after some time

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