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  • Having an arsenal of Sony equipment purchased at Sony [Madison Avenue] we were able to bring and use a Sirui tripod for the test. The camera was fitted with the Zeiss 24-70mm. Exposures were done...

  • Good, positive review, insightful, detailed and carefully done. But the photographs! They do a terrible injustice to the camera. Looking like a compendium of friends’ portraits on a trek to a lousy...

  • Talking about photography:
    This image lacks class. The family is too orderly, predictable in a bourgeois setting, aligned in an unimaginative way, obviously following instructions [now face the...

  • My professional friends and I have always thought of Sony as a progressive innovator. Every new camera has something advanced and out of the ordinary, not just a twist and a new model number. A...

  • Extremely unappetizing menu.

  • Many of these shots are overexposed or taken in a summer “mist” situation. Because of the heat and water suspended in the air by condensation the long shots appear flary and blurry. In our tests,...

  • Probably in November 2017

  • Commented on a preview

    When handholding it with a heavy lens I hold it by the lens, not the body. So far it works just fine.
    I have tried it with the 16-55 monster on a tripod; it also works fine. Not a sign of...

  • Commented on photo six_of_me in the Six of Me... challenge

    I like the last one, the shot with the girls and the poles.
    They look like sextuplets???

  • Commented on photo six_of_me in the Six of Me... challenge

    Picky, picky, picky……..!

  • Commented on a preview

    I have had the camera for the last five days and have used it profusely. My hands are not big or small, just normal. The camera is a joy to use. We are thoroughly happy with the results. We...

  • Commented on a preview

    Two days ago, June 18, I got to B&H early in the morning and was able to get the new Fuji X-T10. After spending the day shooting with it I am happy to report the little thing is great. Incredible...

  • I agree. A black background defines a picture look. A white background makes it look like cheap advertising, A really bad move, this change of background. Photoshop provides black background,...

  • I had the A7 before and now I have the A7II with the 24-70 Zeiss. This last combination is getting a bit heavy to carry all day in my traveling days. So I was looking forward to an unobtrusive...

  • We are in May; one third of the year has gone. Since the beginning of the year [2015] Nikon has issued 16 new cameras, Canon 14; Sony only 2 and they are pockets cameras.
    What's happening? What...

  • Commented on Nikon D750 Review

    Does the D750 have the same terrific Time-Lapse feature found in the D610?
    It is so uncomplicated and ends up with good results.

  • The fellows who posted these shots really know how to find sexy guys. Congrats!

  • What is the weight of this lens?
    Here is another Fuji lens without stabilization. There are many occasions when the lens has to be stopped down for additional depth of field.

  • The reviewers apparently do not go to special events, such as outdoor music festivals or open air exhibitions.
    Many museums (e.g. the Louvre) and other cultural spots do not allow these sticks...

  • It is hard to believe that in this time of advanced camera development this camera does not have stabilization of any kind.

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