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thegreat26: I have been waiting since forever......but not for being second.
Anything less than Sony's 42 mp sensor will not be good enough. All those rumors about the 36mp.......if they are true......Nikon is using this sensor for the last 2 years.

I've got 2x D800E, 1x D810, 1x K5 & 1x K-01 and I can assure you that amp glow in low light is my biggest issue with the Nikons. It's totally invisible on my Pentax cameras, but easily produced with the Nikons.

I like to expose so as to get the maximum tonal range on the sensor and manipulate the exposure afterwards. This works very well with a K5, but, in some situations, not so well with my Nikons.

As much as I love my D800's, it'd be tempting to buy a K1 if the amp glow issue was gone.

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b craw: As an academic (that declaration made with full awareness that many currently view academia with suspicion), I once again feel compelled to state that 'prizes' such as this rarely present the most important work(s) of their time. By most important, I mean that work which ultimately will shake out, via more rigorous dialog, as critical in moving art or specific art media forward - the avant-garde, if you will. These contests more often serve to reinforce curatorial trends, which all-to-often (re)present a pale echo of a more vital edge of dialog. Although I am not indicting Stewart's work specifically, I am seeing conceptualism and Postmodernism rebranded and deployed (for lack of a better way to describe it) in a rather anemic form in many of these quasi-art contexts. And, in the same way that the Grammy's really don't capture the most important music of any given year, these contests usually serve as analogous in terms of the thinness of their perception.

Images are visual communications that should be read - too many people here are making comments that reveal they assume the work is meant to grab them, rather than the other way around. To those making such demands, even in that context, it's your expectations that you are viewing - not the actual language of the art.

Pretty pictures, whilst they can captivate you for a few seconds can be like eating too much candy.

I made my comment below about this picture so I won't repeat myself here.

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It's a brilliant image, an amazing composition that defines alienation and self absorption. The dividing line (background line on the wall) separates the imagination (of the girls) from the earthly ho hum they find themselves in and also anchors the entire image by drawing a line through each character - yet whilst it unites them they are still separated.

My only "complaint" is that the table is slightly oblique and would have been more stable compositionally if it were perfectly parallel to the edge of the image frame.

Art is not about rules and regulations, it's about breaking through that stuff and expressing yourself. The message is always more important than what many call "the craft".

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danny006: It doesn't look like the milky way to me?

The image is of The Lagoon Nebula in Sagittarius. It's usually shown as red but here they appear to be trying to make it look like a human eye would see it through a large telescope.

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Zvonimir Tosic: We should call it Penron lens. 6 months into the waiting for the FF camera(s), and Ricoh gives us a rebadged Tamron lens.
I would expect from a legendary Japanese optical company like Pentax to conjure up a design and a lens of their own, something users can crave about and be totally excited in terms of the forthcoming FF.

I own the Tamron 24-70 for my D810. I tested it against the older Nikon 24-70, which it beat easily, so I wouldn't agree that the new lens won't come up to scratch. With Pentax coatings this lens will be very nice indeed.

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King of Song: I hate to say this... but I will anyway. That guy is not a photographer, he's just a guy with a camera, who happened to be in the right place at the right time but still managed to ruin the shot.

The image is not a snapshot as the photographer was in control of the entire shoot and used his available tools to perfection.

"Just a guy with a camera" doesn't cover it and is an insult to anyone who loves the medium and who's studied it.

I guess we were all lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when we were born, some are just a little luckier than the rest.

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On article Hands on with the Pentax 645Z (693 comments in total)

Dx0 aren't reviewing this camera - "it's not in our road map". I suspect DPR won't either.

The biased review sites usually wait until their favoured brands bring out a competing product so they can dig the boot in don't they?

...just saying ;)

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On article Medium well done: Two takes on the Pentax 645Z (250 comments in total)

It's now May 2015 and I read only a few minutes ago that Dx0 won't be testing this camera "for now" as "it's not in our Roadmap".

I'm pretty sure this camera would easily top their sensor ratings but we won't find out unfortunately.

And people wonder why Pentax enthusiasts think there's some kind of conspiracy.

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Neez: Actually, i'm impressed. Everyone was expecting high ISO to look really really bad, but i see puts the 5DSR in between APS-C and other Full frame cameras. The D810 looks only slightly better in High ISO noise at ISO 6400. But it's still better than the 645Z which is a medium format camera.

This camera should be great for studio shooting, and up to the level of full frame cameras in the 2008-2010ish year range in low light, which is still good depending on your needs.

What i'd like to see is a single shot HDR mode, where the camera takes half the pixels at 1 ISO and the other half at another ISO. You'd still get a 25mp still image with phenomenal dynamic range, and you can dot it at normal shutter speeds with no ghosting.

The 645Z is clearly better than all competitors at high ISO and retains details that are reduced to chunks of colour in the other pictures.

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zakaria: I think with this new pixel shift .. RICOH will use 24 mp sensor for the upcoming fullframe . I assume they will try to make this new feature a standard on all their new cameras.and this feature is just for preparing the flagship .

But so does HDR and yet people still use that.

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Bhima78: I'm starting to think that Ricoh's sensor shift idea is actually better than Oly's as it will require a whole heck of a lot less processing, and can likely be done on the fly much faster. Plus, adding resolution isn't as big of an advantage as adding color information imo. If this works well, it could replace a Foveon sensor.

I suspect they limited the resolution aspect of this tech so as to not affect the future sales of their 36MP FF.

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ProfHankD: A little late to be getting into the FF DSLR business, isn't it? Sure does look a lot like their medium-format bodies.The interesting question is what sensor?

It's never too late for anything because every year there are fresh faces entering every single market on the planet.

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starjedi: Is the lens in front a FA 31mm?


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intruder61: Apart from all things Pentax which i really liking this, looks like the designer of the Lamborghini designed this.

That FA31 on the camera gives away the size as it looks just like a K-5 but with a much larger prism (I held up my K-5 with my FA-31 to compare). I suspect they'll eventually have two models - 50MP with a 24MP crop mode and, initially, a 36MP model with a 15MP crop mode.

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I sold my AF-S 300/4 and TC 1.4x some months ago and bought a Sigma 120-300 F2.8 "S". I'm finding the weight to be a real issue though, as I'm a casual shooter where tele's are concerned. I tend to use the Sigma racked to 300 most the time so I don't mind the idea of a fixed prime again, especially a compact one. The only thing that worries me about this lens is the glare issue from the Fresnel lens. I have been using the 120-300 in crop mode 99% of the time on my D810 and so a 400mm lens would be my preference.

The Pentax DA*300/4 is only 1.5" longer than this new Nikon and a grand cheaper so I'll consider that for my K-5 when I've made up my mind.

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On article Enthusiast interchangeable lens camera roundup (2013) (467 comments in total)
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Zvonimir Tosic: And DPR recommends … Nikon D7100?
Gosh, both 7DII and K-3 are far superior machines, kings of this category. Both in capability, ruggedness, and one in price too.
And we are supposed to trust DPR’s ability to acknowledge truth and facts?
Good Lord, what is going on with this site?

I distinctly remember DPR stating that the K-3 score of 83% was in a higher category than the D7100 score of 85%. People were carrying on about the scores and DPR calmed them down stating that the K-3 was semi-pro and this was judged more harshly due to its professional competition. And yet here is the D7100 listed as best of the enthusiast DSLR category where both cameras are listed. All Pentax users figured this would end up the case. If it's not an "oversight" then what else is it but bias?

Before anyone flames me accusing me of being a Pentax tragic; I have 2x D800e, 1x D810 a K-5 and a K-01. I just happen to have a thing about lying politicians and used car salesmen.

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On article Enthusiast interchangeable lens camera roundup (2013) (467 comments in total)

Of course there's no reminder that the D7100 score of 85% is supposed to be in a lower category (enthusiast?) than the K-3 score of 83% (Semi-Pro?).

A deliberate oversight? Probably, but because it's built into the system they have weasel ways out like "sorry, we forgot about that"

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tom43: $799 for a Nikon lens doesn´t sound like high-end landscape lens matching the D810 resolution...let´s wait and see the first reviews.

And they only apply that coating to one surface IIRC. Whereas Pentax applies it's flourine and Nano coatings to all internal surfaces. I believe it's the Aero Brite coating they apply to the DA* lenses.

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On article Sigma announces two 150-600mm F/5-6.3 DG OS HSM zooms (138 comments in total)
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Suhas Sudhakar Kulkarni: Another @3 KG lens..too heavy. 1 KG heavier than Tamron.

I have to agree. I am bewildered by the offering of two almost identical lenses. The "pro" lens should have been an extension to the 120-300 range and more like 300-600 f4-5.6 IMO. My 120-300 is killing me as it is for weight, so something that doesn't overlap the range, and optimized for what the 120-300 is NOT, would have been preferred.

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Doka: This camera is a disaster for left-handed people, when the ergonomics are very wrong, then it becomes a tupperwarebox, no matter the specifications.

Are you saying that you actually use your left hand to trigger the shutter on current DSLR models? Perhaps shooting with the camera upside down and triggering with the thumb might help ;)

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