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I'd like to see it used with an orange filter on the lens and compared to 1) the same filter on a bayer DSLR and 2) compared to channel mixing an image from a bayer DSLR with no colour filter on the lens.

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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1463 comments in total)
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Emacs23: Obviously marketing material for amazon to help to sell tons of low quality APS-C crap. Funny to see bunch of nerds here in comments who either have several systems on their shelves or ones shooting crappy pictures who is now talking about "it is photographer".
Obvious: in case of the same mount there is no need at smaller sensor at all, just make larger with higher density sensor and this will end up in the way D8X0 eliminated any need in 16Mp APS-C or A7r made old 16Mp NEXes obsolete in terms of IQ.

If you think APS-C is "low quality" then you must think 'full frame' is low quality at ISO200? There is also more DR on a 16MP NEX than on a 5DIII both at ISO100. The quality is great despite there being cameras that are even better.
The 'need' for the APS-C? With a much lighter and smaller camera bag I'm getting out and shooting far more often. A full frame fisheye lens weighs as much at my 5R + fisheye combined.
Which format is better very much depends on what you photograph and how you like to photograph it.

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On Phase One announces Capture One Pro 8 article (68 comments in total)
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Photo_AK: "... a single-user subscription is available for 10,00 USD / 8,00 EUR per month for a 12 month plan."

See Adobe? How come Phase One gets it right with their new Capture One Pro 8, and you don't at 9,99 USD / 12,29 EUR for your yearly CC Photography plan?

I think he means the exchange rate?

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On Sony a5100 First Impressions Review preview (583 comments in total)

Sad there is no 5R/T any more. Small as is comfortable to hold yet with two control dials.

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On Sony a6000 Review preview (838 comments in total)

Page 9 with the pop up flash. Why use the camera upside down? :)
The other way up and you light from the top and your shadows go downwards. Because we are used to seeing people lit by the Sun the shot looks odd as you have it.

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On Canon announces 16-35mm F4L and 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 lenses article (368 comments in total)
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bodensee: Surely the pricing is wrong? Can someone from Canon comment. I won't be buying one at the rip-off British price. I see as well I'm not the only one having an issue with the pricing.

Yep, crazy price. At the US price I might have bought one.

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On Sony a6000 First Impressions Review preview (894 comments in total)
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avicenanw: My guess coming up next is the pricier Alpha a7000 (which replaces the Nex7). It will have things purposely missing from the a6000, like level indicator, higher resolution EVF, stereo mic. jack, touch screen, etc.

But the 28-70FE on the A6000 gives you a completely different field of view to the 18-55 on the A6000

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2251 comments in total)

The 55-135 is exactly what I'd like for the sony e mount. Right size and speed.
Pricing is nothing to do with how well they are built. I saw a blad USB cable for £80.

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Was in the market for this but won't buy anything with a US to UK exchange rate that weak. Convert to UK pounds and add 20% VAT and you get £680. Have to see where street prices end up.

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HaroldC3: This might be a good alternative to the Sony 10-18mm for NEX users. Not only that but very good for astrophotography!

There are other samyang lenses that have excellent coma control.

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You can see the sub pixels of an ipad with a drop of water:
Shot handheld with the 100L macro but you will see the colours (and even subpixels as the spot dries) with your eye.

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As a good will gesture and in consideration for...
1) those that were not expecting to be buying into a dead end product and have spent a lot of money on upgrades on the understanding that there would be a future CS7, 8, 9
2) those that were misled by the "only upgrade on version ahead" policy that was introduced, then modified then made redundant. would be nice if we could get the full ACR8 versions in CS6. Call it a parting gift so those that feel cheated get that as a sweetner. Maybe then we will see if you hold you promise about Lightroom and buy into that down the road when it isn't quite so slow compared to ACR.
As it is I won't buy anything by Adobe.

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When they tried to force CS upgrades with the "only the last version" gets upgrade they neglected to mention (I don't think they even they knew) that there would be no future CS versions to upgrade to.
One bitten, twice shy.

After using ACR from well before lightroom one I don't want to be pushed into some software I don't like. With all the extensibility LUA brings to lightroom I'd much sooner have the streamlined ACR.
I wanted my usual ACR upgrades and paid for every upgrade CS2/3/4/5/6 just to get them. Now they'll get nothing from me. I'm more likely to buy capture one because I like their pilot app.

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Unless I'm missing seeing all the test images then this is like testing an underwater camera by taking photos of a cactus.

Buy a suit jacket with fine weave. Put the suit on a model.
Take photos at full, 3/4rd and portrait length.
Look for moire.
The original 1Ds, weak AA filter, images extremely sharp, chance of moire - high.
The 1DsIII, stronger AA filter, images slightly softer, chance of moire - low.
The low pass filter is a trade off but as far as I can see you are looking for the benefit of removing it without looking for the reason it was there in the first place.


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On The Lightroom catalog article (304 comments in total)

Lightroom's strengths are also its weakenesses.
Being coded "mostly" in LUA it allows for scripting and plugins. Its not going to be as fast as the ACR interface and Lightroom lags behind ACR on export speed.
Databases are great if you do need cross linking and keywording of images. For stock its essential to have that but for people shooting event by event or contract by contract the complexity of a database over a simple file system isn't usually required.
I could tag all images with flowers in by the florist that did them, the dresses by dress shop and designer, the images of each venue, etc. For me that would take longer to set up for every wedding than the odd time when someone says, "have you any flower shots from the wed of x and y".
Most important for me is data integrity and simplicity of backup (the easier it is the more often you do it). Being able to sync .xmp files (Beyond Compare) and simple drag and drop duplication across drives is essential to me.

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So, to get the new features after buying the last 5 upgrades at (UK stupid) prices I have to rent it as well?


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Beach Bum: It's about time people woke up to the deficiencies within Nikon.

I can't say that I've ever been on the Nikon bandwagon, but my first taste of these deficiencies were when I was considering buying a bridge camera and first tried the Nikon P500. It took me a while to realize what a piece of junk it was, but I eventually realized it couldn't compare to the Sony, Canon, or Panasonic offerings.

Yet, when I read online reviews, they seemed to be giving some kind of deference to Nikon that was clearly unmerited by the quality of their product. It was then that I realized that something wasn't kosher with online reviews, and this type of bias in reviews would threaten the quality of cameras in the future. Apparently the Nikon name opens up a lot of doors that shouldn't be opened.

This is where a forum like this really shows its value. The average person has a voice and can demand some change, without Nikon being able to censor or silence people, like they do on their own site. :)


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On The iPad Workflow post (76 comments in total)

"For comparison, the iPad 2 had a resolution of 132 ppi and fewer than 1/3 of the Retina display's total pixels."

Yes, 1/4 is less than 1/3.

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gl2k: Great idea because storage is soooo expensive. LOL
2 TB about €100

Enterprise class drives are double that cost.
I have 2x 3TB manually mirrored on this machine, another copy goes on an external and similar at another location. Storage isn't that cheap.
I also like to keep a copy of unculled sets, just incase gran dies and they ask if there were any more of her that didn't make the cut. That set I've converted to lossy DNGs, the quality is very good, I can pull them apart to tell the difference but its quite hard on most images.
There are other reasons, you could upload a lossy reduce size DNG for someone to else to adjust and get back the .xmps. Save hours uploading a full set of images on the average connection.
The new option is great, you don't have to use it if you haven't got a good reason.

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The photo of the dog with poor camera settings (+1EV compensation) still makes the cut? I'd post a longer comment but the last one was deleted.

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