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On Shockproof flagship: Olympus 'drops' new Tough TG-3 news story (106 comments in total)

What's with all the RAW/JPEG tosh......that can be worked around usually.......more importantly for a semi serious underwater camera is the ring flash facility.......brilliant move Olly!

Direct link | Posted on Mar 31, 2014 at 16:59 UTC as 18th comment
On Two photographers re-imagine city potholes news story (147 comments in total)

Excellent, a fun idea to make a serious point maybe?

To those who "poo poo" the pictures......try another life :)

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On DSCF0359 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Really? I have looked at several now and can see some nasty artifacts I assume are JPG'ing but look a lot like camera shake also......not as happy as I was really wanting to be looking at these samples.

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On DSCF0098 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Is there something wrong with this image (0098), seems to either be camera shake or JPEG artifact blurring, I was hoping for much better although not judging the camera on just one dodgy looking pic.

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows news story (1513 comments in total)
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bossnas: Pure photography? LOL! Digital photography more like.

Pure photography is using light sensitive materials that you can hold in your hand, cameras that don't need batteries to function. That's taking things back to the root of the invention of photography, pure photography. Making images without the need of a computer, making prints without the need of a printer or inks. That's pure photography!

Suave, there were quite a few SLRs that had selenium cell meters, not a battery in sight! Maybe you do not go back that far? ;)

Direct link | Posted on Nov 1, 2013 at 21:00 UTC
On Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' news story (554 comments in total)

It's nice to dream, but if it's true and it looks and handles as well as an FM/FE/Nikkormat etc......I'll advance order it tomorrow, hear that Nikon?

Now go make it!

Direct link | Posted on Oct 25, 2013 at 21:50 UTC as 165th comment
On Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review article (1202 comments in total)

Looks like WEX just got seven new orders :)

Direct link | Posted on Aug 1, 2013 at 08:15 UTC as 374th comment | 1 reply
On 5 Reasons why I haven't used my DSLR for months article (590 comments in total)

A sensible and considered article, but will it be appreciated amongst all the gear junkies?

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On Fujifilm X100S Review preview (470 comments in total)
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AngryCorgi: Really wish Fuji would go back to bayer filters on their sensors. At the very least offer ONE interchangeable bayer option for its really sweet X system. The IQ of RAW files with this idiotic xtrans filter still is way behind bayer-filtered 16MP sensors. illustrates this very well with their X-M1 review and resolution results. The EP-5 and GF6 even blow it away in JPEG and RAW. Please, Fuji, see the light and bring us a "B" camera that uses your "X" mount!!

Looking at those results I think you are mistaking contrast for sharpness. There appears to be more fine detail in the Xe-1 files.

Direct link | Posted on Jul 30, 2013 at 16:37 UTC
On Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor news story (757 comments in total)

Ridiculous.........I think Fuji have already shown they can do this better at a not inconsiderable cost saving.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 11, 2013 at 16:36 UTC as 249th comment
On Fujifilm X100S Digital Split Image focus - how it works news story (101 comments in total)

It is such a shame the Fuji split image system does not work the same as the old film way, I tried the Fuji at a show and found the split image implementation to be very messy as the image is out of focus until lined up (obviously as only sees through the lens). The whole point of the old split image was that you could see two pin sharp images moving into line as you focused so critical focus was easy as you lined up an edge in view, when the two "parts" are blurred its basically a bit of a naff split image system. I understand the only way to implement this is to use a real optical system, so why call it what it isn't?

Doesn't stop me wanting one of these beauties though, lovely little camera.

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Marc Rogoff: This is not only a D600 problem but apparently the D800 has the same issue. In fact my D3X has terrible dust issues - very frustrating that Olympus seems to have solved the dust issue yet Nikon with all their R&D money cant sort this out...

Well I consider my studio to be pretty dusty being within an engineering building and I change the lenses on my D3X several times a day and am using apertures smaller than f32 virtually all the time, I have never seen a dust issue on mine, I guess your just unlucky.

Direct link | Posted on Nov 23, 2012 at 08:08 UTC

Maybe somebody needs to do the exact same test but with the mirror locked up (I assume it can be locked?), at least the mirror mechanism could be eliminated as the cause if it still persists.

Direct link | Posted on Nov 22, 2012 at 08:14 UTC as 116th comment

Without wishing to wade through every post here, am I the only one who thinks it is a bit odd that when zooming out the veiwfinder frame line magnification cannot revert to the standard magnification and show the true coverage without having to hold the button for two seconds? Or is this a feature that is implemented as an option but not reviewed?

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On Just Posted: Hands-on Nikon D600 preview news story (376 comments in total)
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ChristianHass: Amazing. $2100 is £1300 with the current conversion rate, so the £1955 UK price is "only" a 50% markup for Europe. Good job.
I know sales tax is part of it, but 50% is ridiculous.

Same old same old, UK (Europe) is the cash cow for the far east manufacturers, the US is the establishing/positional market, the US buyer builds the market and we feed it.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 13, 2012 at 07:14 UTC
On Just Posted: Fujifilm X-E1 hands-on preview news story (278 comments in total)
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Dr GP: Seems to me this is a more functional version of the X1Pro? Smaller, faster focus? (OVF is useless in anycase because it seems to amplify focus issues).

Any benefit of X1 Pro over XE1?

Benefit of the XE-1 is the EVF.............

Direct link | Posted on Sep 11, 2012 at 13:05 UTC
On Just Posted: Fujifilm X-E1 hands-on preview news story (278 comments in total)
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dummygj: Camera still lacks face detection. Because I would miss it, I shall not buy it!

I guess the clue is in your name :)

If you really need face detection, then this certainly is not the camera for you anyway.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 7, 2012 at 10:00 UTC
On Fujifilm X-E1 Preview preview (410 comments in total)
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B64: Nice camera, the smaller size and lower price in comparison to the X-Pro1 makes it way more interesting.

I noticed one odd thing though, in the side-by-side comparison of the top plate (page 3 of the preview). The film plane marker (or should I say: sensor plane marker) on the X-E1 seems to be closer to the lens mount than the one on the X-Pro1. I would have thought that the distance of the lens mount to the sensor surface should be the same for all cameras with the same lens mount. So the question is, on which of the two cameras is the marker correct?

Nah, it looks to me that the XE-1 is tilted up slightly where as the Pro is laying flat, its just a perspective effect.

Looks like a lovely camera, and the EVF (on personal inspection) will be the deal maker or breaker for me, but I feel it will be more than a match for an optical finder, and this comes from an old lag who grew up on Leicas and Contax rangefinders.

Well done Fuji!

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On Exhibition Review: 8x10 By Impossible article (85 comments in total)
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MartinaB: Just beautiful. Photography is amazing now, but it was amazing back when. I have done some big format work and there is something intangible , hard to describe about it. If you can go see the show! If you can, buy an old 8x10 and try this film. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

Its something for students to see.......but I had enough of Polaroid film carrying around a 5x4 MPP and huge Gitzo tripod when I was in my early twenties photographing architecture and ancient monuments, Polaroid was just a tool to verify and prove a shot, the real stuff was locked away in dark slides waiting for a dip in some to laugh though, some of those shots look just like stuff taken by me and my fellow students in the 70's in art college, definately better parties then!

Direct link | Posted on Sep 3, 2012 at 06:57 UTC

Why all the speculation and brickbats?

They just successfully landed a vehicle that will drive around on the surface of Mars, analyse data and send pictures back we could only dream of when we walked on the moon in have to trust they know what they are doing.

Better get back to the Nikanon next generation rumour mill, you have more chance of being listened to in there! :)

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