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drummercam: Mr. Slater owns the work. Once he saw what was happening and allowed the macaque to continue what it was doing, the macaque became a mere assistant. This is a shameless power grab by a huge organization with money to pay a slick lawyer to present a wholly specious argument if it comes down to a court case. Wikimedia should take the photo down, and Mr. Slater should pay the macaque a banana.

So if you allow a fellow photographer to shoot photos with your camera (maybe because their's malfunctioned), just because you allow that other photographer to keep shooting your camera makes their work your's???

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When someone grabs my camera and snaps photos that end up on my memory card, I do not consider them my creative property. It doesn't matter that I am the one who owns the camera. Actually, I think it would be unethical to claim credit for photos someone else took.

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NZ Scott: Peiasdf:

I'm sure you're correct.

The 1.8 is superior in every way except for two - it's slightly bigger and it's quite a lot more expensive.

It's probably also losing a lot of sales to the Panny 20/1.7, which is also a pancake.

Don't know about "loses badly," but sure, when pixel peeping, I can see the difference. At half the price, I think it competes pretty well though... If I just wanted the "best," I'd get the P/L 25 over either.

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neofx19: The biggest pro I found with the 17mm 2.8 was its size. Thats about it. It was loud to focus, slow to focus and when not in sale the price was a bit high. The Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 or even the 14mm f/2.5 were better choices. The 17mm f/1.8 is arguably the superior of the bunch but is not considered a pancake. If money weren't an option I would get the 20mm 1.7 if I wanted to purchased a pancake lens, if money was an option the 14mm f/2.5 (from ebay) is a great buy.

The 17 focuses faster than the 20. The 14 isn't as nice as the 17 IMO. Here is a comparison of the two:

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ManuelVilardeMacedo: Not such a bad deal... Of course there are better lenses in the form of Panasonic 20mm-f/1.7 and Olympus' own 17mm-f/1.8, but you can't argue with 'free'! The pancake is a pretty decent lens that can surprise with the resolution it's capable of. Chromatic aberrations and being prone to flare let its side down - it needs a good editing program to remove CA and a lens hood.

Yes, I have hung similar photos from my 17 with my girlfriend's prints from her 20 and framed in a gallery, my photos completely hold up to her's. Personally, I prefer how the 17 flares to the 20 and the wider view. Timmbits, how much experience do you have with the 17? Just curious if you had owned it and it let you down or if you are simply repeating dpreview 17 bashing?

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Timmbits: combining cameras that don't sell anymore with a lens that doesn't sell?

(blame it on the epl6 having been released and on the existence of good lenses)

at least they are doing something to help retailers unload dated inventory of cameras (and themselves to get rid of a glut of a high CA lens), contrary to the past, where inventories were saturated with old Olympus 12mp cameras retailers couldn't give away.

The CA isn't nearly as bad from this 17 than as from the Panasonic 14... and much easier to fix as well.

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tripod mount, self timer.

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I dont care about orientation sensor, find it kind of annoying in camera viewing anyway... but man, this little thing is ugly! The E-PM1 was pretty cute IMO.

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