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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)

Is it possible to obtain an output from the mk3 that can be shown at its best on a 4K TV , in both stills and video?

I asked some Sony people but they didn't know and referred me to someone else in Sony, like most big firms -rather than find out for you you are just passed on.

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If only Sigma could find the investment of type needed to address the problems of data handling --to cure the lack of speed in processing and give us High definition output on a HDMI socket. Their Foveon sensor has the edge on resolution, but I will not be purchasing a camera until J-peg images are available processed to the standard available out of the camera. I seem to remember reading a few years ago that windows was developing a lose-less high compression equivalent to j-peg, which would be a perfect match for Sigma ..

I'd like to put it my Xmas list--but which Xmas.

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On Sony DSC-RX100 preview (544 comments in total)

The Sony RX100 on movie mod is a poor relation to the earlier DSC HX9V which had a function called (ACT ) for extra good steady shots in movie mod. It worked so well nearly all movement from the camera operator ( when walking ) was hidden- or eliminated, which when compared to the newer and much more expense RX100 which does not have this feature and is terrible in comparison. Please Sony if it is possible correct this --rather than some of the silly features included in the RX100

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Stungun: I've ordered the Fuji X10 and the Nikon P7100. I have also the G12 . The G12 is better than the P7100 and both are much, much inferior to the X10. I knew about the orbs but after reading so many angry comments and seeing the pictures I decided to give it a try. I managed to produce white orbs and black orbs as well as blacked areas but it's easy to fix and now I know how to avoid those specific situations when they might happen. I have some pictures where the problem appear and the next pictures not, after adjustments. Velvia color tend to produce then more, EXR modes (excellent) may solve it , increasing ISO a little bit too, and it's better after update. This camera has DSLR quality (bokeh and ISO) and the lens alone are worth the price. Excellent camera.
I have a magazine with a photo of a 80 ft Ferreti yacht in an advertisement and I found a white orb on a chrome plated rail !!
It's my first Fuji, if this was a faulty Canon (had many) would the fuss be the same ?

Reg Natarajan, your picture of Vancover art gallery is an example of White orbs, at its worst, but please do not try and convince people it is OK-- Fuji have made a mistake with this sensor and its associated hardware.

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I hope Fujifilm reads these comments, and takes note of how many people are unhappy with the white orbs problem, that is associated with the sensor in the X10 and X-S1, until a replacement sensor is introduced - however good the rest of these cameras are - I shall be keeping my money in my pocket. I am saddened by this, Fujifilm as you were very high on my list of must have cameras.

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iltubo: received mine last Tuesday. I have not even opened the package, the camera is already returned.

Good for returning it --if more people did this it might make them fix the problem, and I will purchase, but not until reviews prove the fix is OK

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