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On Homemade rig captures extreme macro shots of snowflakes article (186 comments in total)

Wow, almost surrealistic. Good work!

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Dodi73: mmm
the longer the sillier... they can stabilize everything, simply put is the user the weakest point... Heck, with a reflex I have problems pointing anything longer than 300/400mm, go figure a 1000mm... It's like giving a super sniper rifle to not even a sunday luna park shooter...

Imho, they (whatever brand "they" means) should make much shorter zoom and increase sensor sizes. Even a 20x (20/400) or 25-300 would be much more appealing with better sensor specs. Actually, at least for me, even a 25-250 would be enough, given a superior performance. A camera must not be useful only at noon or in full day, a truly versatile camera must give you good result whatever the light. THIS is the key point.

Well mosc,
you're already being served for a while: fuji X-S1: X-10 sensor, 24-624mm equiv ;-)
It "only" weights about 1kg and f3.5 isn't quite met at the tele side...

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On A sneak peek at our forthcoming camera test scene article (323 comments in total)
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Jo_To: The first time I looked at the new scene, i thought OMG what a c..p. were is my beloved wrist watch? Many aspects could be prooven here at a closer look. The blue for the sky, sharpness, and noise.

Now I took a closer look to the new test scene, and I have to admit, it's not that bad at all. Because it's bigger you have to look closer. I found plenty of good stuff .Many Textures and some shiny objects, little tiny fonts, different kind of feathers.

But at least I have to say:


and Robot and Paperclips would be very helpfull too
And the Martini? I like Martini a lot ;-)

Yeah, please add the watch. It's my benchmark as well.
And a shadowed place isn't that hard?

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Martin_E: This lens is excellent news. I bought the Camera for my girlfriend who loves the small size, this lens will be perfect for our Safari next year in Kenya.

Having a GX1 + 100-300 zoom I fully agree with tkbslc.
The 200mm equiv. has lesser use for safari. The speed is OK but the focallength mostly isn't. In the analog time I had a 35-200mm zoom and still were lacking the reach I was longing for.
So please check what you need before buying this nice but very expensive lens.

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On Winter Photography in Iceland article (83 comments in total)

Marvelous pictures, thanks for the explanation of the technique.
It's not my cup of tea but the results are great. Tnx.

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On Richard Franiec creates accessory grip for Sony RX100 article (115 comments in total)
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jdrx2012: Nice grip for sure though not for me as I have ordered the sony case which has a good look and function to it and dont think this grip will fit in it.

Yeah, like the Pana GX1 for instance.
The grip looks exactly the same.
And yes, it does help and no, it doesn't prevent you from putting it in your pocket (with the 14-42 PZ lens).

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On Preview:canong1x (1032 comments in total)
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laquila65: Continued…
In general, the reasons I’m considering this camera over other compacts are as follows:

1. None of the current compacts from other manufacturers can match the Cannon’s picture quality (the G-series was and still is the best in this respect). I own Nex-5N and the picture quality is a disaster.
2. None of the current compacts (or DSLRs for that matter) from other manufacturers can match the Cannon’s video quality. I like it even better than the much beloved by everyone Panasonic GH2.
3. Retractable lens. Who needs a compact with a huge lens sticking out? A DSLR would be much better choice anyway.
4. The optical viewfinder. Even though it’s small, I still prefer it to the electronic one. The viewfinder in my G2/G12 always did the job just fine when I needed it.
5. I really like the overall design.

As far as size goes, it is not much larger than a G12, so it will fit into a large pocket or a really small bag, which is still much better than carrying a DSLR with a mid zoom.

Well, X10 has EXR so less chance to blow highlights.
Still too bad it has the white disk issue though.

Posted on Jan 11, 2012 at 18:59 UTC
On Ricoh announces CX6 CMOS compact superzoom article (35 comments in total)

Too bad it seems that Ricoh has (again) improved on the back side (LCD) rather then the front side (wider and/or brighter lens).
Let's see if IQ is finally OK. Although it's wise not jumping on the train increasing the pixelcount (see Pana TZ20...) Ricoh is still not on par with equally priced P&S camera's :'(

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On Ricoh announces CX6 CMOS compact superzoom article (35 comments in total)
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toysandme: I see no mention of it here but the main reason why I have been attracted to Ricoh cameras over the years is their (almost) unique time-lapse feature. As a matter of fact, this is the only reason why I have bought their cameras. I hope they keep this feature and make it more flexible with say, one frame a second instead of one frame per 5 seconds.

Yes, time-lapse is still unique.
I'm using it when shooting for meteors: 8 seconds exposure, each 10 seconds taking a picture.
I'm only wondering why all those meteors appear in the 2 seconds which are not exposed ;-)

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On Ricoh announces CX6 CMOS compact superzoom article (35 comments in total)
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Ashley Pomeroy: Talking about the flash, I've always wondered why some enterprising compact camera manufacturer doesn't build it as a ring around the lens mount; it'd be a mini ring flash. 'twould go down well with hobbyists, and even if it doesn't work very well it would at least be something to put in the press release.

Well, with my R4 the Metz 28CS-2 is my saviour.
Now I can make a 25m2 room being lit well in ISO 64!
It's as much pockatable as my R4.

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