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  • Be sure to check out all the threads on XF1 lens errors which made the camera useless and how many had to be returned to Fuji.  Not saying it is, but may have been due to the collapsible lens.
  • Replied in X10 vs. X30?
    I had to replace my X10 due to a hair trapped in the lens/sensor.  I was not expecting to like the X30, but was pleasantly surprised.  It fits my hands better and the control ring is awesome.  ...
  • If you limited the lens to 28-70 it would not be nearly as attractive to me.  You have to compare apples to apples and the lens in the X-30 has significantly better tele coverage than its ...
  • I had to do just that from my X10, which somehow sucked a small hair into the lens which lodged on the sensor.  If you take every complaint about the X10, except for sensor size, Fuji fixed it in ...
  • Bill, I have had this happen to a TV remote covered with a rubberized compound stored in my entertainment center.  I am also unsuccessful in finding anything to help it.  It is a process whereby ...
  • Alexis, The model is a modified X-T1.  Goes by X-T1r or ir, can't remember at the moment.
  • Mike FL,
    I looked at the page you listed and if you look at any of the corners of the target, the Samsung does not seem to be performing as well as the other cameras. In particular, look at the...

  • According to Fuji's website the sensor in the X30 is BSI-CMOS, and doesn't use an antialiasing filter. So how do you know your Samsung will outperform it?

  • Not when using area focus.  When using multi-segment, the box can move to show the actual area the camera chose to focus on as far as I can recall.   Similar to facial recognition.   Will check it ...
  • Brianj, EXR stood for extended (dynamic) range.  In earlier Fuji cameras it was acheived using a special sensor which was two sensors in one.  By taking different exposures on eache sensor half you ...
  • I seem to recall that at the time the X20 came out, one of the new features (compiled by someone on this forum) was dust seals in the lens.  Can't verify that, but the lens on my X30 does turn ...
  • My X10 has the exact same problem with what appears to be a tiny hair.  It is very visible in some photos, but not all.  Seems to depend on aperture, zoom and lighting. The new healing brush in ...
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