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On What difference does it make? Sony uncompressed Raw article (609 comments in total)
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Frank_BR: Probably the cries only cease when Sony incorporate all variations of RAW formats in Canon and Nikon cameras. But I suspect that someone still complain that so many choices can confuse photographers.

Then complaints will be about Sony only copying, and not inventing anything themselves.

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On Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and... article (564 comments in total)
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MBell: What about the Dpreview of the A7Rii? The camera has been out for almost two months. Almost as though Sony has told DPreview to hold off!

it's okay for this time, but don't do it again!

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Eleson: https://alphauniverse.com/stories/sony-announces-addition-of-uncompressed-14-bit-raw-still-image-capture-for-new---cameras/

just sayin' ...

This will remove alot more noise in the forums than in the images.

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just sayin' ...

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RRJackson: Why do these companies keep delivering 8-bit 4:2:0 codecs? Is there no market for a camera with a robust codec?

Isn't it the other way around:
The memory card can handle 100Mbit.
What can we squeeze into that?

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Vafaculo Constosito Di Merdia: typical sony mkIIs are what mkIs should have been in the first place.
what do you get for 3500 euros?
bodies that are not weather resistant, mediocre focus performance, lenses that are in every comparison chart bellow the competition (no wonder why adapters such as metabones etc are sooo widely sold), really bad colour rendering, and disappointment upon firmware upgrades.

the only reason I would consider this model in the high ISO and some distant promise that I can use my a-mount lenses (given I ll use an official adapter).

why do I have to pay the license fees for 4k video which I ll only take accidentally if I press the button in the dark once or twice?

why not a digital back modular design so I can keep the housing and just upgrade the digital back?

its not a pro video model but the price is of one!

I wish those who will buy it, endless fun and get really nice pictures!

If mk-I wasn't good enough, how about waiting...?
Yeah, what do you get ? An XC10?
No one claims that their cameras are submarines, Sony says Dust and moisture resistand with water sealings.
Mediocre AF? Compared to what ??
Adapter are sold because Sony made the signal interface available. And because there are lots of lenses out there. Zebra's make MF lenses usable...
Color rendering , c'mon...
Distant promise ??
If you don't want 4K don't buy it.

Why not a digital back ?? Oh God, do think that thru ..
Where should AF algorithims be?
Where should jpeg processing be?
Where should the firmware be that allows you to select resolution and shooting speed?
What you end up with is a modular design where the interface is the ... ready now? The lens mount!

The A7sII certainly has its flaws, but please ...

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D Gold: Does Sony have an SDK for these cameras?

Yes, but not for anyone else than Sony.
You can however write your own controlling apps for android or iPhone using a public API.

Or just buy Sony apps:

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Dan Tong: This is clearly optimized for video so the most important question is does it have overheating problems of the prior model when shooting at highest 4k rates.

He never said that the LCD overheats. he said that the problem goes away if ....
In other words, flipping out the LCD allows heat to dissipate from the back of the camera.

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Aroart: FACT. Sony just pooped on the rest of the industry for video again...Yea a bit overpriced with poor battery life but thats Sony... Time to shop for the old A7s now...They just made a great camera better...wonder what the a6100 will bring to the table...Please ad a touch screen...

One thing that is new on atleast RII and SII is that you can charge over usb while using it.
A bit cumbersome perhaps, but it means that you can use any power bank for mobiles to keep you camera going.

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Why make a pressrelease on internal development projects?

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I guess we will see this one is lens design/verification equipment.

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nzmacro: Hmmm, hang on, I'll just finish my burger and the beer ..........

Ahhh yeah, so do I have to delete all the RAW images I've taken with a Sony camera ?. Think I need another beer and check all my rubbish RAW shots again.

Hick !!

One beer for every shot ruined by this will keep you sober!

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Robert Holloway: If we look at the bigger picture for the moment. Sony is clearly making a play ay the high end and has delivered what seems like an excellent camera. My understanding is that Sony took this decision for processing speed reasons versus "we can't do it".

So what baffles me is that this issue has been on the table since the launch day of the a7rii and it's gathering momentum. Even if people like me couldn't se it's effect.

So why the silence from Sony. I cannot imaging it's beyond them to deliver a firmware change that would enable us to have yet another menu sessions and choose full Raw and slightly slower speeds versus lossy RAW.

Going back to the first point, if Sony really wants to replace Canikon, then these are the things they need to deal with and quickly.

Sony isn't silent.
They have several times stated "We are aware of the concerns from users and we are looking into it."
For me that is as strong as its gets without promising anything.
If I have to bet a dollar, my money goes on having real raw as a option via firmware upgrade.

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Is the Sony jpegs based on the compressed raw data, or does it start from real raw?
I.e can we see remains of these artefacts in the end resulting jpeg files?

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Biowizard: Sony has always loved compression - look at the investment it put into MiniDisc all those years ago, when the rest of us were trying to get our hands on uncompressed recording solutions.

Performing any kind of lossy compression at the point of original capture is bone-headed beyond belief: once lost, the data can never be recovered.

Poor move, Sony.


One main reason is that you can zoom in images.

If you print a A4 sized image and print it for looking at (not for showing artefacts), I'd say you will find more songs that sounds degraded using mp3 than images affected visually degraded but the compression.

But maybe you need to buy speakers that atlest costs half of what this camera does. And stop listening over ipads.

But I still think that for this kind of money, the choice should be in the hands of the photographer.

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Good article.

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On BSI Boss? Sony Alpha 7R II added to studio scene article (534 comments in total)
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Viva Santo Nino: 95% GOLD or PLATINUM award. Impressive camera!

Moving the LCD away allows for better cooling of the sensor.

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On BSI Boss? Sony Alpha 7R II added to studio scene article (534 comments in total)
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Rick Knepper: I'll be impressed when Sony puts a shutter on each pixel.

42 MP of 17% grey ...

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On BSI Boss? Sony Alpha 7R II added to studio scene article (534 comments in total)
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ozturert: I see very small differences between A7RII, A7R and 5DSr up to ISO6400. My monitor is HP Z27i, am I missing something or do they really have similar image quality? I was expecting A7RII to be considerably better than Canon.

At low ISO, the Canon should be more detailed.

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ventur: I miss the old days... when everybody bashed Sony for the lack of lenses...

now I have more full frame lenses for my A7 (a 2 year old system) than EOS-M and Nikon 1 (4 years old?) all together

Sorry about that, I didn't notice the reference to A7RIIl in the last section.

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