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On Sony: An eye on focus article (504 comments in total)
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supersport100: Too bad, my Canon 5D III can't do it. It's 2015 and the established manufacturers never got it done. The most comprehensive overall system don't help if the eyes are out of focus. Sony must have seen this lack of competence and saw this as a huge chance.

Focus on the eyes, sounds so basic.

Hey Canon, can you now start learning from the competition, please?

This is the advantage of mirrorless cameras having phase detect and contrast detection in one go.

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On Sony: An eye on focus article (504 comments in total)

Not to be crude but eye-focus in the newly 4.0 firmware of the Fuji X-T1 and the X-T10 is much better implemented and always correct.

This Sony knock off sort of works but has a lot of misses looking at the video.

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It is kind of sad to see that Canon lost its technical capabilities to produce good sensors.

No sample images shown above ISO 800, why?
What does Canon need to hide?

Up to 2009 Canon was the 'king' of sensor design and resolution, then they cutted budgets on R&D, rested their laurels and.... basically lost it.

I really hope they find their way up again as competition is good.
But for now Sony trumps sensor technology.

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lightandday: I like the camera but will wait for the updated firmware User feedback before buying the camera ! To announce the update 2 months before releasing it means the Olympus OMD EM-1 Mk.11 is almost on the horizon and FUJIFILM knows this !

The XT10 doesn't have a more advanced AF.

Its the same AF for both systems....

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MariusM: Where is the love for us X-E2 owners?

Read the rumors, follow the news and you would have known it will come in October. Fuji is finalizing the feature set for that update.

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Ruskin: I am thrilled for X-T1 owners, but sad for owners of the X-E2 and X100T both of which are current cameras. Every enhancement of Fuji's cameras serves only to enhance their reputation and to confirm owner's confidence in them.

Fuij, please issue the same updates for all current cameras.

You obviously have not followed the news as X-E2 owners do get an update and as for the X100-T that is a completely different kind of camera after all.

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Alphabart: 1/32,000th of a second indeed. not 1/3200th which is rather a big difference

Honestly this is a marketing feature as it takes 0.15 second to record those 1/32000th of a second exposure.

Each line is read out at 1/32000 but you have to do that 4608 times and therewith you come to 0.15 sec.

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Pandimonium: So now it is almost as good as a Samsung NX-1...


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I know one thing for certain.
Fuji takes care of its customers.

For a Autofocus update like this most other camera manufacturers would bring out a new body instead.

More then 40 new features have been added to the Fuji X-T1 since its introduction. No that is not bugfixes, but complete new features that weren't in the camera when it was released.

And for those that want to bash.
Then not that this camera always performed as advertised and people bought it upon the specifications as it was released.

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On Vantage Point: The aviation photography of Jon Pece article (202 comments in total)

What are 10 to 13 doing in this series?

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Alpha Photo: Transforming Hasselblad from a camera to a cosmetics brand just doesn't cut it.

Please partner up with Sony and give us an AFFORDABLE full size (i.e. 55x55mm) digital back for V series cameras! This will do more for the Hasselbrand name than anything else you can come up with.


Its the 'apple' way of doing it and by the looks of it, that watch is not a big success. Hasselblad should not be following what other brands are doing, but should go their own way.

Hasselblad could perfectly fit next to the Canon / Nikon branding.
Be the first with an affordable MF system that sits between 5DMKIII, D810 and the higher end 1Dx and D4s and Hasselblad would have hit gold.

Instead they have lost their vision of what photography is about and who takes photographs nowadays.

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Celsus: Come on Hassy, put out a medium format challenger to the RX1. Put a 50/2 fixed lens with H5D sensor and try your darndest to get all of that in under $5k. I will buy one. If it doesn't try to make the EVF optional for an additional $800...

@HowaboutRAW: "Why woulf Fuji provide the lens and body"

They already do provide the lenses, they supposedly are also working on a body as well. Fuji also has a large experience with MF bodies already. Something you probably didn't know.

Just take look at the GS645S, GW670 and GW690 to name a few.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 26, 2015 at 05:32 UTC

All they need to do is break the price barrier by making a affordable MF system.

Come up with a 3000 to 3500 dollar MF body, that has the looks of the 500c and a few affordable lenses and sales will soar through the roof.

I think Hasselblad lost all connection with the photography world.
The money in this market is not to be made with the rich, but with the people that have a true heart for photography.

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star shooter: If anyone can bring out a ILC that can do the same job as a pro DSLR for sport and news, then I'm all for it. Otherwise an ILC is just another cheap, amateur camera for teenagers mum, dad kids variety. Long live the DSLR!

I'll laugh my pants off.

Knowing you WILL most probably be shooting a mirrorless system in the next 5 to 10 years.

You sound like those same folks just 10 years ago that said that Digital Cameras could never achieve the same level of sophistication as their old analogue SLR. Look at were we are today.

Not saying the current mirrorless systems beat the DSLRs. But they are certainly getting there and fast... All you need to do is quickly looking at the specification of the Sony A7r II and you know that even the Canon 5Ds looks old fashioned.
That said, I don't even like the Sony brand. But nobody can say they are retarded.

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Marcel: Police don't need heli's to follow criminals.

All proof and evidence is in the direction of Russia.
Its even proven that Russia flawed their own satelite images.

You can believe whatever you want, but you have been watching too much Russian propaganda and Russia Today. You have already taken side as you are convinced that the Russian government is innocent and the problems are caused by the West. Which in this case clearly are not. But no need to convince you as you are a believer that the West is the evil side anyway.

I'll stop here this is a photography forum in the end.

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Marcel: Police don't need heli's to follow criminals.

And you seem to be blinded by Russia Today which is owned by your favourite Vladimir Putin. But that I probably didn't need to tell you. ;)

Oh and for your info this is how Russia cares about Human Rights as the World sees it: http://www.hrw.org/world-report/2014/country-chapters/russia

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Marcel: Police don't need heli's to follow criminals.

It was Putin who in just one year put down MH17 and took the lives of nearly 300 innocent people. Only to get the West involved in his war and to be able to set up the Russians against people from the West, It was on Putins orders to invade neighboring countries like Georgia, and Moldavia, took the Krim, and started a civil war in the Ukraine.

A politic leader that has hatred against same sex relations, is homofobic, takes out political opponents by letting them shot on the streets of Moscow, is implementing strange laws that probibit blogging, a country that has no real free speech, insists on having the source code of Windows and Mac OS X and was first and foreall a Russian KGB general...

But then again don't tell the Russians.
America is still their worst enemy in their eyes and all their economical problems they are in now are due to Western politics.

Sure a thing you and your friends should believe in.

But thats politics and this is a cameragroup.

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appleRX100: Can they use ISS to watch ISIS?

This is civilian technology, now imagine what military satellites can do. The answer to your question is likeley Yes and probably live streaming as well.

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Marcel: Police don't need heli's to follow criminals.

Fact is that they will not only follow criminals, but they can also follow you... If leadership changes and democracy falls to dictatorship or crooks like Putin, then 'wrong' governments can follow the 'outcast', or all of those that form a thread to their leadership.

This is a disturbing development from a privacy point of view.

Direct link | Posted on Jun 20, 2015 at 08:05 UTC

From a technology point of view very impressive.

From a privacy point of view very disturbing.

Looking at this footage.
Its only a matter of time before we can follow people live from space.
Now imagine what military 'spy satellites' can already do...

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