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On Fujifilm X-T1 real-world samples gallery article (187 comments in total)
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Esign: The sharpness of all lenses used is really excellent. The colors are not, WB seems inconsistent (girl painting). I see now why so many prefer to use their X-cameras in B&W mode.

The second one has comment saying "converted from in camera raw, adjusted to taste". That's probably the reason WB seems different on it. Can't say for XT1, but in general Fuji X series has the best auto WB of any camera I've come across (Canon & Olympus are pretty good as well, Sony WB leaves some on the table).

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On Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera article (919 comments in total)

This looks really good! But ouch, I just upgraded to xe2 over Xmas. If price is not a concern, can anyone think of a reason not to upgrade again? I do wish the xe2 has bigger & more comfortable EVF and faster AF tracking, both of which are added here. Plus the weather sealing on xt1 from another rumored site. Too good...

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Robert Eckerlin: It is only very recently that i came across mentions of "the fuji colors”.

Can somebody please point me to webpages or to pdf documents that explain (to non-experts) and illustrate the "fuji colors" by comparing photos of the the same subject shot one time with a good non-Fuji camera and another time with a good Fuji camera?

Thank You very much in advance.

Notes: I have already asked that question in an older dpreview thread …probably, because the thread was old, nobody noticed my question. I also asked the question to the Swiss support of Fuji without much success.

It's one of those photographer "preference" people refer to, not really a technical comparison such as image quality or focus speed. You can check out Steve Huff's website and he has a review on Fuji X10 in which "fuji color" gets several mentions.

I myself have both Sony RX100 & Fuji X10. I shoot the same subject using both in jpeg, and I compare. You do that and you'll see the difference. Fuji color is vibrant and yet very realistic, like film photos.

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On Fujifilm X20 Preview preview (201 comments in total)
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GaryJP: 12 megapixels woohoo. Sorry, but the Sony RX100 trumped the X10, and as far as I can see, trumps this. And yes, I own both. The X10, even after the long awaited orb fix, sits on the shelf mostly.

I also own both Sony RX100 & Fuji X10. Prior to actually getting my hands on these 2 great cameras, based on all the reviews I read I was sure I would prefer RX100 much more. However that is not the case, not after shooting some several hundred pics with both. I like the RX100 for its image quality (i.e. ability to resolve details) at the pixel-level. And I love the Fuji X10 for the following:

* beautiful Fuji colors (sorry RX100 can't match unless you shoot raw, convert, spend additional time to pp)
* great auto white-balance, specially evident under indoor artificial lighting (RX100 turns out orangy & very warm pics).
* great ergonomics & quick menu buttons, fun to shoot
* telephoto end photos have edge over RX100, I shoot both and compare and I see the difference

So while I think both are great cameras, I find myself reach for X10 much more. If I truely want the best image quality, I go for my Canon DSLR.

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