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  • You are actually wrong. The data shows that the DSLR, which had a huge surge in sales a couple of years ago, has dropped down to a more "normal" level. The main drop in camera sales comes from mid-...

  • For the record, you can also buy Lightroom. No need to rent it.

  • @Biological_Viewfinder

    >> Any larger and it would be a super-massive camera

    So, is the GH4, with twice the size chip, a "super-massive" camera? No, it is not. It is tiny. It also beats this Canon...

  • About 2000 years ago there roamed a dude on this planet who was eventually executed on a tree structure by the powers that were. Before he died he told his followers: "I'll be back". No, it wasn't...

  • @Chris2210

    Honestly, I think you are making your decisions on VERY old data. Seriously. Windows today is rock solid, has been for years. Now, if you buy cheap-ass hardware, sure you'll get bad...

  • This is true, but that also leaves Mac users in a bit of a bind. Staying with Aperture is not an option, it is a dead product. Apple also has made its intentions clear, it is no longer interested...

  • @Dan Wagner
    >> So, this is for news gathering companies, newspapers, tv news

    Not really, it is unsuitable for interview situations and it is unsuitable for impromptu in-door shooting.

  • @kadardr
    >> could you cover a wedding with this one sole camera?

    I doubt it unless the wedding is entirely outside on a very sunny day, and you do not intend to shoot any interviews with the...

  • @Richard Butler:
    >> would be much larger, a Full Frame camera with one,
    >>still larger

    Sorry, but this is absolute nonsense. An equivalently GH4 would be a bit lighter, a Sony A7S with an...

  • >> I would direct you to your local church

    BZZT! WRONG! Not unless your church is always very, very well lit. This thing lets in about as much light as a brick wall. A church would be FAR better...

  • How is this a big deal for the paparazzi's, they'll get the video they want in the "same" quality from their GoPros. Why would they drop 3K on this junk?

  • @Barney: I agree with the others, you claim there are pro features in there, but then in the article you list none. Not a single one. I am sorry, but 10 bit 4:2:2 is only useful for the high end...

  • >> Shallow depth-of-field should only be used on very
    >> rare occasions

    Yeah, when you are shooting people that you want to have some focus in your video, but you are correct, nobody ever does...

  • Gh4 + Atomos 3.5K
    Canon XC10 + 128G memory card 3K

    At this price range, the GH4 is an order of magnitude better deal.

  • @Biological_Viewfinder

    >> realized it would be like talking to the proverbial brick wall

    I use mostly Canon for (planned, organized) stills work, 5D and 6D with a good selection of glass, most of...

  • I disagree that Leica is as bad as Canon (in this case) at over inflation. Leica lenses (at least) are generally of decent quality. The XC10 is specifically designed to separate a fool and his...

  • @FodgeandDurn

    >> Sure but would you take a GH4 into a warzone assignment
    >> for six months?

    I certainly would rather have the GH4 than this Canon. The XC10 is not weather sealed, and if the war...

  • @FodgeandDurn

    >> Sure but would you take a GH4 into a warzone assignment
    >> for six months?

    I certainly would rather have the GH4 than this Canon. The XC10 is not weather sealed, and if the war...

  • You don't seem to get it. I have lots of Canon gear. I shoot Canon FF on the 5D and 6D. I have been waiting for Canon to get into the 4K enthusiast market for quite a while. I stopped waiting and...

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