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    Well stated! I agree entirely, thanks for posting, Krugman
  • I have had the EM10 for six months and have used it for family and for European travel. I use  mainly the 20mm Pana and the 45 mm  Oly.I find both focus fast enough for family and lowlight and for ...
  • These are wonderful photos. Did you fire in bursts in order to catch so many of them in mid-air? Or is  your single shot timing just about perfect? Thanks for posting these, I have bookmarked them. ...
  • Is this wise, keeping an orange cast to photos taken with Auto WB indoors where there are incandescent lights? This is the default in the EM 10 and other Oly cameras. Or would it better ...
  • Yes, we all have our preferences. I myself don't enjoy "street photography" which strikes me as a bit intrusive, even slightly assaultive at times. And I am too embarrassed to ask people if I can ...
  • Hello, André, Thanks for your post. I am interested to see that even in mountainous Berner Oberland, the 20mm is so valuable. I like your panoramas in the Landscape and Travel forum. Best regards, ...
  • Of course you are being humorous, but that fact might escape the casual reader. Krugman
  • i am posting this with the thought that it might be helpful to other travelers if they have the same preferences about photography that I do. I bought this camera a few months ago so I could use ...
  • Henry, Your images are very good indeed, capturing the feeling of the places you visited. Krugman
  • Very interesting! And reassuring! Where did you go? Big cities, small towns, beaches, mountains, where? Knowing that would help us decide what lenses to take. Thanks, Krugman
  • Hi, Carolyn, Your images are beautiful, as usual, and you  have chosen an economical and effective way to digitize 35mm slides. Apparently the Promaster has no optics of its own but simply uses the ...
  • Try ShotCopy. I have used this and it works. There are some images of it in my gallery, supplemented with a focusing rail. See if these help. If  you have thousands of slides to copy, the  above ...
  • Here's an approach consistent with what you have posted. On a trip to Europe I am taking only the EM10, the Pany 20 and the Oly 45. Instead of changing the 20 for the 45 when needed, or carrying a ...
  • Well, GaryJP, in my opinion, one very positive thing is the images you link to here are very good, so you clearly know how to make good images. On the other hand what you post above is exactly what ...
  • I would be tempted but I really like built in EVFs Krugman
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    Here is the criterion for this comparison: the Olympus 45mm lens. As you can see it is quite a bit sharper than the 14-42mm kit zoom set at 42mm, which is the third image in this series.

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    Here is the 20mm with the Digital Tele Converter enabled. Compare it with the previous image which is the 14-42mm kit zoom set at 42mm. i think the 20 plus DTC is about as good or a bit better.

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    This is the 45mm Olympus with the Digital Tele Converter enabled. Looks pretty good to me, and it's a help in composition.

  • I agree entirely. Fuji has the right idea here: make every lens excellent, including the kit zoom which will be the most  used. My answer (I won't call it a solution) is to use the 20mm  Pana and ...
  • Carolyn these are wonderful, we are indebted to you fo positing them for us. They may not show much about the cameras: with your talent you could get superb images with almost any camera. You have ...
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