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"Kazuto Yamaki strikes me as new kind of businessman." --- Yes, precisely SigmaChrome. I do salute (..with my money for his lenses, too ;-) this man and this kind of attitude as well !

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4) Keep doing and guarding points 1) and 2) - any quality slump or big sample variations of lenses would do a lot of damage in the internet era (think of Nikon´s D600 dust or D800 left AF point issues).

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Mr. Kazuto Yamaki is no-doubt-about-it leading the Sigma company mostly the right way in the 21st century IMHO:
1) improving the quality control and reducing lens sample variations (an utterly important thing in the era of internet globalization when photographers can share their experience with various lenses immediately)
2) Ivesting in quality, price/performance ratio and adequate innovation (35/1.4, 18-35/1.8) - again, in the era of internet and globalization those things will substitute for the expensive marketing investments (to promote an average and expensive product) I think.... I myslelf bought the 35/1.4 mostly on very positive global on-line feedback BTW.
3) Not sure about this (I don´t have all Mr.Kazuto Yamaki´s data and inputs) but I think the Foveon-based mirorless camera must be coupled with a special, fast lens to make more breakthrough. The full-frame with 35/f2 aka Sony RX1 is the answer IMHO... or APS-C with 23/1.4 at least.

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