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On Phase One announces Capture One Pro 8 article (66 comments in total)

"... a single-user subscription is available for 10,00 USD / 8,00 EUR per month for a 12 month plan."

See Adobe? How come Phase One gets it right with their new Capture One Pro 8, and you don't at 9,99 USD / 12,29 EUR for your yearly CC Photography plan?

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On Nikon 1 V3 First Impressions Review preview (646 comments in total)
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sandy b: I will get one just for birding, that makes it worth the price of the ticket alone. The V3 and CX70-300 cost over $2000, and is well worth it.

Look at the Nikon 1 forum at the BIF and other shots with the combo. Incredible. Hand held 810 mm equiv. with amazing AF. For low light I have my D600. For everything else I am getting a V3. I like how Nikon has reacted to the market and made the enthusiast model.

Now, either get the Sony sensor or tweak the Aptina, and it will be a do anything camera.

Capanikon - to reach 800 mm, you don't need $20.000:

D7100 + Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD = $2.100
(900 mm equiv.)

D7100 + Nikkor 500/4 = $9.500
(750 mm equiv.)

D7100 + Nikkor 400/2.8G + 1.4X TC = $10.600
(850 mm equiv.)

D610 + Nikkor 600/4G + 1.4X TC = $12.000
(850 mm equiv.)

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (1578 comments in total)
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codeNsnap: Can someone please clarify the fps in FX mode with battery pack?


The body itself manages 5 fps in FX mode and 6 fps in DX/1.2X crop mode.

When MB-D12 is attached, the D810 still shoots at the same 5 fps in FX mode, but speeds up shooting in DX crop mode to 7 fps.

In 1.2X crop mode and with MB-D12 speed stays at 6 fps, so only DX mode gains from adding the grip.

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HeyItsJoel: I'll never understand why Nikon insist on starting their kit lenses at 18mm when the ideal length to start is @ 16mm (~24mm fov).

You forgot the 18-135 ;)

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damn fugly ...

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On Ricoh announces 'HD' update to Pentax DA Limited primes article (192 comments in total)
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JEROME NOLAS: Who buys 40-43mm lens anyway? What is it good for? Will they ever make 24mm/f2 lens? Or 17-70 f2.8-4.0? Is it so hard? Sigma can do it! What are they doing all day long? Otherwise not bad system.
PS. Maybe Ricoh will come up with a better(zoom) model soon....

43 mm is the REAL normal focal length for leica format, it equals the diagonal of the 24 X 36 imaging area. True, Ricoh does not YET sell or produce a full frame DSLR, but that can change. So yes, 43 mm does make sense, a lot of it.

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On Nikkor 18-140mm F3.5-5.6G ED VR hints at mid-range DSLR article (191 comments in total)
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tkbslc: I don't know why, but it amuses me that Nikon felt the need to make their 18-140, when everyone else (esp. Canon) is doing 18-135. You just know that was a marketing decision.

Actually the Canon version, once you take the crop factor into account, still reaches just a bit further; 135 mm X 1.6 ends up at 216 mm while 140 mm X 1.53 gets us the equivalent of 214 mm.

Now that's genius ;)

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A question pops up ... If they can change the mount on, say, my 24-70/2.8 Sigma lens from Canon's EF to Nikon F mount and keep the focusing, does that mean they can change the mount on the Canon's L version of the same lens to the Nikon F mount?

If it can be done on Sigma lenses, can it be done on Nikkors and Canons?
What about flange distance?

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joe6pack: While the hack is very impressive, I think it is irresponsible to play firework in a forest.

Oh, c'mon, get a life ...

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On Canon Powershot N first impressions article (112 comments in total)
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CarVac: Finally, someone ditches the standard form factor. Bravo, Canon.

Finally? Really? Not that Nikon ditched "standard form factor" back in the late nineties ...:

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On Just Posted: Nikon 1 V2 Preview Samples article (226 comments in total)

Sad, just sad.

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On Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms article (628 comments in total)

6 month from now this guy will be unemployed ...

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W5JCK: I'm not sure why folks are discussing this as if it is a camera + phone. There is NO phone radio, only WiFi. And WiFi outside of your home will be almost impossible to use unless you find a hotspot. And using Android 2.3 was stupid. Android is a POS limited OS that is a PITA to use. Every Android device I've ever used suffered from severe battery drain due to the OS. If you think your current camera's menu system sucks, wait until you have to navigate the totally non-intuitive menus of Android! This camera will be such a disappointment that I predict it will be replaced faster than the average cellular phone. I hope Nikon and the stores that sell it have a generous return policy!

If you want to be able to send crappy pictures of your dog licking himself to your friends on Facebook, just use your cellular phone camera. Pictures destined for Facebook are in no need of a decent camera to create, and certainly not a 16MP camera.

The screen on my Android phone drains 76% of the battery juice, while the OS itself drains 3%, so WTF are you talking about?

And have you ever heard for setting up your phone as a portable wireless hotspot? I always carry my phone, so using WiFi on S800c is basically non-stop, always available

Looks like you didn't know how to use every Android device you've ever used ...

"If you want to be able to send crappy pictures ... on Facebook, just use your cellular phone camera. Pictures destined for Facebook are in no need of a decent camera to create, and certainly not a 16MP camera."

Really? So why is it better to post from 12mpix camera on my Xperia S, than 16mpix from S800c? Have you ever thought of using 16mpix for taking pictures while traveling and downsizing to 2mpix for posting on Facebook? It is possible to lower the resolution, you do know that, do you, Apple user?

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On Sony DSC-RX100 preview (544 comments in total)

Nice camera.
It also tells us the resolution of Nikon 1 J1 and V1 successors ...

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On Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review article (706 comments in total)

Setting the same score to two competative cameras?

DPR, do you know what the term CREDIBILITY means?

Google it ...

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On Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review article (541 comments in total)
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Zerg2905: A different perspective: Canon uses a Canon sensor. Nikon uses a SONY sensor. But imagine a scenario where the 36 Mp SONY sensor will be used by the 5D Mk III. Now, which one of the two cameras you will choose, both having the same sensor, but considering all other differences? So, in other words, is Nikon D800 an "amazing camera", or just a / the pure benefit of the magnificent SONY sensor that "made" a big score DP review (I 300% agree with the word "magnificent" - for what is designed to do, not more, not less)?! If so, Canon should wake up, quickly (memo to Canon: get back to work!) - SONY is not Nikon (although I am not sure that I want a 24X36 Canon DSLR with 40 Mp - some will find it useful, but it's not for me). Cheers! :)

The sensor inside D800 is NOT a Sony sensor; a statement like that is uncorrect.
Nikon Designs the architecture. Sony FABS the chips. That is it.

There are more CCD/CMOS manufacturers than just Canon and Sony, you know. According to Sony's own figures, it holds the largest share of the world's CMOS image sensor market and that stands at "just" 30%.

Nikon 1 cameras use sensors made by Aptina Imaging, the 12 mpix FX sensor used in D3/D700 and D3s is manufactured by Renesas Technology Corp ... and so on. And yes, some sensors in Nikon DSLRs are manufactured by Sony.

But the fact that Sony does not have a 36 mpix sensor in it's portfolio, makes it safe to say the sensor is not Sony's.

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On Just Posted: In-depth Nikon D800 review article (541 comments in total)
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teekemann2008: Been using the D800 for some time now, in various conditions. As a fulltime Pro Nikon Shooter and teacher in digital techniques for some 15 years on pro-level, I would like to comment on some of the posts seen here. First, kudos for dpreview, for their unbiased support on reviewing camera's in a very consistent way. About the D800, it's true that this megapixel-beast needs premium glass to perform at it's best. But when a topnotch lens is attached, the output is stunning, even at high ISO. I've made some prints in color as in black/white, which were shot using a Zeiss Planar 85 f:1.4 at f11 to f16 , and I guarantee that this is very, very close to medium format. Sensors don't produce 3D looks in an image, the lens does indeed. Try using a 135 f2.0 DC and you can start drooling allover the screen..LOL. And please, if you're a tripod-landscape shooter: 100 ISO will do the trick, no high ISO's here. This is what the camera was built for. Sports ? Go D4 !

With a portrait lens, optimised for taking pictures at large apertures (f/1.4-f/4) at f/16, which is well beyond D800's difraction limit (at cca f/9), you couldn't and didn't get results "very, very close to medium format".
You probably would, if you'd open the aperture for at least a stop, better yet two.
A shown by Lens Rentals' testing, the Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 ( ZF.2) on D800 is best performing at f/5.6 and it's sharpness degrades by stopping it further down.

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- filter buy/sell
- filter by country
- filter lens/camera body/other gear

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EPPaar: According the Canon USA web site there is no such printer as a MG8150. There is a MG8120. If you click on the"Buy This Printer" button it is MG8120. Are they the same printer with different number in Europe or did you review a preproduction model?>

Well, I guess "Canon USA web site" is not all there is to Canon's web presence ...:

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I noticed the lack of distortion at 17mm ... Compared to 16-35/4 VR Nikkor's distortion at the wide end this looks fantastic!

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